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Operating experience Hyundai Santa Fe 2013

Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 – this is the car of new generation. Crossover received a menacing look and modern design. It is worth noting that the first generation of this brand since 2000 found more than 2.5 million happy owners.

General appearance: appearance

Producers paid particular attention to appearance of the new Santa Fe, as buyers primarily evaluate the design of your car, and then all the rest.

The whole appearance of the new Hyundai emphasizes strongly pronounced individuality of the car and its owner. He became more elegant, designed in the same style Fluidic Sculpture. It seems that the crossover is made as if from liquid metal. Looking at it, we can agree that developers Koreans have achieved great success in automotive design.

Sculptural extra forms have become a real highlight of the brand. Due to the prominence of the designers have achieved the effect of courage and strength, but not turned the car in the brutal SUV.

 Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 front view

Hyundai Santa Fe – new in everything: looking at the road headlights and the danger of becoming a fog-light streamlined configuration, quite delicate falshradiatornaya grille with three horizontal bars. Bumper covers a larger area, which allows a harmonious stay on it pseudo ventilation slots with a fine grid and the lower air inlet. Powerful plastic overlay protecting the lower part of the bumper. Hood located at the edges of the ribs through thin rack gradually passes into the roof.

The owners of Santa Fe say that the machine was elegant, and she was left of the car, which is suitable for real men. Though the company will please the female half. The Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 - the color of the body can be very different. Find something of their own and lovers of classic colors, and those who dream of a bright model to stand out in the General stream.

 Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 rear view

Beauty for all occasions

Happy owners and those who tested Santa Fe, note comfortable and well-designed interior of the vehicle. The interior is sustained in the General style: expressed expression, broken, and straight lines, trapeze and sharp angles. This diversity of forms is combined with a small number of buttons that complement devices with screens showing the fuel, coolant temperature. Dashboard received special praise from owners for illumination much does not Shine in the eyes, and the testimony of a clear, understandable and readable.

By the first examination of the salon Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 – the survey shows that the machine has enough space for small necessary things: a comfortable drawer in the armrest, special pockets for bottles, located in the doors, deep niche in the centre console.

 Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 front seats

The driver's seat, suitable for a person of any weight, as has different adjustment. The seat is wide with sufficient support. Believe me, the big owners of it have already checked.

It is noted also that the beauty warms up quickly even in the intense cold, but unfortunately, this does not apply to the handlebars, обшитому soft skin. It will warm up a little longer, so many complain of discomfort.

Nevertheless, relatively steering owners say and positive: the wheel has an amplifier, which can be adjusted-spoke on the right. The manufacturer promises to setting up "on the fly"mode: normal, comfort (facilitated variant), sports (steady and hard). Judging by the reviews, drivers choose sport mode, but no tangible differences and special accuracy is not seen (even the raising and lowering of the resistance).

 Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 rear seats

Separate attention, especially among men earned the trunk. Under the trunk floor are large niches that will help maintain order. On the backrest of the rear seats are equipped with comfortable handle, which will help the seats folded down directly from the trunk, having a flat surface for cargo. It pleases men, who love the outdoors, fishing, because you don't have to worry about where to fold all the necessary utensils. But the owners noticed that Hyundai has lost the original handle for opening the baggage door – this was disappointing.

 Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 trunk

The technical side of

In terms of technical progress updated model has not received anything new. Under the hood, as before, is one of two engines:

The owners, who have chosen to  Hyundai Santa Fe 2013: diesel simply surprised by its dynamics, but not very happy in this case, the roar of the engine. According to them rattled so don't cry Mammy, especially the sudden start. With regard to the gasoline engine, the dynamics here, of course, inferior to the diesel engine, but the silence in the cabin strikes definitely go a pleasure, so gasoline engine is the most popular option among our car owners.

 Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 engine

Manageability: the city or off-road?

Many drivers still Santa Fe 2013 is not considered a serious off-roader. Although clearance in 185 mm makes it easy to move, front bumper still is pretty low, and this in turn does not allow, for example, climb the steep slope. For off-road this factor will only limit the capabilities of the car.

On the other hand, it is noted that the car retains manoeuvrability due to good stability control, traction. Suspension due to mounting elements on a stretcher transmits less vibrations and shocks from the road. But indifferent machine to bed-police and snowy ridge - notifies unpleasant blows.

Excels Santa Fe on the winding narrow roads of the city. His predecessors, note, this behavior did not differ.

Those owners who have already managed to try out the car on long journeys, mark such moments, as a confident ride cars on the highway, smooth acceleration, gradual bust transmission and the lack of any noise. But as the practice showed, if you need to slow down to around 80 km/h, then the speed will not work. Automatic transmission, brakes, do not hurry to pass to the lowest transfer. But the machine can hasten the manual switching.

 Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 side view

Possible complete set and owner reviews

Car Santa Fe 2013 is available in six models:

1. The first time it is run on the market of the equipment Base. This new base trim level, which is available at an attractive price – from 1 million to 199 thousand rubles. In this version are:

2. In complete Comfort Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 price starts from 1 million 339 thousand roubles it is equipped with:

It should be noted that this set is loved by Russians for the excellent price/quality ratio, say the owners. 3. Loaded Dynamic starts its cost with  1 million 535 thousand. It has more:

4. For the complete set Sport Hyundai Santa Fe – price starts at 1 million 629 thousand rubles, it additionally includes:

5. High-Tech – this is the full version, which serves 1 million 749 thousand rubles Equipment here really rich:

6. Great reviews arrive at the Assembly of the Family, which is designed for large families. This seven-seat loaded with a folding third-row seats. Hyundai Santa Fe new 2013 this комплектции will be available  over 1 million 629 thousand rubles.

 Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 equipment

What would not have chosen the shipment of the Russian drivers, the General feedback about the car can be heard only positive:


The new Hyundai Santa Fe – it is a machine with improved characteristics. Comfortable, quiet, nice crossover with a stylish design. It is interesting that the combination of the best fuel consumption, good stable dynamics on the highway, the modern appearance and interior decoration, the car cannot become a leader among crossovers. But let's hope that this car still ahead of you, and motorists will appreciate the new Santa Fe 2013!