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Operating experience Hyundai Tucson

SUV should impress swiftness and possess the traits of brutality, because Hyundai Tucson the Android car. Buyers note that in many respects their choice is determined by the presence considered in the car these explicit's features. Tucson is endowed with such abilities in full, moreover, it is very practical and highly functional. But let's order.

Reliable and dynamic with the mind

Front view of the car and left very impressive. Grille in front is large, and headlights are perfectly combined with lines of the bonnet and the edges of the wings. The grille at the bottom goes directly into the front bumper, which is a dimensional moldings, has 3 large air intake and 2 fog lights. From the bumper is formed spoiler.

 Hyundai Tucson front view

The exterior design of the car perfectly complement, giving the feeling of dynamism, alloy wheels, plastic lining on the body and bumper, performing protective functions, and roof rails. Thus, if you need a snazzy look of the machine, Tucson definitely Your car.

In addition, confidence gives 195 mm clearance, which seem to prove the owner: in the car from the SUV not only the appearance, but the whole system is aimed at providing the opportunity to move off-road.

From the exterior design to the internal interior

For rapid and, if one may say so, even athletic appearance hides interior: stylish, functional, and most importantly perfectly harmonizing with the appearance of the car. Characteristic feature of the machine salon – spaciousness. And the driver and passengers say that they feel very comfortable: the walls are not crushed, you can take any pose, not being afraid somebody to squeeze. Also worth noting is the landing, getting into the car very comfortable as the front and the back row.

The dashboard is very convenient. Motorists indicate that the wheel does not close the devices, they are on the mind and their indicators are easily perceived by the driver. Even in a bright Sunny day when the rays are actively get on the car, indication of the sensor is well visible.

 Hyundai Tucson side view

Panel of the instrument consists of three elements: a large speedometer, located in the centre, and along the sides of the smaller size tachometers and reflecting the level fuel sensors. All of them readable and informative.

If we talk about the seats, it is particularly pleasing to our drivers rear seats, which is easy, and most importantly – very successfully formed. According to the owners with the transformation of the backrest, front moves in such a way as to form a truly smooth surface. This property again emphasizes that the design of the salon is aimed at creating maximum comfort. Passenger front seat also folds, giving the needed space to transport long objects or to create a table for the driver who travels alone.

Wall trunk have a grid outlet and decorated with plastic. Trunk quite spacious, and its considerable space can be hidden due to the strong parcel shelf. Cases are known in baggage up to 500 bricks. In General, the volume 644 l (when folded the seats and does 1856 l) is more than enough.

In other words concerning the cabin interior and finishing materials used car does not cause absolutely no complaints. Everything is in harmony, cozy and quite культурненько. However, there is some noise while driving. This is partly due to the lack of good soundproofing, particularly affecting the rear arches. However, felt only the noise from the friction of the wheels on the road surface, while the engine can not be heard in the cabin.

 Hyundai Tucson rear view

That under the hood?

Our customers Hyundai Tucson is available with two petrol units:

The first option has received the most positive feedback among domestic drivers, since this volume makes you feel maximum comfort and confidence driving a car.

With regard to the engine in volume of 2 liters, say that the owners of this variant, its capacity is not enough for туссана with its weight and potential, especially when operating outside the city. For this reason, the 2.7-litre engine is preferred.

Both units are equipped with either a 5-speed mechanic or 4-speed automatic transmission. In principle, work gearboxes serious raises no objections, motorists only noted two issues of the machine:

Besides, everyone knows that the combination of engine with automatic transmission entails an increase in fuel consumption. And he is with Korean rather big: the average of 16 HP spent hundreds in the city, in the winter period, many owners complain at all on the 20-liter "appetite» Hyundai. Consumption of consumption does not exceed 13-litre indicator.

 Hyundai Tucson engine

Road behavior

To provide significant indicators of driving quality great importance to have the following characteristics Hyundai Tucson as drive and suspension. Equipped with auto permanent four-wheel drive with absolute transfer of traction on the front axle in normal road conditions. Rear axle is engaged, if necessary, and can also be forced distribution of traction.

Suspension туссана deserved the highest assessment by motorists: independent

front MacPherson type) and multi-link independent rear collectively allow you to easily maneuver to almost any speed.

In the end the car becomes one significant positive quality – patency. The few drivers who had to operate Tucson practically in extreme conditions, unanimously declare:

Of course, it's impressive. Fail Hyundai his master and on the forest road, and in the mud. In General, over the cross concern work for fame. The only minus – front. Factory option cannot withstand the year, but it's better to think about the most suitable replacement.

 Hyundai Tucson beauty

Decided – buy!

Before purchasing this car should take into account some points about his service. First of all, a very curious on Hyundai Tucson price of spare parts. The fact is that some of the details are extremely happy with its cheapness, and some, on the contrary, striking just the space cost. Besides experienced owners are advised to certain parts replaced to their counterparts from other auto saves and simultaneously improve the characteristics of your туссана.

If you talk about the price of the car, as is known, is now produced instead Hyundai Tucson new ix35, and therefore it is possible to purchase auto only to a 2010 release. The cost him varies from 700 thousand to 1 million rubles depending on the configuration. Note that in the base delivery set includes:

Additional options are many, but the owners recommend, first of all, to order the installation of the stabilization system, for without it passing manoeuvres in the winter become extreme occupation. Finally, motorists are advised to: stated at placed with Hyundai Tucson photo price deserves careful attention, because it is not always the attractive cost of a car is of appropriate quality.