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Operating experience Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Вранглер jeep Rubicon is considered one of the most famous worldwide open SUVs. It is the harmonious cohabitation really rectilinear design and declared off-road capabilities, time and again demonstrated the Jeep brand. Clients receive an excellent opportunity to subdue the terrain. The excitement of driving gives the opportunity to fly on impassable roads with the upper part of the harvested when removing the door.

Is it good all the stated quality Jeep wrangler rubicon consider the experience of operation of the vehicle owner.

 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2013

Features of the exterior and interior

An appearance Jeep wrangler rubicon 2013, such as the vertical of the radiator grille, strongly protruding wings, lights, a round shape, gears, powerful bumper and hood elongated cab, equipped with an awning are a kind of a legacy of the old army jeep Willys. Most of the owners are recognised that this is an appearance of the car, and caught.

By the way, for many it may seem that in order to put and remove the tent will waste a lot of time, but the owners say that if you have a particular skill it will take not more than fifteen minutes. It is worth noting that the window awning, are an entrance aperture formed cellophane, equipped with a lightning; they easily as open and removed completely, that is also very convenient.

Beauty jeep differs special atmosphere of ease and even some of asceticism. The interior details are in harmony with the exterior of the car – each element is simple and evokes thoughts of спартанском education. Summarizing all the reviews about the car you can make the following conclusions:

 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2013 салон

Geometric characteristics

As for the modern jeep Wrangler has optimal for its class weight, size, capacity, as well as powerful clearance, the superiority of which could ensure everyone who got behind the wheel of this car.

Overall length Jeep wrangler rubicon is 4751 mm, width – 1877 mm, height of a hard top – 1800-1840 mm, soft – 1825 -1865 mm. Value wheelbase – 2947 mm; front and rear track 1572 mm Front overhang – 804 mm, rear – 1000 mm gross weight of about 2500 kg

Clearance to the road in front of the 228 mm, and in the back – 220 mm Angles of entry, exit, and longitudinal patency respectively equal to 35, 28 and 18 degrees. Such clearance gives the opportunity to overcome a depth of half a metre. This is why fans of this car model called his uncompromising conqueror of the terrain.

With regard to the capacity of the Wrangler is then considered by many car owners is a bit far from ideal. Luggage capacity is 500 liters with folded rear seat and 934,5 l with the unfolded. However, you can only put not currently used window or, for example, a large travel bag or backpack. As more large-size loads, then it can always be put on the dismantled the rear seat. However, it will significantly limit the number of potential passengers.

Technical characteristics and controllability

The impetus for the purchase of the car for many owners became a power unit of the family Pentastar. Gasoline 3.6-liter motor V6 has a capacity of 285 PS fuel consumption is only about 12 litres per 100 km/h in mixed mode. And given that the dispersal dynamics of «profiling discipline" for a Wrangler, and the vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.6 seconds – this is perfectly acceptable rate again on reviews motorists. Maximum torque of 315 Nm petrol unit types on 4 000 rpm Engine aggregate 6-тиступенчатой manual transmission or a 5-тиступенчатым "gun".

Thus, jeep вранглер Rubicon 2013 has quite a decent acceleration decent capacity of the engine. Those who purchased a car with automatic transmission, say that it is somewhat slow, but this is enough to provided a relatively quiet ride even at 2 000 rpm observe smooth and soft switching from transfer transfer. If, however, raise a number of rotations of up to approximately 5000 and put the testimony tachometer red zone, they have some drawbacks. But it "пришпоривание" is absolutely unnecessary and unjustified as its maximum engine shows when crossing the mark 4 000 rpm In General, the vehicle accelerates from it is not becomes more dynamic – no pickup; sound of the engine at high speeds becomes a rather shrill and unpleasant to the ear.

 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2013 engine

Relative controllability of all owners in one voice that the management of the Jeep wrangler rubicon requires much more effort, but this machine is capable of literally climbing up the walls with the most complete and significantly expanded in comparison with other models of the family Jeep Wrangler Arsenal off-road funds.

Among the features of vehicle control, which are celebrated owners have both advantages and disadvantages:

 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2013 manageability


Jeep Wrangler Rubicon price of which depends on the configuration has a wide list of basic and additional equipment. First of all, as noted by the majority holders, special attention producers was paid to safety.

Standard security is guaranteed by:

With respect to comfortable in the car, in principle, most of the reviews no complaints. There is almost everything you need for convenience: