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Operating experience Lexus rx300

Lexus rx 300 - beautiful car model, which recently won great popularity among car enthusiasts. Most often it is perceived as a very reliable and practical car, used as a family car. He has a mild and comfortable running on city roads and well maneuvers on busy roads. To be sure, you can ask the owners of this car about the advantages and disadvantages so attractive at first glance crossover.

 Lexus rx 300 front view

The interior and exterior of the car

Choosing a car the first thing that draws the attention of the buyer is, of course, its appearance. Exterior crossover rx 300 more like business. A lot of people prefer buying the car, just because of restrained design. In the exterior there is nothing special and extravagant, but thanks to this unique combination on one side of conservatism, and on the other, the prestige, creates unparalleled effect starosti of the car in comparison with other crossovers.

 Lexus rx 300 side view

Also, buying a car, one realizes that will hold a lot of time. Therefore, in the salon, as the driver himself and his passengers should be comfortable. Consider all advantages and disadvantages of interior identified the owners of the car.

You should start perhaps with bad:

Now for the good, which is in any case more:

In short, each driver, not for a year uses a vehicle, finds its highlight of this unique car.

 Lexus rx 300 beauty

Technical characteristics

According to the observations of the owners of Lexus, rx 300 has a fairly good engine  V6 volume 2995 liters and output of 218 horsepower, which, despite mileage even more than 120 000 km, perfectly and purely works even on high speed. In fact the engine itself is estimated to motorists, perhaps, undying. Almost all owners of Lexus had no problems with the propulsion system of the vehicle. Replacement of some parts obsolete in the process of using the car for many it was quite a common thing, without unnecessary worries.

On the road Lexus rx 300 reviews saying that goes just gorgeous. It can pour in a straight up to a maximum speed of 200 km/h, this will always feel confident when overtaking, despite the large number of machines. However, and in the technical specifications of Lexus one negativi there is a 4-stage setting automatic transmission, which, according to the owners, absolutely not suitable for driving in modern conditions. Strange way it works when it sometimes starts to jump on the transmission down to just put it mildly, makes you wonder who is she still did brains.

But on the other hand good reviews deserved fuel consumption by Lexus, which is considered to be quite economical.  for Example, the city spent 15 liters per hundred three liters of volume of the engine. If we compare it with another brand four-wheel drive, it eats at least 21 liters per hundred, and that's not enough. If to go in a straight highway at a speed of about 110-120 km/h, as a General observation consumption is less than 12 litres per hundred. For many owners of this is quite a profitable option.

Back to the replacement parts. If it was even quite common to many car owners, on the other hand I must say that it was quite time-consuming, for example, to replace the fuel filter has to parse the whole back part of the cabin, to replace the spark you need to disassemble the floor of the engine to change the bulb in protivochumnoj must remove the bumper. This superficiality, vehicle Assembly, owners, of course, was extremely surprised.

 Lexus rx 300 engine

Driving dynamics of the vehicle

In the controllability of the vehicle were also identified, both negative and positive sides. Although largely manageability depends on the driving style of the driver, still consider the overall impression of motorists.

 Lexus rx 300 rear view

Cases and prices

Basic set our Lexus rich enough, and a list of additional options to it very much. So, in the basic package includes:

The price of this model Lexus starts from 55 thousand dollars. However, if you buy more advanced model of this car, the cost may increase twice. It should be noted that the majority of drivers who purchased a car of this series, very pleased with all devices and detail, because the manufacturers are strictly related to the quality of the used materials and parts for the vehicle.

 Lexus rx 300 equipment


So, to sum up all the above. The General impression from any car in the first place depends on the perception and requirements of the motorist. But in this case, SUV, the rx 300 still surpassed the expectations of many and quite worthy of a car in terms of price and quality. In General, we can say that the  Lexus RX 300 model proved to be convenient, reliable and comfortable  the car with minor flaws, over which the manufacturer still worth considering.