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Operating experience Lexus rx350

Full admission into serial production crossover Lexus rx350 happened in 2009. In fact, the creation of a model of the third generation took over 5 years of laborious work of Japanese engineers. Dimensions rx350 were increased, in comparison with the model of the second generation. Car found a new more modern design and has received improved powerplant. In fact, he was rather logical continuation of the series than is somehow unique innovation.

 Lexus rx 350 2013 front view

The exterior design of the car

Crossover has elegant design with subtle modern sports notes that can be seen on Lexus rx350 photo. This concept was a result of competent analysis of needs of buyers in the international market. As a result, developers have achieved serious success in the creation of the external appearance of the car, he's got a good visibility, while preserving the traditions of the previous models.

Customer reviews about the design of this model mostly positive. Of course, many note that the crossover is inferior in this respect, European counterparts, but the other his outstanding view even cause delight. To focus on any particular body parts are pretty difficult. In General, the design has the correct aerodynamic shape and is practically deprived of bold aggressive bevel. The car is very popular among the female, which emphasizes its elegance.

 Lexus rx 350 2013 side view

The dimensions of the vehicle

For a start, it would be useful to consider the dimensions of the Lexus rx350. The length of this car was 4770 mm, With width and height rx350 stopped at 1885 mm and 1725 mm respectively. Wheelbase car is equal to 2740 mm, but the width of the front and rear track varies by 5 mm and are 1630 mm and 1625 mm gross weight rx350 - 2545 kg Clearance, as it is customary for all models rx is 180 mm

Happy owners say that the dimensions of the vehicle shall provide a large roomy interior that delivers maximum comfort for the driver and passengers. In the back seat can comfortably accommodate three adults, which makes the RX 350 wonderful option for large families.

The trunk volume of 446 liters fit everything from shopping and ending снаряжениями for the nature, especially to expand it using folding rear row of seats, that allows to transport cargoes of large enough size. By the way, is augmented by the trunk of a huge door – it is also useful if you want to move  large items.

 Lexus rx 350 2013 Luggage compartment

Interior features

Beauty rx350 kind of reminds spacecraft of the future. The car is equipped with the most modern systems and provides the highest comfort. Having analyzed lots of reviews, try in the form of theses determine the main views of the owners of the salon:

 Lexus rx 350 2013 interior

Power unit

Excellent for Lexus rx350 specifications have become one of the keys to success Japanese car on the international market. In the basic configuration, this is set to the gasoline engine V-6 engine displacement of 3.4 liters. Maximum power of this unit at 6200 rpm is 277 HP and Maximum torque stopped at the mark of 346 N•M. This allows the car to accelerate to 100 km/h in just 8 seconds, with a top speed of 200 km/H.

Ordinary owners say a good start and a comfortable ride uphill away, despite a relatively low power of the engine, as for such "monster". In addition, the machine is easy to reach maximum speed and leaves the feeling of a good stock. The engine produces stable cravings without any unforeseen failures. The engine itself is a very reliable, which is especially like the Russian motorists. However, it should fill only quality fuel.

 Lexus rx 350 2013 options

Among the advantages of the engine Lexus rx350 consumption was also named a rather moderate. So, on urban roads V-6 burns 14.4 l of gasoline per 100 km But in mode outside the city, this figure is reduced to 8.5 liters per 100 km But many believe that to 277 strong engine fuel tank with a volume of 60 liters simply mockery, especially when driving over long distances.

Also the owners of the notes excellent suitability of the engine to a cold start in the winter.

How to highlight the lack of universal noise complaints from the clutches VVTi. In principle, it is known to all owners of lexus sore, which cannot overcome the designers of the enterprise.

Included with the engine on rx350 is set 6-speed all-wheel drive transmission with automatic transmission. Complaints transmission, as a rule, almost no one cause. How often motorists avoid models with automatic transmission, so everyone likes it in rx350. Really first class instance, which, perhaps, is designed to return sympathy for the automatic transmission.

 Lexus rx 350 2013 rear row of seats

Road behavior

In operation, rx350 if not deserve the highest points, then surely is not far from it, since the behavior of the car on the road collects mostly positive reviews. Here are some of the things that is particularly pay attention to the owners:

Summing all relative controllability of a Lexus, it may be said that the way the car showing itself from the best side in full compliance with the declared class.

 Lexus rx 350 2013 rear view

A summary of the model

In the lexus rx350 reviews also point to the wealth of items: brake lights with signalling of an emergency stop, electronic security system, as well as more than 10 airbags. And all this for only $ 2.5 million rubles. Thus, this car in the circles of motorists is now considered an example of best balance between price and quality.

It is worth noting that many choose this model because it is a chic crossover class "And", with impeccable road characteristics and a multitude of options. And with all this, rx350 is much cheaper than their European competitors.