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Operating experience Nissan Xterra

Production xterra started in 1999, when the model was presented to the U.S. Department of nissan motors. Initially the car was designed mainly for those, who loves sport and active rest. However, after a few years, in 2002, the appearance nissan has changed significantly, which allowed us to increase the target audience.

The appearance?

So, exterior nissan xterra first generation differs by the presence of a sufficient number of plastic elements. The most prominent of them – the grille, combined with the round headlights. In addition, plastic faced all the front part of the edges of the wings, moreover bumper not painted. In a word, everything suggests that the model is designed explicitly for urban use.

But all the same attitude to the appearance of a auto of our compatriots skeptical. That is why many and not thinking about buying this car, if not its attractive price-performance ratio. Yes capabilities xterra not weak, it was recognized by all the owners. So let's leave the appearance of machines of the court each individual motorist and look at her abilities based on experience in the Russian conditions.

 Nissan Xterra front view

A few words about the interior

Inside xterra unremarkable, beauty modest and to some extent even ascetic. However, in the beginning we talked about the main purpose of auto idea of the designers, so that…

In principle, all the beauty (and this is confirmed by our compatriots) it is decorated in sports style: this is facilitated by the fact that the scale devices placed in a kind of wells, and abundant finishing throughout Central console like aluminum material, and construction of the driver's seat. Last planted rather low, besides, the wheel of a car almost vertical. Regulated he only axis "up-and-down" and is somewhat left axis driver seat (like a trophy-style).

With a capacity problems at nissan no: the driver's and front passenger seat with ease willing to take even a large holders, rear slightly cramped, but still comfortable. However, the main "trick" xterra – Luggage compartment. This is, firstly, installed on the roof rails intended for the carriage of snowboards, skis or other sports equipment. In addition, inside the car there is a special accessory for transportation of mountain bikes, the benefit of high roof allows you to do this. Secondly, very impressive volume of the Luggage compartment of a car. Without exception, all car owners say that trunk xterra the most spacious of all that they met in cars of this class. And this is confirmed by the figures: in the normal state volume is 1260 liters, with the folded same rear seats, the figure rises to as much as 1849 liters.

 Nissan Xterra rear view

What engines have a choice?

The first generation xterra produced with three petrol engines available:

All the units combined with a mechanical gearbox, automatic machine installation was available as an option.

Among the small number of owners xterra in our country the best experience left a 210-horsepower engine capacity of 3.3 HP

Spend this engine is not too much for SUV: slightly less than 10 litres on the highway and about 13 in the city with heavy traffic. In winter, however, these indicators have somewhat increased due to the work of the heating system and connected by all-wheel drive.

Drivers say also тяговитость unit, its performance in all weather and road conditions. Praise motorists deserved and operation of a transmission. What the mechanics of that machine, according to the owners, work in full consistency with the engine and quickly react to the action of the driver. The only nuance is automatic gearbox: all the same it worse than mechanical in those cases when we speak about the operation of the vehicle off-road conditions.

 Nissan Xterra engine

By the way, on impassability

The behavior of the car outside the city ’ now that is a real delight of those who have purchased xterra. The design of the powertrain and suspension simultaneously strong and simple:

Such a scheme drive has one feature, which is important to know: basically, it is effective solely on the roads, but not in the city. Moreover, experienced drivers know that in such a scheme, Fourwheel drive should not connect when driving on asphalt or of another firm covering.

With all of this car shows a decent ability and during city driving. As noted by the owners, nissan is capable and good "go" at the traffic lights, and solidly "polihachit" on the turns. The Japanese have created a model that has not only to powerful off-road potential and excellent directional stability combined with the support of the appropriate level of comfort for passengers. Only motorists warned auto has a high centre of gravity, and therefore should not relax with high-speed maneuvering driving.

But not without xterra and some of the deficiencies in the matter under consideration, which concern the suspension:

 Nissan Xterra dashboard

The results of the first generation

Thus, xterra first generation – this is a very industrious, frugal and truly вездеходный car. All its minuses reduced only to the controversial appearance and not to the high rate of  the люксовости" and trim. But this was not the main goal of the group when you create the model. Wherefore fond of xterra our drivers, first of all, for their courageous quality. To buy such a car can be on the market by value in the area 470-570 thousand roubles, if we talk about a 3.3-liter engine, manual box and in good condition car in General. Then there is the second generation of this nissan.

Xterra – the second generation

New SUV was introduced in 2004. The changes affected mostly exterior and interior, as the previous generation nissan xterra specifications established themselves only with the best hand.

As noted by the owners, compared with the old model new has gained even more clearly off-road features of appearance: it is a powerful front bumper, and a monolithic grille, and changed rails. And all this, again according to the drivers, it also affected the attractiveness of the car, its appearance is the criticism that before. Modernization touched and salon, which primarily provides plenty of opportunities for its transformation.

In General, remained modest style of interior decoration, however, drivers say that in the new nissan xterra appeared more qualitative plastic, which is durable and reliable, never creaks and easy to clean in case of pollution. In addition, significantly increased the quantity of all kinds of boxes, pockets, depressions that not pass unnoticed by the owners. The other pluses of the salon of Russian car owners are:

 Nissan Xterra first row seats

Innovations are also manifested in a number of engines: now the engine is solid 250-horsepower engine of 4.0 HP Combines it with either a 5-speed automatic or 6-speed mechanic, but the fuel consumption is about 14 liters in the combined cycle.

This engine, according to the owners, became a worthy substitute still a 3.3-liter, not yielding to the latter in terms of quality, service and efficiency.

Finally, the second generation has richer basic equipment, which, in addition to стандарныйх options put the car in this class includes:

Cost of such car in the market is about 1,500,000 rubles. And every owner definitely tell you that the car is worth the money.