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Operating experience Niva pickup

Representatives of small and medium business, fans of off-road driving, builders and many other social groups and layers of the population of our vast country appreciated the strong and inexpensive SUV VAZ-2329 "Niva pickup», «Bear".IN 2006 the management of AVTOVAZ took a decision to rename the car to the international market. Now ВАЗовский SUV called LADA 4x4 Pickup.

 Niva pickup 2329

Essential characteristics of the vehicle

Car AVTOVAZ produced in a limited series since 1995 in various design versions. Assortment of the body is represented in three variations: hard and soft tents of various height.

Types of tents in the Field of pick-up:

All kinds of tents effectively protect cargo from dirt, dust, precipitation and securely fastened to the car body.

Inside, this pickup is a common Lada 4x4. Shield of devices with simple combination, where the main place is a speedometer, tachometer and especially distinctly allocated pointer temperature of the engine. Standing in the cabin note the rather comfortable seats, which have a small lateral support and a backrest. We can say that the vehicle interior is quite comfortable and capacious. It is designed to comfortably accommodate 4-5 people.

Geometric characteristics of the car:

 Beauty Niva pickup 2329

Niva Pickup 2329 – 5-door pickup with a full drive and open однобортной a cargo platform, available on the basis of the elongated three-door "Over" 2129.

The car feels perfect in any road conditions: on the highway and in the wild terrain. Full drive, high ground clearance and a differential lock ensure a confident ride on the ground and the highways. Car overcomes water obstacles half a meter depth. For crossing the remote wetlands and clay, sandy sites Niva pickup 2329 ’ s perfect. In addition, АвтоВАЗовский pickup excellent smoothness and stability on the road, due to the increased wheelbase.

Note that in 2009 the concern "AVTOVAZ" was decided to conduct a modernization model range Niva. Model 2329 was significantly improved, thanks to the emergence of power steering and a radical change of suspension and brake system.

Technical characteristics of the car:

 Seat Niva пикакп 2329

Vehicle modifications

The standard version of the Niva pickup 2329, unfortunately, does not have any advanced options, and here is a special modification of the vehicle also offers additional equipment:

There is also another modification Niva 2329 - VAZ-2329МС1 , which is usually issued for the departments of EMERCOM of Russia, as well as perform Assembly and lifting operations. This equipment AVTOVAZ pickup addition to the above additional equipment includes even a crane and winch.

 Trunk Niva pickup 2329

Owner reviews

Most of the owners of the Fields pickup 2329 happy with your car, judging by the reviews. Disadvantages AVTOVAZ pickup little, but they are there. Most often complain about the cramped back seat and bad noise isolation.

The automotive forums often joke: "If you want to strengthen the muscles of your hands, then do not buy dumbbells, and buy VAZ 2329». The wheel is spinning, to put it mildly, difficult. Plastic, which is made from the tent as well, frequently criticized the owners of the truck Niva. He quickly crumble and covered with cracks.

But in the winter time, judging again the reviews, car behaves on the 5+. Reagents, which cover the roads in the winter months, do not leave negative impact on the truck. VAZ 2329 shows perfect handling on ice: no spins the wheels skidding and loss of control.

Any bumps in the road ВАЗовский pickup easy, due to the increased wheelbase. Machine, as an experienced climber will be able to conquer even the steepest slopes.

In General, the car is excellent in a certain context. Wonderful version of a pickup truck for the Russian roads. One of the major advantages of a car Niva pickup price, which ranges from 409 to 440 thousand rubles for a new car in the showroom. Buy Niva pickup 2329 can be in any salon AVTOVAZ. Finding parts so there is no problem: you can buy at any auto parts store.

 Engine Niva pickup 2329


Niva 2329 – is an excellent vehicle, if you use it correctly. You can't rely on the high-speed, as for pickup do not need it. But you provided smoothness and overcoming any terrain. ВАЗовский pickup will rise even on very steep slope. Decent capacity and possibility of installation of the crane will be useful to builders and entrepreneurs. LADA 4x4 Pickup – great car with a very wide range of its effective use.