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Operating experience of infinity fx35

Exterior and technological features

A special role in the selection of any vehicle is its appearance. Design Infinity FX35 attracts the eye, to some extent, be called avant-garde, though accustomed to the refinement of close-minded crossovers from Nissan drivers will find it quite traditional. The proportions of the car a little different from the classic, but the machine is shrouded with the spirit of modernity.

 Infinity FX35 front view

Designed to meet the minimum aerodynamic resistance shape of the body ’ is confirmed both computer simulation and real testing of the owners; allows the car to feel confident on the road, to overcome turns, without the side loads, and the low resistance of the counter-flow of air significant effect on reducing fuel consumption and loads on traction component.

The hatch in the roof of the car with electric drive provides not only the usual shear displacement, but also allows you to adjust the slope, that helps to create in the cabin of the optimal conditions for air circulation, comfortable for passengers. In addition, Luke has a feature such as protection from jamming, this can be attributed to one of factors of security, because прищемленная зазевавшимся passenger hand, высунутая out, does not give him positive emotions.

Roof rails trunk of Infinity FX35 – one of the important elements for our drivers, who are used from time to time use your personal vehicle for the transportation of cargo.

Spoiler – simultaneously performs the function to improve performance and has a positive influence on the appearance of the vehicle;

The cover is made of aluminum alloy – reduces the weight of the vehicle, without changing operating characteristics;

 Infinity FX35 rear view

But still, it is worth noting that Infinity FX35 differs from the usual canons inherent vehicles for demanding driving conditions. Car owners and professionals can make a conclusion that the car loves qualitative way. Because the road  clearance FX35 not so high and is only 184мм, so lovers of cross-road will have to pay more attention to health car and save it for a more flexible pavement roads.

The interior of the cabin

Separate attention deserves the beauty Infinity FX35. His comfort is second to none. From the first sight remain in confidence, that in all situations, can't forget about the exceptional attitude Nissan to such trifles, as impeccable style. The overall impression is only strengthened after you get in the beauty and touch upholstery. Here Nissan casually recalls that these cars still belong to a class Lux.

 Infinity FX35 the front part of the cabin

Both standard and long-familiar can be noted such factors as:

 Infinity FX35 rear of the cabin

Main technical components

1) Engine.

The car is equipped with a 4.5-liter, 32-valve V8 engine 328 PS This power will surely please the owner, positively affecting the dynamics. Many owners in such a motor like lack of propensity for eating oil. But with gasoline, the majority advised to be careful, since there is no fuel filter   it is a disadvantage with Russian petrol.

2) Fuel tank – has a capacity of 90 liters, which is not surprising considering the scope and power of the engine, but in the process of exploitation, it turns out that the actual consumption of fuel consumption does not exceed 10-12 liters per 100 km in city traffic is about 17-20 HP Is quite acceptable values.

3) Transmission

Automatic 5-speed transmission with manual shift mode and function Downshift Rev Matching, allowing functionally lower transmission on difficult sections of the road, will be irreplaceable in any situation. The only thing not happy – the absence of a separate filter, automatic transmission, it changes with control unit, as it already is, you know, higher costs.

4) Suspension

Infinity FX35 equipped with sports suspension. Most of the owners point out, that it really provides the smoothness of motion, preventing shock that may occur while crossing the roughness of roads. The system does not allow to give a big roll when cornering, braking and acceleration are not forced to deviate from the horizontal body. It is worth noting that the suspension has quite a good resource, it is important, first of all, for elastic elements.

 Infinity FX35 engine

Mechanical-functional component

Of course, before you purchase a vehicle, each driver thinks and over what she "нафарширована». In Infinity FX35, according to many owners, has everything you need for a comfortable ride.

However, many owners, especially those who live in places with a more severe climate, also note and such small sins manufacturers as lack of heating the rear seats and heated steering wheel. Many also do not appreciate is that if the price of the car no electric drive opening of service outlet of the tank, and electrically folding mirrors.

 Infinity FX35 options

Lighting and review

Good lighting and review in the car are also marked by its owners. All this is achieved by:

Apparently, at the first trip will seem awkward review of the lateral columns, but believe me, soon this opinion will disappear, you only get used to.

 Infinity FX35 фары


Especially the lucky owners of Infinity FX35 assessed at the highest level of system security. Many, thank God, this check does not have, but according to the crash test safety level according to the methods IIHS and NHTSA (USA) in the car was recognized as the highest.

To summarize

To own such a vehicle, as Infinity FX35 will be pleased for any motorist, it is flexible enough, manoeuvrable, extremely dynamic. Fans of the new-fangled ideas are sure to find interesting innovations. Security issues was paid much attention. Taking care of our lives, is to choose such car. We can say with certainty that most people can be advised to purchase Infinity FX35 – its price is justified, and for my money, the owner receives not only powerful machine, but also a guarantee of their security in it.