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Operating experience of Mercedes Gelendvagen

«Гелика” can be called a real German veteran: it is released since 1979. Nevertheless, indulge in the oblivion of this car, apparently, is not going to. The demand for it is no different enchanting indicators, but remains stable. Our compatriots believe that the reason for the common admiration for the German car industry, actual durability of Mersa, as well as his constant appearance. Indeed, the quality of the machine is beyond doubt, and the design remains the same from generation to generation, although some modernisation Mercedes gelendvagen, of course, is periodically.

By the way, another reason for the spread of this vehicle we have many drivers are called traditional his identification with representatives of  the dashing 90"when stopped before you tightly затонированный black “bag” foreshadowed in serious trouble. In General, the history of the exploitation of this Mersa in Russia is quite rich, so time to get acquainted with the personal views of its owners.

 Mercedes Gelendvagen 2013 front view


Appearance Mercedes Benz gelendvagen very simply describes some of the nicknames that it was acquired for all time of stay in Russia: it "dice", and “refrigerator». Indeed, the machine has a coarse rectangular features. As they say owners, just such a look, first of all, attracts most of all, secondly, corresponds to the essence of the SUV. He is powerful, brutal and severe. For all years of issue Germans not too many changes in the body:

Perhaps it makes no sense to consider in detail the appearance of car, as he is known to everyone, and any special features of our drivers is not revealed. Look better inside.

According to the owners, car interior, especially when it comes to the most expensive trim, the truly Royal. That emit positive in the interior?

 Mercedes Gelendvagen 2013 rear view

But in the cabin there are "гелика" and some disadvantages:

That's all the features of the salon Mersa. As we see, the minor flaws of the interior has, but forget about it immediately after the get inside. Judge for yourself: already basic equipment includes a high-class seat upholstery, air conditioning, air bags, full power accessories and ABS.

 Mercedes Gelendvagen 2013 engine

Powerful German

But the main advantage of гелика lies under its hood. A number of engines of Mersa wide enough: there is a modest 2.7-liter and 3.2-liter diesel engines, and is the most powerful 500 HP and 614-strong compressor units AMG volume 5.5 HP As experience shows, the volume and the engine power of  the гелика" affect solely on fuel consumption and sound. For example, 5-liter device requires no less than 22 liters of fuel in the city and about 15 liters when driving on the highway. There is much more cost-effective options, but, on sustainable owners believe, for such a vehicle consumption is quite appropriate.

As for the characteristics of the engine (and the comments are basically the same, no matter the scope and power, if we talk about the quality of work of German motors), we can note some of the most important from the point of зрений our compatriots moments.

Given that the stock of  the horses" "гелика", as a rule, solid (we are well established best "charged" versions of it), must be understood for what accelerator pedal such tight. Otherwise you could just lose control over this beast. And so, they say, the drivers, the motion of a car is very smooth, soft, without jerks. However, when necessary, possible and frisky leap forward – sharp pressure on the gas pedal turns a car into a real shell.

With all this aggregates please their owners a wonderful hollow sound, honest recognition drivers, sometimes so nice to hear that you forget pull away. In General, when we first met always a burning desire gelendvagen buy.

 Mercedes Gelendvagen 2013 beauty

What to expect from the management «геликом"?

Having summarized all the reviews drivers on how behaves famous German on the road, it should be noted several nuances:

Finishing conversation about driving performance of this car, here is one of the warnings of experienced owners:

"how off-road performance?" – you may ask. The point is that not only what the owner of this vehicle, especially if it is a relatively new model, agrees to use it in field conditions. But all the same some experience there. Actually, on this side of the car at all has no shortcomings. It is not afraid of any dirt or snow, nor even the complete absence of a road covering. Here are only intended it all the same not to do this, though, and has solid potential.

 Mercedes Gelendvagen 2013 rear row of seats

Final words about the operation

Thus, we can Express the General impression of our compatriots in the following words: Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen really very good, reliable and status automobile. His appearance will invariably attract attention, beauty always will surround you with comfort and sense of security, and impeccable engine allows not worry about getting around the city. Outside the city "гелик» also not fail, not afraid to get dirty and safely take you to your destination.

The only "but" this car is the cost of its maintenance. As they say motorists, too expensive this pleasure costs: servicing will leave you a minimum of 300 dollars just for переобувку. Of course, you can be serviced than dealers, but then, as they say, at your own risk.

In General, the car is worth to invest. However, the cost gelendvagena the AMG version with the most powerful engine and in the maximum configuration is as much as 14,000,000 rubles.