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Operating experience of Nissan X Trail

Available x trail is not too long – since 2000. Concern over this period unveiled two generations of the car, although Nissan x-trail new is not too different from the first. But reviews of this model enough, but what about the daily operation?

 Nissan X Trail the first generation

Several opinions about the exterior and interior

The appearance of the x trail of drivers has received high evaluation: the first generation for the interesting and quite advanced appearance, the second – first of all, for the changed headlights.

But the greatest interest among the owners of causes beauty Nissan x trail of the first generation, because the dashboard it is located in the Central part of the dashboard). Motorists note the inconvenience of such a decision, because you have to constantly worry panel at first getting used to. In the rest of the same owners positively about the salon:

 Nissan X Trail first generation trunk

However, got the beauty of the first generation and negative characteristics due to the lack of support for seats. And, as if having heard the opinion of Russian drivers, Japanese concern when creating the second generation changed exactly beauty. Those who are able to compare both models, it is said that:

Separately allocate motorists Luggage compartment, which is characterized, in their opinion, a sufficient amount of (second-generation it 603 liters, and when seats are folded and does 1773), convenient opening and two floors. Here experienced owners are turning their attention on a pull-down box under the floor: very well chosen his floor – non-slip, easy to отмывающееся.

 Nissan X Trail the first generation of beauty

Engines: pros and cons

The first generation x-trail is available with the following units:

Petrol variants are equipped with either a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed mechanic, diesel is available only with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

For the second generation are the same as petrol engines and diesel in two versions:

4.  150-strong in combination with 6-speed mechanic or a submachine gun and a 173-strong in pair with manual gearbox.

Best motor, according to our motorists, is a 2.5-liter, since its capacity is sufficient car in full. On the other hand, not all happy consumption of this engine: to 14.5 liters in the city in winter.

 Nissan X Trail second generation

But in General, engine 2.5 l unpretentious, hard working and very easy to operate. He works perfectly in almost any conditions. The only problem with daily use auto may occur with the CVT as they say drivers in traffic it gets hot, because the selector machine throws an error. As a result of the machine starts sluggish to respond to pressing the accelerator pedal. The solution to this problem is to replace the oil in a box and cleaning the contacts of the sensor.

And how it behaves on the road?

Both gen x-trail is equipped with an electronic system of full drive, which under normal conditions only works as a front-wheel. The system provides three modes of operation, gives the driver the ability to block межосевую clutch.

Motorists are very complimentary about the work of a full drive, and all related systems:

 Nissan X Trail second generation trunk

But if to speak about the car of the first generation, the new owners can wait for a nasty surprise – noise from behind. Initially you may think that the reason for awhile, but, as experience has shown Nissan our compatriots speech in this case goes about "хлипкости» gear of rear-drive. Although in some cases the noise cause of wheel bearings.

Summary value

If we talk about this car in General, serious deficiencies had not. This is confirmed by all without exception owners. The only significant minus Nissan x trail – cost of maintenance. Drivers say that every odd THAT flies in the round sum, if maintained in full. However, car care – a private matter of each owner.

 Nissan X Trail second generation of beauty

If you have decided to buy a new Nissan x trail 2013 issue, then it will cost you approximately 1,300,000 for the model, on the average equipment. Motorists say that machine of these costs money.