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Operating experience of Skoda Hildren (Skoda Yeti)

Skoda hildren – this is the original crossover, who managed to become the first SUV-class cars of all models of the Czech manufacture. Not by accident in the first months, this machine has earned rave reviews from most of all motorists. The striking design, the latest technical equipment and a very stylish design made its case.

 Sorry Hildren front view

The interior and exterior of the car Skoda Yeti

Just want to draw attention to these two factors. For many motorists, they do play an important role. In auto Skoda Yeti according to buyers ' interior and exterior are at the top, multifunctional and very attractive.

All of the solidity of the car expressed design of his body, here Czech crossover cannot be confused with any other car even in the dark. Particular notice four original headlights, round of which are simultaneously daytime running lights and foglights. The radiator grille is embellished with top-chrome-bar, a powerful bumper with bottom air duct is framed by a silver frame.

As is known, this company produces only five-door model. And all motorists in Skoda hildren 2013 caught the wide open the side door, which make access to the interior is very easy and convenient. Moreover, the rear door, which rises as high as possible, much easier access to the trunk.

The reviews owners can understand that the organization of an interior of a car Skoda Yeti is also done at the highest level. Configuration of the car, as well as convenient placement of all components provide a large space for passengers. Many people who bought this car, they say that the best vehicle to travel in comfort and convenience just not there. Material which is to be upholstery emphasizes the style and quality of this model. Very pleased motorists new insulating glass, which has been equipped with a heating system that guarantees an ideal overview in winter.

For fans of sports style new Skoda hildren also became a godsend. In the sports version specially there are extensive sports seats with side support, and the Central part of the backrests and cushions on the seats can be performed both in red, in silver, which further increases the appeal of the interior.

It is worth noting that flexibility salon Skoda Yeti – this is probably the second thing that struck future owners after the appearance of the car. Because the model used a special system VarioFlex, which makes the versatility of the summit car. Three separate rear seats can easily be folded and unplugged, independently of each other. The side of the car seat you can also move, sliding them forward or backward for the convenience of passengers. Also after removing the middle seat, side can be shifted to the side as much as 80 millimeters. This makes it easy to make пятиместного Skoda auto hildren quadruple and give passengers in the back seats even greater degree of convenience and comfort. And if you remove all the rear seats, the boot of a car can be carried as many as 1 760 liters of any cargo.

 Skoda Hildren rear view

Technical characteristics of the car Skoda Yeti

It is impossible not to mention the technical characteristics when talking about any model of cars.

Attracted users in the car Skoda Yeti relatively small size, which give the possibility to Park even in a very narrow place. The length of this car is 4 223 millimetres, width – 1 793 millimetres and a height of 1 691 mm. But, unfortunately, ground clearance Skoda hildren is only 165 millimeters according to the actual conditions of measurement (the very same manufacturer specifies 180 mm). Very little was and angle of entry, only 18.5 degrees. Owner reviews confirm that you should be very careful not to tear off the front bumper.

Under the hood of a car Skoda Yeti before you could find one of the two petrol engines.

The owners of these engines are told that both of these motor differ in their performance and stable work for years. But, anyway, agree that they represent the two great extremes. In the first case, the engine for one and a half car is still quite small, so many owners were forced to reflash the engine control unit, to raise the return of the motor up to 120 horsepower. Thus the car became "alive", however, according to many, despite the flashing, average fuel consumption remained on 1-1,5 litres more than stated by the manufacturer. But on the other hand, consumption still largely dependent on the driving style of the driver.

Regarding the second most powerful engine, for many owners it was неэкономичным.

So in 2012, the company decided to release a new petrol engine, which became the Golden mean.

This innovation could to please motorists and it is worth saying that many are literally rushed to purchase Skoda Yeti.

 Skoda Hildren engine

Controllability of the car Skoda Yeti

Those motorists who once sat behind the wheel of an SUV Hildren likely failed to remain experience these excellent thrill of riding in this car, and that it would be to learn about the wonders of the management of the operating experience of its owners.

Analyzing the majority of the reviews of happy owners of Skoda hildren, we can confidently say that the car holds the road well and submitting to the wheel thanks to a special system of passive cruise control.

In addition motorists note and such a system, as off-road, which makes it easy to adapt to driving. But, at the same time, more experienced drivers argue that without this system, the vehicle can easily pass on any off-thanks to its тяговитому engine. By the way the sound of the engine is absolutely not heard in the cabin at any speed.

Unambiguous owners and running part of the car, namely gas and brake pedals, clicking on which the car or instantly accelerates, or instantly stops. It is this precision in the management makes Skoda Yeti fully subject to the driver.

As for minuses, owners, who would find some fault or discomfort behind the wheel of this model is very small. Because sometimes, " one driver is a disadvantage for another may be a significant advantage.

 Skoda Hildren manageability

Cases and prices on car Skoda Yeti

As to the prices for the car, in this regard, all the owners also say that the price and quality of Skoda Yeti at the highest level. And even basic Skoda hildren loaded Active makes SUV ideal machine, it includes:

To purchase the complete set is possible for the price 739 000 rubles.

A bit expensive for the future owners can do loaded Ambition – from 789 000 rubles. However, there will be a number of amendments to the basic configuration:

For a fee in the package you can add leather interior trim, panoramic roof, navigation system and assistant Parking the car.

The top version of Skoda hildren Elegance will have to pay considerably more. Skoda hildren price with this spec starts from 909 000 rubles, but there will also be present:

 Skoda Hildren salon


So ended our acquaintance with remarkable by Skoda Yeti. In the end, the experience of operation of many drivers shows that it качественнейший, powerful and very comfortable car. It can be easily used for longer trips with family and for regular business trips, and both the driver and the passengers will be the most convenient in the cabin. The car goes through all the obstacles and do not discomfort. Also at the price of the car is very usable and accessible, perhaps it was this fact played a huge role in the popularity of Skoda Yeti.