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Operating experience of the Audi q5 in Russia

Compact crossover Audi Q5 was released in 2008 and almost immediately due to its originality took a leading position in a class of their own. Furthermore, "SUV" received a lot of praise from the owners regarding their performance and comfort. And here at the Paris motor show manufacturer presented ресстайлинговую model Audi Q5 2013. That say the owners of this model we learn next.

 Audi q5 front view

Interior and exterior

Here it is the long-awaited five from Audi. All the neighbors German car manufacturer already compete on the market a small SUV. And such extended time, the long-awaited crossover from Audi had no right to fail. The new Audi Q5 not disappoint even the most prejudiced critics. The younger brother of successful Q7 has justified the most immodest expectations.

 Interior Q5

Typical aggressive appearance Audi. Wide radiator grille, emphasizing the dynamic model. 18-inch wheels advantageous to look, and immediately make it clear about скрывающемся under the hood of this iron horse potential. Led running lamps, Parktronic, front and rear. Many owners of this model are recognised that bought it only for this extraordinary appearance. But this is only a shell, the most interesting inside.

 Audi q5 side view

With regard to the salon, we here about all for granted say no, this should be of such machines by default. Headlining cloth, decorative inserts under the tree, climate control, multi-functional leather steering wheel with the ability to control the audio system and the on-Board computer, leather seats with powered, easily adapts to any complexion of the driver and passenger.

 Audi q5 beauty

According to many owners of the interior of the vehicle inside seems to be even greater than it would introduce myself outside, and optimum ease of seats with a wide range of adjustments and a huge number of different pockets, сеточек, shelves and offices for details delight even the avid music lover.

 Audi q5 rear seats

Technical characteristics

Audi q5 characteristics has, of course, also impressive. Manufacturers offer several types of engines:

 Security system Q5


To take consideration, for example, the Audi q5 engine 2-хлитровый gasoline, as middling among the petrol  and, by the way, the most common owners. It produces 225 HP and a torque of 350 Nm at 1500-4500 rpm Yes, You read that right, such "savage» torque is ensured at such a low range, starting from 1500 rpm This fact is yet another distinctive feature of Q5, the characteristics of such immediately confirmed after pressing the accelerator pedal. Acceleration to 100 km/h in 7 seconds, which is very well felt behind driver's seat. With such a supply is not afraid of overtaking long measures on a quiet country road or entrance to the Expressway with a minor. In short, the speed of the stream is reached instantly and dynamics of this car doesn't take that simply can not fail to please its owner. And the average appetite 9-10 liters per hundred also hardly someone will confuse.

We should mention about the Audi Q5 diesel. Especially about the 3-liter engine, the outstanding 245 HP and a torque of 580 Nm. By itself, this beast has all the characteristics listed above (and even more), but given the quality of diesel fuel in the Russian regions, the unit for the most part, many motorists is not acquired.

 Audi q5 engine

Dimensions Q5 are:

Look in the trunk of the Audi Q5, owner reviews 2013 tells us that the Luggage compartment volume of 540 liters not enough for a machine of this class. Might say that "the"who rode in a car on a test drive carefully studied the brochure to the car. Yes, nominally volume really 540 liters, but keep in mind a fairly wide aperture and what with folded rear seats capacity is increased up to 1560 liters. For example, owners Q5 easily transported wheelchair for the infant, refrigerator (in the unfolded back some seats, and much more.

 Audi q5 rear view

Controllability of the car

Now we come to the essence. According to the majority of owners of Audi Q5 manageability of their machines is almost the most important thing is that they value in your car. After all, the enthusiasm at the entrance into the turns, maneuverability on the track and the iron grip gives an absolute feeling of control sport coupe and certainly not the SUV. The manufacturer does not hide that modern Q5 is made on the basis of a sedan, Audi A4. However Q5 has a higher center of gravity and excellent off-road properties, but that does not prevent him to keep control of a sports sedan.

 Parameters patency Q5

Many publications have reported to us that the management of this car tires, they say, long trips tired, steering wheel is heavy and so on. But this is all biased reviews or Frank intrigues of competitors. As to ergonomics auto impossible to find fault and from the office you receive a real pleasure. Judge for yourself, what car can provide You a dynamic driving on the highway and safe passage off-road? This combination can be felt only at Audi, with its powerful engine and clearance of about 20 cm.

Cases and prices

Now we offer more details on the configuration and know the cost of the Audi Q5. Depending on a complete set the price of a vehicle can be absolutely different, it begins from 1 796 000 rubles and ends 2 340 000 rubles.

 Audi q5 panel

In the same standard set of options the car includes:

And this is not a complete list of options, a part of standard package Q5. As we can see quite well already in the database. But for the most discerning buyers, workers from Ingolstadt offer package solutions with lots of extra Goodies.

Of equipment you can additionally order a three-zonal climate control, however, with him to buy assistant switching of dipped and main beam, light and rain sensors. Instead monochrome screen You can get the driver information system with colour display, only 20 000 rubles. And, a full multimedia interface Audi navigation system, which will have to pay a little more than 150 000 rubles.

 Audi q5 equipment

In principle Audi not hurt their customers the opportunity to play with the furnishing, performance, but the owners but note that almost all of these options in greater degree  created for games than for assistance on the road. As an exception can be distinguished assistants help when you rebuild and save the band. Very important for large highways, will help to avoid meeting with the fans frequent rebuilds.

Summing up, we should note that, despite the many reviews about the unjustified high cost of this model, we can say that the most part, they are not correct. If 2 000 000 rubles for such a machine You consider expensive then most likely You compare it not with classmates. Because in its segment of the Volvo XC60, Mercedes GLK and Infiniti FX35 he looks quite competitive, but, according to many experts even the leader of the class. Therefore, if You are still not sure yet, we hope that this article has cleared all Your doubts. Audi Q5, that's exactly the car You were dreaming!