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Operating experience of the Bmw x1

Family Bavarian "x's" began with the legendary bmw x5, proved to be positive with many parties, especially in matters of the conquest of the terrain. However, the changing needs of ordinary drivers caused the continuation of a number of models "x" towards reduction of their sizes and maintenance. It was necessary to save all the features characteristic of the largest "паркетникам", as well as the prestige of the all-wheel drive vehicle. Constructors of one of the largest German corporations were able to solve this problem, promptly showing the world its new compact crossover. It is about the youngest "brother" in a series of – x1.

Bmw x1 to date is characterized as the most affordable and truly sports crossover in the line of the Bavarian plant. It was created in 2009 on the base of the famous "Troika" in the station wagon. Strictly speaking, differences from 3 series x1 is not so much: it is about the size of the body, some elements of suspension, design, of course, and perhaps that's all.

 Bmw x1 2013 front view

But this "Bavarian" not only has all the qualities of their compatriots. He gives a feeling of a kind of officer's position in the driver's seat, which distinguishes "x" from the whole model range of bmw.

5 working horses of the Russian market

First of all, happy abundance proposed by the manufacturer of engines: about ten ranging from 150-strong and ending with the engine capacity of 258 PS And diversity enough and among the petrol variants, and among diesels. However, in the domestic market of the Bavarian group represents only half – five engines, namely:

From petrol engines most widespread among Russian buyers received атмосферник. Average fuel consumption is about 9 liters when the combined cycle. Many say his quiet nature: this engine in conjunction with automatic transmission is most appropriate for a comfortable and leisurely drive. A similar opinion owners not explain the fact that bmw is not able to develop high speed. With this as no problems. The fact is, that feeling of acceleration motorists do not capture because it is barely noticeable and quite plain.

 Bmw x1 2013 rear view

Much more criticism of the Russians were diesels. First of all, receive complaints on motor noise, especially at idle. Unfortunately, the insulation of the interior x1 is not able to protect passengers from these noises.

From the point of view of the acceleration of the dynamics of diesel engines again bring drivers some disappointment: no breakthrough, the slightest increase markedly during indentation pedal to the floor, not observed. Moreover, the acceleration is quite slow, especially if it is a variant with an automatic rifle.

It turns out that the proposed range of engines though, and provide everyone with wide range, but, in fact, limits is one truly optimal gasoline motor. However, the demand is for each of the options as they say, how many people are so much and opinions.

Technical equipment "x"

Drive the car can be both rear (when the engine of 150 HP, the so-called sDrive drive), and full (all other engines, drive called xDrive). Both options have or mechanics or automatic box. It should be noted that wheel drive modification combined with the new 8-speed automatic transmission ZF. Reviews about it not too much, but those who chose this box, regretfully ascertain its slowness when changing gear. And if under normal driving such a situation does not cause any difficulties during overtaking, drivers are advised to consider полусекундные pause between switching.

 Bmw x1 2013 engine

In addition, xDrive models are equipped with a special control system providing the correction of the behavior of the car on the road through the distribution of torque. On AWD diesel engines as options set the system also adjustment steering, proportionally dependent on the speed of motion. Particular success this option is the fair sex among drivers. Experienced motorists prefer to abandon сервотроника, because without it, the wheel remains extremely sensitive and sharp.

Finally, bmw constructors have developed a special ecological package, which is aimed at reducing the negative impact on nature, and also increase of efficiency of fuel consumption.

All these technical decisions in the end led to the fact that the crossover shows impeccable behaviour on the road, including the clearing. The car differs excellent directional stability, and the suspension Bavarian cope with their problems on all 100, even in the conditions of Russian roads. This is confirmed by the experience of many drivers, marking the prehensile control, even at a speed of 180 km/hour. The work of suspension remarks is, but there is one factory's feature: at low temperatures oil in the racks freezes, and therefore the suspension knocking until not warmed up enough.

And one more advice from the owners of the "x": in nature x1 still looks more like a relaxing urban residents than the brave adventurer on the roads, and therefore do not "walk" it far outside the track.

 Bmw x1 2013 Luggage compartment

Simplicity and comfort

Move on to learning the salon. He is very concise and practical, as is made in the best traditions of the German car industry. But thus there is a feeling of incompleteness, as if some part of the interior of this car is missing. According to many owners, it is caused by excessive simplicity of the salon.

As for comfort, in relation to the place of the driver of the bmw classically no complaints. According to one of the owners, at the first trip he had a feeling that this car – a living, and live it just for the driver. The passengers, baggage, the purpose of the trip of   all this was secondary. The main man is driving.

However motorists note and high quality seats, designed with the explicit expectation comfortable trip: rear row is equipped with armrests and a mechanism to adjust the backrest and 2-zone climate contributes to the creation of optimal atmosphere separately for driver and passengers. However, the experience of operation of the cars showed that back comfortably accommodate only two people, the third passenger, if we put it on the center of the rear seat, simply will not sustain the uncomfortable position due to the way the profile of seats in this place, and also due to the presence of high tunnel in the floor.

 Bmw x1 2013 beauty

Despite seemingly tiny size, the x1 has a trunk volume 430 liters (you can easily carry a washing machine), which increases up to 1350 liters by adding up the rear seat backs. Such indicators are evaluated all without exception owners, but, according to them, a significant drawback is the lack of Luggage compartment space to spare wheel, and consequently, the very lack of it. To compensate for such situation is the car comes with a special tires that allow in case of a puncture overcome the distance of up to 250 km With one hand, this is a plus. But, anyway, the experience of Russian drivers showed that the use of such tyres entails an increase in fuel consumption, reduction of sustainability in a rut, and increased vibration during movement. Besides, they are expensive, therefore many recommend immediately after the acquisition of auto change tires.

What else is there to say drivers?

In conclusion we should reiterate all the advantages and disadvantages that emit owners x1. So, among the pluses is called:

In turn, the disadvantages of a small "x" are:

 Bmw x1 2013 front row seat

Finally, it is one rule: look carefully before buying bmw x1 overview of all offerings on the market. As can be seen, the range of motors, drives and transmissions allows to take into account the wishes of a wide range of consumers, and additional systems will pleasantly surprise anyone, even an inexperienced driver. And note that the value of the new x1 in the simplest case starts with a mark 1,274,000 rubles. The motorists are advised to: better to buy a used bmw for the same money, but with richer content.