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Operating experience of the Hyundai ix35

Before buying a brand-new car, surely everyone wants to know whether the Hyundai ix35 as good as its present customers with the manufacturers? Perhaps some details whitewashing? Learn more about this car from the operating experience of drivers who already had the opportunity to test the car in various conditions.

Interior and exterior of the Hyundai ix35

Let's start with the exterior, which is simply impossible not to appreciate – this can be seen even on the Hyundai ix35 photo. Immediately struck by the exquisite machine profile. The developers have made it in  the streams style", which at a first glance, you will find three water flow. Smooth and aerodynamic profile mirrors, car emphasizes the overall design,  and massive grille with chrome and dark elements, give this model a special flair with a hint of aggression.  Exactly the kind of sports style and attracts first attention of motorists to this model.

 Hyundai ix35 front view

Design of the salon, in which everything fits together and looks quite effectively, does not leave anyone indifferent. Note a few moments, which were assessed by the owners:

 Hyundai ix35 front row seat

In General inside the cabin, all is in, pleases excellent finishing of the interior. However, there are some disadvantages that often complain owners:

Specifications Hyundai ix35

Dimensions, which make up the length of – 441 cm, width – 182 cm, height – 166 cm wheelbase – 264 cm and clearance – 17 cm auto Hyundai ix35 according to the owners  ideal mainly for trips around town, in principle according to the original manufacturers and he was calculated for such conditions. On Board the vehicle easily accommodate five adults and not even feel any distress.

 Hyundai іх35задний row seats

For Russian buyers Korean manufacturers offered only two types of engine: petrol and diesel. The choice, of course, is small, but the available options are acceptable and it seems even satisfied the requests of the most demanding drivers.

The owners of the engine power of 150 horsepower often complain that he is very weak for dynamic driving. And if the machine booted, the weakness of the engine is felt even more, even in an ordinary sudden acceleration motor starts growling. Therefore, no wonder the majority of users leave positive comments regarding the second model of the engine, which showed himself to be a powerful and fuel-efficient unit. According to the reviews of it much stronger, in traffic jams spends a reasonable amount of fuel and it is perfectly possible to drive on the highway.

 Hyundai ix35 engine

There is also the positive and negative moments celebrated owners regarding the transmission, for example, experience frequent problems in the gear box just lead to confusion, many drivers, it is good, automatic transmission, which is fast, but sometimes when overtaking "подтупливает", but does, in principle, any of  the machine" in any car, so pay attention to it or not, you decide.

Manageability Hyundai ix35

There are many different opinions and feedback motorists regarding the handling characteristics, maneuverability and stability hyundai ix 35. Summarize all and try to make the overall picture.

A total of feedback from users about nature and about its management had a good, but all the same it is more urban residents than for lovers "оффроуда». On a straight road without any flaws car is ideal in management, but in off-road conditions, it is better not to test.

 Hyundai ix35 rear view

Picking and rates Hyundai ix35

Reviews about this car motorists first of all note that the Hyundai ix35 price is quite humane with modern security systems and a wide selection of kits, which just 5:

Every motorist finds in these sets its advantages. However, it is worth noting that in the primary packaging crossover got almost everything you need for complete comfort and safety:

 Hyundai ix35 equipment

In the more expensive models will be added:

I must say that most motorists prefer to buy the cheapest option complete, because it is already necessary. Here's the minimum set for the price of 889 000 rubles. For the same maximum available Hyundai ix35 characteristics of  the price of a vehicle will be 1 139 000 rubles.


In conclusion, it should say that car owners are of the opinion that it is not often that you can find such a convenient, functional and easy-to-manage crossover, which also would have had an affordable price. Of course, the car Hyundai ix35  is not deprived of drawbacks, but some of them actually you can close your eyes at least because of the cost. We hope that the reviews of car owners helped me understand You about all the advantages and disadvantages of this model and make your choice. Important to remember that perhaps all that you want from a car for this model and can give you.