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Operating experience of the Korean SUVs and crossovers

Cars from Korea confidently and firmly in their place on the Russian market. Special widely Korean off-road cars, and also demand some паркетники. Certainly, auto acquired not thoughtlessly, their choice is preceded by long and careful weighing of  the   ». But Koreans have some success.

To find out the reasons that encourage car owners to purchase the Eastern "tiger", you must learn first of all, the personal experience of citizens, to assess their views and proposals. So, the greatest success among our drivers are such brands Korean SUVs, as Ssang Young, Hyundai and Kia. Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the most common representatives of these concerns.

First among equals

Ssang Young first of Koreans began production of explorers of all-wheel drive off-road, but because during a certain period of time was the absolute leader. After the competitors first caught, and then left Ssang Young behind, the factory started production of the crossovers to regain lost ground.

The first model of our review will be Ssang Young Rexton 2. Compared with the first version of the car significantly altered, while preserving the basis of design of the previous model. To improve ride quality auto supplied reduction gearing and differential slip. The buyer is offered the choice of three different engines and several configuration options.

Among the advantages of  his  owners say:

The disadvantages of the model include:

In the rest of the same car raises no objections. Especially if to consider, that this crossover. Rexton II possesses quite good characteristics. Its price ranges from 1 199 000 rubles to 1 619 000 rubles

 Ssang Young Rexton 2

Another, more powerful representative acts Ssang Young Musso. It is a kind of "a veteran of the" company ’ its production began in late 1993. The average price on the market established in the area of 400-450 thousand rbl. the product range consists of three engines: two diesels and one gasoline. In Musso used only one reduction gear, besides, there is no blocking. However, this full-frame SUV behaves quite worthy than earned positive reviews of their owners.

Advantages of the car are:

But it does not lack model and disadvantages:

 Ssang Young Musso

Invincible tigers

Now, consider the representatives of the other Korean manufacturer – Kia. Korean off-road cars and crossovers attract many at the expense of the best ratios in the metric of  the price-quality", especially for Kia. But this does not mean that the models of the concern absolutely spotless. Let's consider the advantages and disadvantages brought owners of cars of this brand in the course of the operation.

Kia Sorento II – good SUV, provided that it is about a model collected directly in Korea. Domestic Assembly, unfortunately, in most cases, leaves much to be desired. A solid and rigorous Korean has impressive external characteristics, not worse than major competitors.

Among the positive qualities of the car should be called:


And, perhaps, that is all. This situation characterizes the positive Korean cars: SUVs produce reliable and competitive enough. With regard to the Sorento, the price is 1 079 900 - 1 669 900 rubles

 Kia Sorento II

Kia Sportage second generation is an SUV. The vehicle was named the leader in terms of corrosion resistance of the body. Equipped with Kia usually mechanics, although in one version features an automatic transmission.

Sportage has earned praise for motorists:

Cons Sportage:

Outcome: Sportage – this is a very good unpretentious machine for everyday riding, but its minor flaws spoil, unfortunately, all the impression of the car. Price supported by car – about 600-750 thousand rubles

 Kia Sportage

Quality and comfort

What attracts our drivers third Korean concern – Hyundai? Certainly, a high level of quality of their cars. The greatest distribution have received two models of manufacturer: Santa Fe and Terracan. But about all under the order.

Santa Fe acquire many remain satisfied and recommend to all my friends. This model is the first all-wheel-drive vehicle, developed by the specialists of Hyundai. The car looks pretty aggressively by design: convex wings, imposing bumper, fog-lights. Special thanks резвое behavior on the road.

Pluses of the happy owners of this model emit, in particular:

Of course, the machine has certain disadvantages. Summarizing the opinions of owners, we can highlight the following flaws:

In General, the impression of Santa Fe from motorists remains positive, since the model achieves value for money. New cars Hyundai Santa Fe you can buy in the cabin for 1 200 000 – 1 700 000 rubles Подержан version will cost from 700 000 rubles up to 850 000 rubles

 Hyundai Santa Fe

As the representative of Hyundai model is Terracan. This is essentially the first full-jeep from Korea serious полноприводник with a strong frame. Look strict, we can say that this is a classic, but not devoid of modernized elements. Pay will have an average of about 570 thousand rubles

The car features:

Among the disadvantages:

 Hyundai Terracan

Whom to choose?

What conclusion should I do? Acquisition of Korean – a private matter of each car owner. Models have shortcomings that can seriously spoil the impression. Although taking into account the price of the issue is not so bad. However, certain difficulties arise due to the fact that competition is not only with respect to vehicles of other countries, but also within the Korean market. Despite the fact that Hyundai's 4th largest automaker in the world, his compatriots are not far behind and offer quite decent alternatives. In General, the choice is yours.