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Operating experience of the Nissan X-trail

The history and development model

X-Trail can be attributed to one of the most successful car created by Nissan company. Developed in 2000, the model unchanged was produced for seven years. Initially, the designers of the car was conceived as a universal crossover capable of providing the necessary level of comfort and practicality, not only in urban greenhouse conditions, but also when driving on the road.

 The first generation Nissan X Trail

Among the memorable elements of the construction and equipping of the 1st generation Nissan X Trail can be distinguished shifted into the center of the instrument panel of the driver and a unique transmission control system ALL MODE 4×4, allowing you to fully realize the car off-road performance. Simple straight lines of the body in combination with the powerful wheel arches, large headlights and expressive grille gave the crossover look of this SUV. This car had such a bright personality that it was difficult to confuse on the road with someone else. On the secondary market first X-Trail for sale in the range of 500-700 thousand rubles

 Nissan X Trail

Given the above, developers in 2007, with the release of the 2nd generation, decided to spend only a slight restyling of the exterior X-Trail, expressed in slightly changing the shape of the headlights and flashlights. The interior of the car has undergone a complete processing: instrument panel returned to its usual place, new seats with the support body, the finish began to be used more expensive and quality materials. Significantly increased the size of the car. These changes were made because the line crossovers Nissan has another custom car Qashqai. And despite the absolute external contradiction, its characteristics and the class he became a direct competitor of the first X-Trail, which the company plans not included. So it was decided to withdraw the updated X-Trail in the more expensive segment by increasing its size and cost, interior decoration. In November 2009, this model began manufacturing plant in St. Petersburg. Used cars 2nd generation can be bought for 650-850 thousand rubles.

 The second generation Nissan X-Trail

Another restyling expected X-Trail in 2010. He was concerned solely with the appearance of the car: front touched the grille, bumper and headlights, and taillights led. In this form the model is produced up until now. A new car costs from 1100000 to 1600000 rubles, and used are available from 900 thousand rubles.

 Restyling 2010 Nissan X-Trail

In 2014, the developers introduced a completely new design of the 3rd generation machine whose appearance from the previous X-Trail, there is nothing left. Fine and expensive cut, but to win the love of consumers have again the old affection here won't work. In the salons of this model starts from 1300 thousand rubles, and the modifications in the rich equipment of the estimated nearly two million.

 Nissan X Ttrail 2014

Main features

The appearance of the redesigned model of the 2nd generation Nissan X-Trail differs from its predecessors only in some smoothing of the most "sharp" corners - a clear attempt by developers to modernize the exterior and to bring it closer to the standard notions of crossovers. Although this is achieved and the technical goal is the reduction of drag, which allows you to save a lot of fuel at high speeds. The slugs blocks headlights "go" on the top edge of the front bumper and the frame of the emblem on the grille in the form of the letter "V" adds to the car's original charm. Rear draw attention to the bright lights with led fixtures. If you do not look closely, the car is 2007 can easily be confused with the sample of 2010, and Vice versa.

 New Nissan X Ttrail

The interior and layout of the X-Trail is fully responsible off-road destination: excellent visibility, high waist, massive dashboard, maximum functionality combined with quality finish. The rear seat is large and comfortable, with adjustable backrest. The size of the trunk meets the expectations of the most demanding owner: 1773 litres volume with the seats folded.

 Beauty Nissan X Ttrail

In Russia the second Extras offered with two petrol engines (volume 2.0 and 2.5 liters capacity, respectively 141 and 169 HP) and one two-liter diesel 150 "horses". A choice of two options transmission: 6-art mechanics and variator. But kits six: XE, SE, Base, SE Mid, SE High, Base LE, LE High. Such a variety of kits says, first, about the huge range of available systems and devices of different purposes, from media and entertainment to real helper in difficult driving situations. Secondly, testifies to the individual approach of developers to each user, which is especially valuable.

 Specifications of Nissan X-Ttrail

In the most expensive versions are electronic systems to overcome off-road: USS – help the movement on the rise (holds at a slope of 10 degrees from rolling) and DDS – by descent (keeps the speed of 7 km/h, not allowing the wheels to lock).

The experience of the operation of the vehicle

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 Nissan X-Ttrail

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 Nissan X-Trail

Sales of the crossover on the Russian market is stable and high, so the manufacturer, despite the release and active sales launch of the 3rd generation model, left in the production program and the second. It is not the fact that consumers will choose a more modern, but lost the car.