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Operating experience of the renault sandero stepway in Russia

Off-road version of urban hatchbacks appear in the automotive market with enviable regularity. So the producers compete in the resourcefulness and ingenuity. Despite the fact that each subsequent model is often an improved version of the previous one, many of them lack of perfection. Pseudo crossover Stepway from Renault removed from a young but already quite promising Sandero model. It is worth noting that competitors have Renault Sandero Stepway 2011 release, there are not many. Perhaps, therefore, the market is quite interesting.

 Renault Sandero Stepway

The exterior and interior of the car

According to subjective estimates of the car looks quite attractive. Dark linings, plastic, painted “aluminium” mirrors and handles and roof railing, located on the roof, perfectly in harmony, giving a complete view of the whole.

Inside, the situation is somewhat worse. According to the owners бюджетность here in the first place. This is expressed in the ugly fabric upholstery, rough rough torpedo, in the absence of window lifters for passengers in the back seats. Emphasize simplicity kind Central console, as practice shows, can look and feel of only a certain part of motorists. Yes, and this lack of audio as something not too happy about that. It should be noted that the receiver is a niche, as is designated and wiring to connect the speakers.

The benefits are spacious interior. The creators of схитрили, placing an almost vertical position back of the couch, and the backs of the front seats made thin, in addition to depriving pockets. Therefore, in the back seat can comfortably accommodate three passengers, “armed with” safety belt and full headrest.

Overview interior finishes the glove box. It attracts attention with its large capacity, convenient location and secure lock, however, the absence of light in it for many owners is a disadvantage.

 Салон Renault Sandero Stepway

Technical characteristics

Renault Sandero Stepway owner reviews is predominantly positive. How is this explained? To answer this question, it is best to consider the indicators of the technical plan:

1.    Body:

2.    Characteristics of the engines:

Almost all owners of both modifications celebrate sufficient speed for the family car or cars to travel, but there are some reviews that suggest some of the shortcomings in the level of power Stepway and "gluttony" operating in the city mode. But considering that each driver your driving style, here the views are really diverge.

Note that for the Western European countries are also invited renault sandero stepway diesel volume of 1.5 l and capacity of just 70 HP.. which, unfortunately, few are interested.

3.    Transmission:

The drive  Stepway only the front. And as claimed by owners, due to the lack is not provided for in the all-wheel drive off-road and the mountain become an insurmountable obstacle for this model.

All manufacturers have tried to make of the Renault Sandero Stepway SUV and to strengthen the rear of the car with the suspension on the longitudinal arm associated with fixed on the back of a beam and "company" coil springs and front depreciation "was adopted» stabilizer bar.

 Manageability Renault Sandero Stepway

Controllability of the car

Stepway is peculiar propensity to gamble, as evidenced by the majority of the owners. He maneuverable, easily enters into the turns, confidently behaves thunderstorms. The verdict of the owners very supportive:

Also drivers say some positive nuances about the behavior of the vehicle in the winter:

Cases and prices

Loaded Renault Sandero compared with the cars of its class is minimal. Attitude to it accordingly, it is dualistic.

We are not talking about climate-control, cruise-control, there партроников or the size of the display. Everything is much simpler: lack remote control with the remote control instead of a key, the second pair of window lifters, receiver and acoustics in principle, which are commonplace in most produced now novelties. Take these shortcomings those car owners, who knows how to count money, but saving on "stuff", is essential.

So the price of the model Renault Sandero Stepway with ICIE started with 450 000 rubles for the basic configuration, the price for  the machine" 510 000 rubles.  Preferential ability to взаимозамене almost all components of the model with the widespread hatchback Sandero, along with a proposed price gives the opportunity Sandero Stepway get ahead, as evidenced by the statistics of sales.

 Опции Renault Sandero Stepway

Owner reviews

Objectively assessing the Renault Sandero Stepway cannot be said to be good or bad. Moreover, the opinions of the owners of this model differ dramatically. But mainly this is explained by the fact that the expectations and preferences of each owner's different. See what they say themselves holders Stepway.

Summing up, I would say that diluted pleasant structural and technical secrets, hatchback attracts reliability, which justified “pedigree” Renault. And while a high level of fuel consumption remains a “Achilles heel” all cars ruler Sandero, and colors not very diverse, Stepway proved his right to life.