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Operating experience of the Toyota Tundra

Japanese company introduced the first generation of its model in 1999. Since that time the tundra managed to get a lot of positive feedback and was awarded with different diplomas for quality, reliability, and cost.

It should be noted that the production of the tundra was focused mainly on the American market, which was quite a brave and bold move on the part of the Japanese: we all know that the pickups in States lacking. Nevertheless, Toyota has managed to combine in his model only the best features of Japanese and American cars. But what do think about the car domestic drivers?

The first generation. Exterior and interior

The first generation tundra outwardly appeared to be quite nice pickup, which, according to the owners expressed their "American nature", which cannot be said about the second generation, which we consider below. Returning to the first model, we note that the appearance of its drivers trouble-absolutely none.

2003 saw the tundra conduct of the restyling. The model has three horizontal bars instead of the grille. They were proposed or under the color of the body, or chrome. By the way, those drivers who got exactly chrome trim, respond positively about finishing planks, so that you can not be afraid of changing their appearance over time.

Also, the model received other bumper with integrated foglights, other light elements and some improvements in the cabin.

 Toyota Tundra the first generation

Touched changes and possible variants of booths of the pickup. The basic version with a short cab and to the four-seater version of the new cabin with подножками on a cargo platform to facilitate the loading/unloading of cars. But because we did not stick particularly the use of pickups like they do in the States, the innovations on cabin, occurred for motorists almost imperceptibly. Often in our market appeared four-seater model, which has, however, certain disadvantages. For familiarization with them, let us consider the salon tundra.

So, on the whole beauty is quite spacious seats for driver and front passenger more than enough. Seats are equipped with armrests, but the owners complain of lack of height adjustment and lateral support. In the rest of the front part of the cabin causes for drivers only positive emotions. All devices are readable, conveniently placed, except perhaps for hours. They are in the bottom part of the torpedo, so getting used to their location takes some time.

What else allocate our drivers? "Poker" machine. Despite uncharacteristic for us the location of the automatic transmission lever (under the wheel), all motorists note the practicality of such a solution and instant adaptability to the features of the vehicle.

Now let's talk about the disadvantages of the salon. It comes on the back of a number of seats. So:

On the other hand, the width of the cabin allows you to stretch out on the back of the sofa in all growth, even to the person with the growth of basketball player.

 Toyota Tundra the first generation of beauty

Talk about engines and suspension

Originally tundra was offered with two petrol engines:

But in 2003 model has undergone modernization, during which, among other things, firstly, a 4.7-liter engine was boosted to 271 PS, and secondly, appeared:

All engines since 2003, combined with either a 6-speed mechanic or 5-speed automatic.

Most often we have found a model with a 4.7-liter unit, which has established itself positively from the point of view of reliability and stability. The only thing that you need to consider – the appetite of this engine. When an Esplanade it requires at least 17 liters per hundred kilometers, and if you like to put pressure on the gas pedal, then be prepared to index of 22 liters.

With regard to the suspension, here the Japanese proposed a traditional layout:

Study tundra in action

Driving performance Toyota of its direct owners delight, and their friends – jealousy. Car, according to the drivers on the road manifests itself unexpectedly dynamic and self-confident. Acceleration always stable, you only need to be familiar with electronic accelerator, since it is very sensitive to even the slightest touch.

However, we have already noted that the most widespread among the car owners received the engine volume of 4.7 L. Experience of operation of vehicles with this engine has shown that power is much more than a bearing design can afford. For this reason the car is very easy to go into a skid (especially if at first you still didn't get accustomed to the gas pedal), aided and too easy back of a pickup truck. Experienced owners are advised to create a kind of ballast, for example. The sandbags закинутых in the body. In this case, we can boldly enter into any turns, without fear of skidding.

 Тойта Tundra second generation

And now – disadvantages

Concluding the consideration of experience of the operation of the vehicle tundra the first generation, however, several shortcomings identified by our compatriots:

1. Operation of the brake system. The owners of the tundra talk about quite a long brake way of a car, therefore, I recommend to adhere to the more remote distance from the front of the moving cars.

2. The system of transmission part-time. This system involves the plug-wheel drive. You can do this simply by clicking a button on the speed up to 100 km/hour. However, experienced drivers do not recommend to use this button for no apparent reason: too large load in this moment passed on to the nodes of the transmission.

3. Enable/disable low transmission. Again this is done using the button. But the characteristic of the four-wheel drive versions (but released tundra with rear-wheel drive) is significant rumble раздатки, growing as speeds increase. If you believe the manufacturer, it is normal (at least, so stated in the manual). But many motorists still can't accept this, and therefore refer to the shortcomings of the tundra and the work of the transfer box.

If all the same buy

Officially pickup on the Russian market are not supplied. Neither the first generation, nor the second. Therefore it is possible to purchase only on the market/in the ad. Basic features of the car includes:

Established on the market for a vehicle Toyota tundra price ranges from 12 to 20 thousand USD, depending on the state car and the year of issue.

 Toyota Tundra second generation of beauty

Get acquainted with the second generation

The second generation tundra appeared in 2006, when at the Los Angeles auto show was a relevant concept. This model is a purely American, because there was developed and is produced in the United States. From here and the corresponding appearance of huge rough shape, presence and power.

Let's start again with appearance. Differences were observed in the following:

And here we return to the "American kind", which casual spoke right at the beginning. Toyota tundra second generation – this is the typical American pickup truck. Impressive in the new tundra and beauty. Now he's not just a spacious and neat, but also multifunctional. As the options ordering leather interior, installation of solid audio system, rear view camera. That is especially praised the owners, this is a new driver's seat can be adjusted on the whole ten (!) the provisions.

Respond positively to our drivers and quality of the interior. Let it lacks insert under the tree, but all the materials neat, tailormade and spectacular. Some of motorists to only mention the modesty of the dashboard on the background of rich equipment throughout the rest of the cabin.

Also highly appreciated by the owners of the beauty of the tundra received numerous boxes and compartments. However, the size of these sections allows to place in them almost in a sports bag.

But most of all pleased beauty of the new Toyota fact that it has become much more space for passengers in the back. Moreover, the second generation is available and with a full cabin on the two-row seat, when on the back of the sofa and did, according to the figurative expression of one of the drivers, "you can get lost".

New iForce the engine and other changes

A number of engines changed somewhat. Preserved old units of 4.0 and 4.7 l, and also developed a new 381-strong  the giant" displacement of 5.7 HP It is characterized by a system of double control valve timing with control electronics, i.e. valves in action are separate camshafts. The new engine, by the way, quite economical. Consumption does not exceed 17 liters per one hundred kilometers.

Equipped with all engines only automatic: the old work in pairs with the same 5-speed automatic, and for a new producer has created шестиступенчатую box.

Changes also affected the brake system, thanks to which drivers have changed their opinion about its quality. New heavy-duty wheels in front, the presence of rear disc brakes, and четырехпоршневые calipers significantly affected the behavior of the car after the brake pedal. In addition, motorists say that peace and give numerous electronic systems in conjunction with the high quality cooling system.

 Тойта Tundra second generation engine

Ride with the wind

Those people who managed to buy a pickup Toyota tundra second-generation, first of all noted the quality of the sound insulation. Everyone knows that this is a problem for the Japanese group of companies is a kind of a stone of stumbling. However, this model was pleasantly surprised by all without exception drivers.

The excellent for a car of such size dispersal dynamics. To 100 km/h machine accelerates in 6.5 seconds. Indicator, indeed, impressive.

Changed, according to the drivers, and themselves the thrill of riding, and options handling. So, now it "self ass" was less pronounced, although the reliability of many still use homemade ballast in the body. As the car began to walk on the nature of the steering rather large passenger car than a truck. The wheel is a very sensitive, but at the same time soft and smooth. Has proven successful among our compatriots new machine: judging by the reviews, switching occurring rapidly and almost imperceptibly, without jerks.

Questions of acquisition

New Toyota tundra picking offers a much richer by its equipment. So, initially the buyer, inter alia, include:

The rest of equipment, in principle, similar to the first generation. Price on a car starts with 1,790,000 rubles.