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Operating experience of the volvo xc60

The car was presented to the Swedish automakers in 2008. Created in the best traditions of the legendary factory, he immediately took a worthy place in the J-segment, despite the high level of competition and the rapid growth of this class. Powerful, muscular, swift and graceful xc60 optimally combines the spirit of sport and high cross-country ability.

Of course, Volvo cars have long received recognition and respect, however, each of us before purchasing auto seeks to obtain detailed and reliable information about the acquired model. And no matter how touted their creations manufacturers, true impression about the car can develop only by personal experience of others. But about all under the order.

 Volvo xc60 2013 front view

City car

Volvo Cars when creating your next brainchild said about the transition to a new stage of development, focusing on the emotional sphere of consumers. Designers concern wanted to transfer the maximum possible amount of energy auto seriously working on the appearance of the Volvo.

Embodying the model, all the best achievements of the concern, the designers managed to attract the attention of the original design. The new system of lighting, unique grille, elegant shape of the hood – all these elements combined to create a unique look crossover, which is memorable for the first time. In other words xc60 was created primarily for the active urban population. Therefore, in the "software" this crossover is found their application in the most recent innovations, concerning, first of all, interaction with environment, fuel consumption, as well as acceleration dynamics.

Technical characteristics and controllability

On the domestic market, the Volvo xc60 meets with two engines:

Both the engine operating experience of many owners, they do their job perfectly, ensuring optimum for a car of this class performance and handling. Together with a perfectly tuned suspension engine xc60 ensures manoeuvrability without sacrificing speed. The sound of the motor pleasantly pleased her rumbling those inside the car, and others he's not too worried.

Owners say тяговитость engines xc60, which do not influence the number of passengers or loading the trunk. In the crossover provides sport mode, which turns a relaxing Swedish тихоню in the wild and furious animal, however, note that it has significant impact on fuel consumption.

 Volvo xc60 2013 rear view

Accolades of motorists deserved and work full drive, thanks to which  the SUV» brilliantly performs its tasks, and allows to feel confident on the slippery surface.

The only thing to which many owners have complaints  – this is to the gearbox, which gives a brief delay (failure) on the acceleration in motion, as well as frequent jamming in winter.

And whether it is convenient inside?

Look at the beauty xc60. All the variety of impressions drivers and passengers of the car can be reduced to the following:

 Volvo xc60 2013 beauty

The atmosphere of comfort and security

Swedes tend to create a maximum comfort and security, first and foremost, and therefore provide their many useful model systems, which, of course, did not remain indifferent and owners.

For example, xc60 for the first time in basic equipment has been fitted with a well-known system of City Safety, which provides for braking in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle ahead. By the way, at that time none of the manufacturers did not use City Safety as standard options. Designed for rendering assistance to the driver in the conditions of dense city traffic, this system greatly improves the safety indicators, which in Volvo classically stand on the first place.

The model also uses the system BLIS – a kind locator "blind spots». The essence of the system is the following: the cameras fixed on exterior mirrors, transmits a signal to an onboard computer about hit any dynamic object in the so-called "blind" zone. As a result, in the cabin of the corresponding indicator lights up red light to the right or to the left, alerts the driver to the danger.

As an option we can install other systems aimed at increasing security or to enhance the comfort, however everything depends on the wishes of the driver. But, anyway, owners say that the existence of these two systems listed above standard is quite enough for a safe and comfortable drive.

In conclusion, it should be noted that in March of the current year the group introduced Volvoxc60 new, with a slightly changed appearance and some of the new technologies. In any case, this car deserves your attention, but it requires careful attitude to yourself. And better this attitude owners are advised to ensure, as parts of the xc60 are not cheap.