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Operating experience of Tingo Vortex

Despite the Russian Assembly, Tingo have Chinese roots – it is the ancestor of the largest automaker in China Cherie. Under the TagAZ model exists since 2008. Car enjoys some success among the drivers, because it is different quality finish and nice appearance. By the way, many people point to the similarity of the model with the previous generation of the legendary RAV4, but it plays a role only in favor of Tingo. Moreover, besides the appearance of similarity manifests itself in the possibility to use spare parts from Toyota for the vortex. In this regard, many owners prefer to use Japanese parts. Go to detailed consideration of the car.

 Tingo Вортекст front view

Outside and inside

As already noted, the appearance of the TagAZ vortex Tingo is similar to the Toyota RAV4. This is a fact. Due to this, the car's design is quite good. Moreover, due to the presence in the exterior of a typical Chinese automobile damn Tingo looks even cuter its Japanese counterpart. Also drivers of positive comments about the adjustment of all elements of the body: the car looks qualitatively and soundly.

No cavils and trim. Of course, some wealth it does not Shine, it's pretty simple and neat. Even on the first models of the Taganrog plant plastic, which beauty and decorated it looks as fresh and not irritated, by whatever скрипами, falling off plugs and раскручивающимися screws.

Finally, a Luggage compartment Tingo has a capacity of 420 l of which may be increased by folding rear seats. Here are just folding mechanism insufficient, but because the drivers are advised to contact with him as gently as possible.

 Tingo Vortex side view

Engine, suspension, manageability

Equipped with TagAZ Tingo only one power unit: 132-strong petrol engine in volume of 1.8 HP Engine is equipped with either mechanical or automatic gearbox. Depending on the fuel consumption for a hundred kilometers of the vortex is 8.5 l and 9,6 l (manual or automatic, respectively). Motor capable of speeds up to 175 km/h

In General, the engine is working, traction: for such a vehicle at the time. The only drawback drivers are called noise unit, however, here the matter is not only in it, but in the almost total absence of a normal sound insulation.

Suspension is quite soft, and although for the first few hundred kilometers, according to some motorists, she, on the contrary, too rigid and reserves currently the unpleasant impression.

With regard to handling, here nothing special highlight is impossible. Machine as the machine. Steering wheel moderately sensitive, the gas pedal car reacts quickly, brakes effective. Taking into account the price of the car, as well as the Sino-Russian peculiarities of its production picture, at first glance, it turns out good.

 Tingo Vortex rear view

And now let us talk about the shortcomings of

However, even Tingo new vortex has flaws, and by the firm conviction of a number of motorists, it consists only of those. For this reason, it is necessary to objectively and comprehensively study the vortex based on the experience of its direct owners to finally give it a rating.

So, the most common problem that occurs in the majority of Tingo, is a vibration of the car. The matter is that in speed between 80 and 100 km/h on the transmission auto affects strong and unpleasant vibration, the cause of which is unknown. Representatives of TagAZ and Cherie claim that the problem lies in the peculiarities of the propeller shaft, but no ways to eliminate the lack do not offer. Themselves as drivers after vibration detection tend not to exceed the mark of the speedometer in 80 km/hour. Moreover, after 100-110 km/h, the car starts to behave somewhat unpredictable.

Also very often complain of Assembly Tingo. It is the Assembly and not to the quality of the salon, which we have already mentioned above. It is about недокручивании nuts, screws, clamps directly masters of the Taganrog plant. But purchasing a car in the cabin saves you from carrying out a little допремонта immediately after the purchase.

 Tingo Vortex engine

Along with the Assembly questions and technical liquids, drenched in the car. Many motorists were unhappy that when buying a new Tingo denied information about the oil and the recommended use of manufacturers. However, vortex showed his unpretentiousness in this matter. But experienced drivers recommend immediately after the purchase, if we talk about the new car, drained of all liquid and to fill in a capacity other known to you, and credible.

The third problem steel parts: the original instances sometimes available for purchase and require 2-3-month delivery expectations. But out of this situation, the owners found quickly: in the beginning we talked about the fact that for Tingo ideal parts from the RAV4.

Besides all the above, there are also complaints:

 Tingo Vortex dashboard

In some models there may be some other shortcomings, but this is rare. In General, despite the presence of several negative traits, Tingo vortex uses the market is rather high demand.


In our market Tingo is available in two versions: “Comfort” and “Suites». Both include vehicle:

 Tingo Vortex beauty


"Lux" additionally equipped with:

When basic equipment Tingo vortex 499 price is 900 rubles for the luxury option will have to pay to 554 900 rubles.


Even taking into account the shortcomings TagAZ vortex tingo should buy, if your goal – inexpensive, but fairly comfortable and quality vehicle. This will slightly Tinker, but it fully justifies the costs when you buy.