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Operating experience of Toyota land cruiser 200

Starting from 2012, buyers in Russia and CIS became available рестайлинговая version of the popular luxury SUV Toyota land cruiser 200, which as it was 60 years ago (Land Cruiser comes with the 1951) went to conquer the world …


Speaking about the exterior of the updated Toyota Land Cruiser 200, it should be noted that in General the appearance has undergone minor changes: fog optics gained a rounded shape, head lighting was supplemented with led lights, and side mirrors with turn signals appeared.

Stylish and dynamic view gives the car a punch on the hood, smoothly passing in front of the rack. Thus the bottom part of the front bumper was a bit shorter, not so massive. Owners of the car note that it is cutting the front bumper has played an important role in increasing the patency auto: don't think, on what surface is moving car – any obstacle can be overcome.

In addition, the assurances of most customers only need to look at Toyota land cruiser to understand that you truly strong, aggressive and powerful car: the striking radiator grille gives the exterior decoration of the elegance and dynamism, more modern auto makes enhanced optics, which adds luxury.

On the rear part of the vehicle is a spoiler, which makes the SUV and more refined than its predecessor land cruiser 100, but the overall solidity of the body will satisfy everyone. Tail lights have retained their shape, but also have been supplemented by LEDs. With regard to the advantages of the back, all without exception owners celebrate the convenience and attractiveness of the doors of the trunk, separated by horizontal.

 Toyota land cruiser 200 side view


If the exterior of the machine charms, car Toyota land cruiser 200  may be a little bit disappointing. Here in the General opinion of all owners modestly: no such interiors be a source of pride neither of Japanese designers, and neither the owners of this car.

Note first of all disadvantages:

But not deprived of the beauty and advantages:

 Toyota land cruiser 200 beauty

Running data

After the disappointments with the interior on the other hand I want to say that this is not the main advantage of this machine. Of course, it is sad that such relative trifle as ergonomics, manufacturers ignored in order to reduce the cost of car, but still in the running characteristics they did not disappoint.

The main features of driving:

1. Outside the city jeep will provide the driver comfort, assurance and safety: in the cabin is completely invisible to surmount irregularities, shake it, which is peculiar to many "classmates", not out of the question.

2. Jeep Toyota land cruiser 200 is equipped with a modern system of suspension under the name KDSS, which significantly reduces the rolls body even during sharp turns, which, according to the owners, maximally increases driving comfort.

3. The system of driving Crawl Control enables drivers to feel full control over drive, increasing their confidence on the road. There are three modes of the system:

4. Among the ultra-modern systems available in the updated version of the SUV Land Cruiser 200, owners are paying great attention to the anti-lock braking system Multi-terrain, which automatically determines the type of road surface and selects the optimum control algorithm, providing the most suitable mode braking, thereby increasing the safety of the driver and passengers;

One word to describe all the way data Land Cruiser 200 just not – you have to feel it and to try, otherwise, in any way!

Technical characteristics

You cannot talk about any car without mentioning its technical characteristics. Now available for the updated land cruiser 200 power units just two:

Owners say is huge consumption of petrol engines in conditions of poor asphalt and during city driving. It is worth noting that the diesel engine is not too inferior to his бензиновому "brother" - not less than 20 l/100 km in the city. The owners of this jeep converge in opinion, that the aggregate 5-speed automatic transmission, engines perfectly cope with any challenge, go as tanks, not "crying" and not grind after 3rd gear that is definitely an advantage.

 Toyota land cruiser 200 front and back view

Geometric figures

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 at first glance, as already mentioned, seem to be large enough to drive the car. Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages have been identified in its bulkiness.

Our Крузак has  the following geometrical characteristics:

The owners of SUV Land Cruiser mark high load carrying capacity of the car, which makes it indispensable for longer trips, the transportation of personal belongings and baggage, as well as family trips: comfortably accommodate families, and equip auto great number of things it is not a problem!

With regard to the Luggage compartment capacity of 1400 litres, it is fully capable to satisfy everyone. Note that the length of the load compartment when the seats are folded equal to 1, 68 m and the width – 1, 67 m, due to which there easily fit any travel bag, climbing equipment, tent and even children's bike.

Width profile tires : 285 mm, height – 65, wheel diameter – R17 (285/65R17), so the car will cope with any surface, whether it's dirt road in the rain or rugged terrain.

There are among the characteristics of the car and some of the deficiencies noted by the owners: for example, the diameter of the reversal of the jeep is equal to 5.9 meters, which makes it difficult Parking and movement in urban conditions. Motorists say that in the Parking garage to call on the ramp with one times impossible, and the number of turns of the wheel, that are required to spread too high.


As is known, Russia supplied only jeeps in the maximum configuration with selectable engine and the number of seats and they have the following rates:

As consider the majority of owners: land cruiser 200 of his money still is, well, such a trifle as the  cheap plastic in the trunk in their opinion should not affect the overall assessment of the car. The winners are not afraid of big fuel consumption and size Крузера, and its status and attractive design they unanimously called nice bonus to buying.