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Operating experience of Toyota land cruiser Prado

The first generation Toyota Land Cruiser Prado  appeared in 1987. It became an important advantage-terrain performance with the comfort of a car. However, among the Russian motorists spread almost equally received the following three generations Prado: the so-called 90, 120-th and the 150th. Each of these models has its own advantages and disadvantages, which are revealed only after the purchase of a car. In such a situation, the experience of other motorists can be very useful and can help to assess the Prado properly. Let's talk about each generation read more.

Old as he is Prado

90th Prado is a second-generation model, and is available since 1996. Appearance it already has the General tendencies inherent in the design of many SUVs those years, including customary land крузеру and патролу. By the way, nothing land cruiser Prado and land cruiser not have, except for the name, because Prado was created completely on any other platform, and the additional words «land cruiser" were specially made exclusively for the European market. But let us return to the consideration of the car.

 Land Cruiser Prado 90

Beauty toyota prado, in the opinion of the drivers has the following advantages:

Cruiser Prado 90 is available with the following units:

Of all these units is most prevalent in our country have got 163-strong diesel and gasoline 3,4-liter unit. The first has advantages in the form of:

With regard to the gasoline engine, the advantages include almost the same features, except that the flow here are a few more: 18 liters in the city and 13 litres on the highway.

Directly in the movement of the vehicle differs stiff steering, Central sound insulation and decent taut suspension. In General, if we talk about the controllability of the Prado, this option leaves contradictory opinions of owners, as independent front suspension perfectly capable of active maneuvers, but the rear lags behind in this respect.

On the possible problems and maintenance of motorists say that Toyota Prado has only the two most vulnerable and problem space:

Drivers say that a full replacement of the two parts is about 3 thousand dollars, and therefore believe it is a significant drawback of the car. In the rest room Prado serious expenditure does not entail. Approximate cost of this "iron horse" at the market makes about 600 thousand roubles. Experience has shown that vehicle prices established quite adequate and fully corresponding to his capacity.

But there are still 120th Prado

The new generation Toyota cruiser Prado, the third is radically different from its predecessor, and this is evident in the on external inspection. Assessment of the exterior of all owners is different: someone new Prado liked it, and someone preferred all the same old. Here, as they say, a matter of taste.

The only thing that should be considered, – the auto exposure model 120 early corrosion, although there is the smallest and most vulnerable areas of the body.

 Land Cruiser Prado 120

Next, we consider the main points drawn to the attention of motorists. First of all, the interior will be dealt, the merits of which include:

Among the shortcomings of the salon, oddly enough, drivers call it excessively high quality that prevents the use of the car for transportation of large-sized cargoes fear of damaging the finish.

Regarding driving, should, according to the owners, first of all, note the excellent fit driver behind the wheel, as it is on this factor depends on the driving comfort. Adjustment of the front seats allow you to find a comfortable position of the person absolutely any body. The only drawback in this matter motorists consider the lack of the memory of the driver's seat.

From the landing directly depends on visibility. As they say experienced owners, in this regard, the 120-th Prado can give odds to many SUV, as its construction does not block the driver's vision, but a serious advantage is a huge mirrors.

However, many motorists are being warned:

This should slow down the velocity at the entrance into the turns, because the car has a high centre of gravity and strongly heels when maneuvering. You can, of course, welcome and speeders overclocking the 120th Prado up to 140-150 km/hour, but you just have to understand one thing: the car is in principle not designed for such speed. Its purpose – comfort.

By the way, this most excellent driving comfort Prado provides a really high level. The car is endowed with several modes of suspension to allow or do not feel any nuances pavement, or harden the suspension, but get more stability.

With regard to engines, for the 120th Prado available as 6 engines of various sizes and capacities (2 diesel and 4 gasoline):

But most of all our drivers appreciate the solid 4-liter 249-strong petrol unit, while maintaining the land cruiser Prado consumption level 12-12,5 litres per hundred kilometres in combined cycle. Its only drawback is that can happen leak front crankshaft seals.

In principle, experience has shown that regardless of the engine auto worthily behaves on the road, always leaving a seemingly endless reserves of thrust. Motor allows Prado fairly quickly move, moving, and with very simple to fuel: suits him even 92-octane petrol, the only drivers are advised to be careful approach to the issue of the quality of such fuel. Serious problems with the work of the petrol engines owners did not notice – is the only engine with 4.0 liters of volume can happen leak front crankshaft seals.

As in the case of 90-th of the Prado, this generation substantial expenses relating to maintenance, does not require. Service mileage he's not as big as we would like, say, car owners, and between those in the service he needs much less: car reliable, high-quality and durable. Besides, according to the drivers, is quite acceptable for Toyota Prado price: not exceed she 1,500,00 rubles.

The new Prado

150th Prado is released not so long ago, only in 2010. During this time, however, has quite a number of reviews and opinions about it. For convenience of reference to them here are the most characteristic features of the new Prado.

 Land Cruiser Prado 150

So, the undisputed advantages of car drivers include:

Positive characteristics have all, without exception, a new generation of engines vehicle, namely:

Diesel and powerful petrol engine combined with a 5-speed automatic transmission and engine volume of 2.7 l – with the mechanics.

None of the units has not caused any significant criticism from the owners. Notes reliability and unpretentiousness of engines.

However, there is a new Prado and a number of disadvantages:

As we see, the Prado is much more controversial than the previous two. Our compatriots consider a car good, but confuses their 150-m Toyota land cruiser Prado price: up to 2,500,000 rubles for a new car. For the money, they say, want to have a car with less of shortcomings.


Despite all the deficiencies of the new generation land cruiser Prado clear that the concert Toyota did the impossible - he managed to raise the bar for midsize SUVs to unprecedented heights.  Japanese responsibly approached to the solution of technical problems, bringing most of the ideas to their logical conclusion. And we are sure that the above analytical article, based on feedback from owners, will allow you to make the right choice in the world SUVs.