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Overview crossovers with the prices of all brands

Crossovers – this is the fastest growing class of cars, more and more car owners as the next car to be chosen crossovers. Such car has many advantages over other types of auto - big practicality before sedans and хетчбеками and not of such a high price as a real SUV.

Due to this love of buyers in crossovers, car manufacturers just flooded the market with the models. In this review will try to mention crossovers all brands - rates 2013, by which they officially can be purchased in Russia.

List of crossovers

Go in alphabetical order.

One of the largest producers simply cannot remain on the sidelines when it comes to the small SUVs. With the symbol of the four rings are sold 3 crossover: Q3 and Q5 and Q7. All three models are different in size, powertrains and price:

 Audi Q7

Even some of the largest producer born in Germany, he can't give competitors from Audi and also has a great selection of crossovers: compact  X1, medium X3, full-sized X5 and coupe-shaped X6.

American brand, which delivers on our market just one crossover:

Already fairly well-known representative of the Chinese automotive industry, supplying our market one crossover, recently undergone restyling:

 Chery Tiggo

This trademark is well-known for its huge pick-up trucks and SUV's (TrailBlazer, Niva, Tohoe, Colorado, Blazer, and others), and crossovers they have:

Modern brands does not have any significant developments in the field of creation of crossovers, so under the French appearance hidden Japanese models. Despite this "French" are popular:

 Citroen C4 Aircross

The American manufacturer of having a weak dealer network in our country, but constantly sending us their cars, which have their own fans. Crossovers brands are good technically, but it has not been recently updated:

Oddly enough and Italian brand has nominal crossovers:

One of the largest producers of cars in the history of the automotive industry. Such a producer, of course, there are not alone SUV and crossover, but to the domestic market, "go" just two models:

 Ford Explorer

Chinese manufacturers traditionally produce a large number of cars in the same class, and class crossover no exception:

Both have different appearance, but the same aggregates "filling rates are in the same range, from 470 to 620 thousand..

China manufacturer, producing cars at a Japanese license from Mazda. At the moment the brand produces only one crossover:

The prominent Japanese manufacturer who knows how to do crossovers and doing it for decades. Offered in the Russian Federation Honda model:

 Honda Pilot

One of the most fast-growing companies from Korea. In the last 3-4 years the model purchased a new design, we have a unique style (ordered in Europe) and tightened the technical side. Koreans have traditionally quickly react to changing market and produce the most current models, including the crossovers:

Premium Japanese brand manufactures “expensive” cars that are very popular among the buyers:

 infiniti EX

American mark, producing a large number of real SUV over time changed its direction, and a number of very popular models of lost frames.

Another Korean manufacturer with a large kinship with Hyundai. We can say that this tandem and soon perhaps division of models of the two brands for the price, it is assumed that Kia will become more expensive and premium. Set crossovers almost identical ally in the Alliance:

 Kia Sorento

The stiff Englishmen also know how to make good Rovers and without reason are called the conquerors of the terrain. In the Arsenal of the mark there are only two cars that can be called crossover:

The premium branch Toyota has only one model today that can be attributed to crossovers:

Again before us the representative of China, which ranked as the crossovers only the body and the ground clearance:

 Lifan X60

To be the smallest Japanese manufacturer, which however does not prevent it to produce competitive cars, including crossovers:

Трехлучевые presented in segment SUVs only one working model, all other "jeeps" have a frame of at least integrated.

 Mercedes-Benz GLK

Another Japanese manufacturer creates demand паркетники and SUVs:

This company has put an eye on the family crossovers and produced very popular models sold in our country on a Grand scale:

 Nissan Murano

Manufacturer from Germany, selling quite affordable cars, currently produces two crossover:

The French followed the path of least resistance in the manufacture of their crossovers and taken for a basis a model allies from Japan:

A lot of people heard about this car as the Porsche Cayenne. Like all auto logo Porsche, Cayenne is a sports car, but in all the characteristics refers to паркетникам premium:

 Porsche Cayenne

French manufacturer with a strong ally of Japan, represented by Nissan. Not surprisingly, the model in this case are closely related:

Transition under the wing of Volkswagen reflected on this mark is very positive, in particular, there are technologies which own way would have to go a very long time. Currently the school has only one crossover, but in ланах release another

Gaining momentum Korean brand produces mainly frame SUVs, but obeying the demands of fashion, removed the frame with one of its models, and thus made it crossover:

 SsangYong Actyon

The manufacturer, which is famous for its asymmetrical all-wheel drive and drag car engine. Another advantage of the difference from all other brands – a chain, not a belt CVT, which has the properties of a stretch.  Provided model in the Russian Federation:

The Japanese manufacturer who could prove that it can do not only motorcycles and he, like the majority have their crossovers:

 Suzuki SX4

Domestic producer, who started the Assembly of foreign, mainly Korean cars. Now it produces turned version other brands and tends to release its own model. In the list of issued auto is and crossovers:

The most expensive car brand, under which sold more cars. All of this suggests that the Japanese know how to make cars. To the word, and the first crossover was released Toyota, in 1991 was the first RAV4. Currently on our market are only three crossover:

 Toyota Highlander

Heads the so-called VAG – the largest automobile company in the world. The number of sold cars is second only to Toyota. Like any other self-respecting the manufacturer supplies the market with two crossover:

Swedish manufacturer makes reliable and very expensive cars, having greatest number of systems of active and passive safety. Кросооверы brand:

 Volvo XC60


So, we showed you crossovers all brands at prices 2013 this overview does not acquired a large number of cars that are simply not sold in our country for one reason or another, but also represented quite an impressive list will help to make a choice in favor of a crossover. Here there is everything for every taste and color.