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Overview of the front-wheel-drive crossovers

Specifics and benefits of front-wheel-drive SUVs

There are quite a number of SUVs with different variations of drives. It can be as AWD cars, and cars driven on a specific axis. In the latter case they will be cheaper than their four-wheel-drive counterparts. You must decide which will suit you better. However, if you select auto wheel on one axle, you should have a look on the front. Because it has many advantages than the rear, and even has some advantages not possessed by and all-wheel drive cars.

What advantages have front-wheel drive crossovers? Let's see:

 Crossover with front-wheel drive

It is also worth to mention some of the shortcomings associated with the drive:

Of course, all-wheel drive may seem a better solution. However, if he would in fact be so full? Almost all modern crossovers can be found the inscription 4WD, but it does not mean anything. This is due to the leading pair of wheels, either front or rear. The rest most of the time not work and connect for a while. And only then the machine becomes all-wheel drive. Thus, the majority of SUVs and crossovers can be divided into front-wheel and rear-wheel drive with its own advantages and disadvantages.

 SUV with front-wheel drive SsangYong Actyon

It should also be noted that these two types of machines have the same drawback. It switches to four-wheel drive while driving. Or rather slip, which thus arises. Quite a large number of factors affect the path of the wheel. It may be uneven roads, and uneven tire wear, and even just dirt or water. And when-wheel drive mode between the two bridges there is a rigid coupling, whereby any time the wheels are forced to spin at the time of mode switching. Because of this you can see how the driver who decided on the slippery road to switch the drive, just lose control and fly off the side. Also with four-wheel drive mode, there is a large load on the transmission. To avoid this, produced cars with permanent all-wheel drive. He does not have this disadvantage, however, there will be their own. This is true in principle, any model of car.

If you are going to buy such a car, first you need to understand that the crossover is not the same as an SUV. Crossover - wagon with increased ground clearance. Of course, the patency of you will be higher than that of passenger cars, however, considered a "superhero" is not worth it.

Consider a single stage of the front-wheel-drive crossovers: overview of expensive and inexpensive cars at the same time. Provide them with a list, placing the model in descending order.

Has one of the highest clarensau in its class, namely 215 mm ground clearance. The car boasts good handling qualities, as it sets in motion 150 horsepower and a 6-speed "mechanics". Has all the necessary equipment, which cannot surprise in modern cars above the budget level. This Windows, and air conditioning, airbags, onboard computer.

 Mazda CX5

This car can be found in showrooms for almost 1 000 000 rubles for a younger model. But rest assured, its value it will work out at 100%.

 Mazda CX5 with front-wheel drive

Has a less prominent lumen, however small it also can not be named, but he is 197 inches engine is about the same as the model above, but the power of the motor RAV4 7 more horsepower. On equipment around, but has an electronic simulation of a differential lock that well affect the patency of the car.

 Toyota RAV4

To buy this car, you can also almost 1 000 000, for a younger model.

 Toyota RAV4 FWD

It has good ground clearance of 200 mm Under its hood employs 122 European horses in the minimum configuration, but even then the machine goes quite quickly.

 Volkswagen Tiguan

The machine has got all the features you need and the people who "always cold", will find salvation in the heated seats. Also has an onboard computer that translated into Russian language menu. The German quality no doubt, but for a younger model with only the basic options you will have to pay from 940 000 thousand. Additional options, including a more interesting engine, will cost well more expensive.

 Volkswagen Tiguan SUV

Quite an interesting machine, but with the smallest lumen given here. It is only 172 mm. However, this crossover is a good engine that makes 150 horsepower and 5-speed "mechanics", which gives the car good overclocking features. There is also a decent set of built-in functions, which should be plenty for a comfortable ride. But in this cars have factory anti-theft system, and a rain sensor. Of course, this is not the reason why you should choose auto, but the availability of these options quite nicely. The machine also has a very good salon and even separate climate control.

 Kia Sportage

Is this car from about 900 000 rubles, but for about the same price you can buy a diesel option.

 Kia Sportage crossover

For front-wheel-drive crossover is, perhaps, the representative of the mid range, which has not the high ground clearance. It is only 180 mm, which is not bad value. The engine capacity is the same as in the KIA, but the 6 speed gearbox is a little better than the previous car. The machine has a rather interesting appearance. The latest version of the car has a comfortable interior, all the necessary package of options, including a navigation system, as well as interesting developments for fuel economy. Is this car from 840 000 rubles, which is generally not much more expensive models.

 SsangYong Actyon

Has a modest ground clearance of 180 mm., the Engine of this car is not allocated a special power, namely 117 horsepower. However, in contrast to specify a good fuel consumption, which is to overlap the lack of speed acceleration.

 Suzuki sx4

Otherwise the car has all the options you require for a comfortable ride. There is such a car starting from 800 000.

 The Suzuki SX4 crossover

It has good ground clearance of 200 mm and a fairly close proximity of the bridges to the edges of the chassis that will positively affect his driving performance on the road. In the younger set, the engine boasts a total of 114 forces, but good efficiency in the counterweight. It has a good set of airbags and full set of options for a comfortable ride. Is this car from 750 000 rubles for a younger model.

 Nissan Qashqai

Has a ground clearance of 180 mm. Engine this car has only 105 horsepower.

 Skoda Yeti

So this car could make a good "workhorse" and move even in rural areas. Without problems with a lack of comfort or security. This car is from 730 000, that may seem too high a price for the car, but other similar crossovers such capacity can not boast.

 Skoda Yeti Crossover

Has a ground clearance of 180 mm. an Engine of the car just a little not up to hundreds of horsepower. Has a full set necessary options.

 Nissan Juke

This unit is ranging from 600 000.

 The Nissan Juke Crossover

Has 190 mm ground clearance. The engine has a 126 horsepower that its prices are very good result, as usually similar crossovers and hundreds of its inhabitants. The rest is standard and subtle design. The price of this car starts from 550 000.

 Chery Tiggo

Has 210 mm ground clearance that its prices are very good result. The engine has a 102 horsepower. Insides special abundance does not indulge, as it has only one airbag and minimum settings. Standard not included and air conditioning, however you can additionally set the on-Board computer and many other interesting additions.

 Renault Duster

This contributed to the good performance, and excellent appearance, especially the latest models, as well as a rich set of options that allowed well to expand the price range. Thus the machine has the minimum cost of up to 500,000 rubles, which allows her to consider budget, but with additional functions, the class can be a decent raise.

 The Renault Duster SUV

The front-wheel-drive crossovers you can find absolutely any taste and needs. Among the models is expensive, quick and elegant car with stuffing, and family safe cars, and even budget or workhorses. Each car has its own character.