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Owner reviews about Lifan X60 for the best estimate of exploitation

Owner reviews about Lifan X60 best describe the operation of the vehicle, allowing you to realistically assess the true capabilities of the crossover. Today owner reviews on Lifan X60 can be found everywhere. Only the drivers are usually limited to a few words, therefore, detailed evaluation of performance difficult. Of course, the forums can be found detailed opinions, but this is rare. Therefore, you must give serious consideration to all the details that will help to understand if there any sense to pay attention to Chinese foreign car.

 Lifan X60

Fuel consumption

First you need to estimate the trip from the point of view of fuel consumption. Of course, the rate varies depending on speed, frequency shifter and stops. Nevertheless, the average consumption ranges from 8 to 9 liters per 100 kilometers, which is not much for such a car.

 LIfan X60 in the showroom

Such flow usually corresponds to the average wagon or sedan. Because of this comfortable crossover perfectly zarekomendoval yourself from the point of view of regular low cash costs. Usually heavy machines often have to refuel, so the ownership is rapidly becoming a problem for everyone. If you choose Lifan X60, these problems will recede into the background. This car is perfectly perceives AI92, so the driver does not have to look for a special fueling station.

 Appearance Lifan X60

The ground clearance on a trip around the city and on rough terrain

Also the reviews about the crossover Lifan often concern its patency. It is designed and spoiled the city streets, and on rugged terrain, because the clearance is 18 see Such indicators sufficient to overcome a variety of bumps and potholes. Because of this all your family can go on vacation in the suburbs.

Promises manufacturers are fully confirmed in practice. During the trip on dirt and even on forest roads does not appear any problems. The bottom does not Annex any land, so you can freely travel to all corners of the home region. I must say that large clearance – serious plus Chinese crossover, which means that it is definitely worth mentioning.

The device salon

It's time to evaluate Lifan X60 with the point of view of passengers. To their opinion usually no one listens, so drivers don't even pay attention to their words. But the family feels the heaviest discomfort, so it evaluates the car. It would seem that all crossovers must provide people with convenience in the back seat, but it's not.

The Chinese model is really amazing passengers. Externally the machine is small in its dimensions, but on the inside it does not feel. On the contrary, people are comfortable in the back seat without worrying about hardware or pushed too close to the driver's seat. This trip is truly enjoyable.

 Salon Lifan X60


The trunk for the whole family

Trunk volume is 405 liters, it is written in the attached technical data sheet. In practice, however, to check the capacity is possible only during operation. So before a long trip just more practical to evaluate this indicator, because it is necessary to stack a lot of necessary things.

 Photos of the interior and trunk Lifan X60

In Chinese crossover freely fit huge suitcases, a stroller and even a sports bike. Because of this, it is safe to say that it is not necessary to abandon the right things. It's no wonder that this model is considered one of the perfect family SUV. Because trunk capacity often comes to the fore before buying.

How much is spent on maintenance

In the end, reviews of Lifan X60 1 MT 8 relate to costs on a partial repair and regular maintenance. Of course, you can consider the services of an authorized service center in accordance with the terms of the guarantee, but they are not as important. It is useful to estimate the monetary cost of a visit to a traditional service station.

 Lifan X60 on the road

In the first place drivers should estimate the cost of required spare parts. Practice has shown that for the owners of some cars even a small repair turns into a real problem. The cost of parts is high, so people try to find cheaper alternatives, which leads to additional troubles in the future. If we consider the Chinese crossover, you can ensure low price of spare parts. Perhaps this point will calm many prospective buyers who have not yet made a final choice.

Besides, to carry out the necessary repairs can master to closest service station. Because it does not have to leave your own car in the queue official service center. Simple design "Chinese" and sometimes even experienced mechanics. The car is simple and accessible, so his recovery freely cope professionals.

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 Lifan X60: economical crossover

Lifan X60 – an interesting Chinese crossover, which at its low cost is a wonderful choice from the point of view of operation. Motorists now quickly forget about costly competitors, since their costs are too high. It is more practical to pay attention to the neat model can work wonders during any trip. Yes, the speed of a car is far from a sports car, but this did not spoil the overall experience.