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Owner reviews Honda Vietnam to Russia

For the first time Japanese handsome crossover Honda Vietnam  the fourth generation was introduced to the public in 2011, and its sales started only in the end of 2012. Manufacturers explained this by the fact that wanted to pull it excellent state. If they managed to do this? The answer to this question will give opinions and feedback from the owners, used this model.

 Honda Vietnam front view

Exterior and interior of the Honda CR-V

Manufacturer tried to take into account and to finalize all the shortcomings of the model range of Honda CR-V of the third generation. Thus, there were following changes in the exterior of the car.

The body of the fourth generation Honda CR-V  become a little less, though visually looks bigger in size of its predecessor. It is impossible not to note the  "FAS" crossover. It is decorated with:

Profile side crossover acquired more  energetic" look through the interesting solutions with the lines of the roof. Stylish appearance give wide wheel arches, under which adorn even the basic version 17-inch wheels, and a more expensive set and 18-inch alloy wheels. 

According to many owners of Honda production of this model, its appearance invokes the "easy" envy of other drivers.

 Honda Vietnam rear view

And what about the interior of the salon? According to motorists developers quite successfully upgraded the following:

 Honda Vietnam Luggage compartment

Owners say that in the interior of Honda Vietnam there are certain shortcomings, but fortunately not so much as advantages:

 Honda Vietnam salon

Specifications Honda CR-V

For buyers of the Russian Federation can select from 2 types of engines:

There are both negative and positive aspects to the operation of the box. Many car owners SRV argue that the box "machine" pretty slow, and in conjunction with the two-liter engine, this picture at all depressing. But drivers who exploited the CR-V of the fourth generation on the mechanics, gearbox satisfied.

 Honda Vietnam engine

Manageability Honda CR-V

Changes that have affected the considered machines in technical terms, significantly affected its performance, namely the stability of  on controllability of a crossover. The CR-V 4th generation was:

Let's see what they say owners of running the data of a modern car:

In General, the controllability of the machine, you say, remains a good impression, but clear it, still, still declined.

 Honda Vietnam equipment

Cases and prices Honda CR-V

Owners estimate the cost of the considered crossover slightly overrated, and the price of Honda Vietnam as does ranges from 1.1 to 1.5 million rubles According to many, for cars, manufactured in our time, Honda CR-V of the fourth generation 2013 issue is quite simple. Now explain what causes discontent of today's drivers.

So, to begin with, the basic package crossover includes:

The owners say the lack of such basic features as:

Lack of the necessary things, of course, causes resentment, but on the other hand  all the flaws in principle, you can solve допоборудованием.