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Parketniki, crossovers, SUVs - are there any differences

Today, surely there is not one motorist who would know the absolute difference between such types of vehicles, like crossovers, parketniki and SUVs. However, the difference still exists and it is clear that the division in many cases arbitrary, since there is always a machine located on the border of these classes. And producers depending on a conjuncture of the market tend to call their products properly, so you should be careful about buying one model or the other. So, let's try to understand.


To begin, here is the definition of all applicable types of cars:

SUV – a name already speaks for itself, a car with unsurpassed in the reserve of strength, endurance and traffic, in a word, the true purpose of the machine is the conquest of the terrain.

 Range Rover SUV

Crossover is a hybrid of high-quality passenger cars and SUV with increased ground clearance, with more sporting character. The purpose of this machine is in a greater degree of exploitation in the city, with the occasional trips to the country.

SUV – is a monoprivodnuyu package crossover, but on the sport in this vehicle no hint. The purpose of a car is driving the city, the roads are not designed. Even on primer is able to take on every. Comparing the SUV and crossover: the difference in price is also significant, SUV is cheaper, but it is usually caused by the less powerful engine than the crossover.

Differences in the technical side of the

The main criteria by which to distinguish between these three class, still connected, as a rule, from a technical aspect, namely, transmission, body construction and suspension.

These SUVs typically have a frame body structure, in which all units and components of the car are established on the basis of – the frame.

Body parketniki crossovers have only bearing. The crossovers carrying the body has a greater torsional rigidity for improved manageability.

The main attributes of the SUV is the presence of a reduced number of gears in the transfer box, which allows to overcome the difficult conditions of roads, and also force the plug-bridges or permanent all wheel drive, center differential.

Crossovers have a simple structure, namely lack a reduction gear and permanent four-wheel drive (AWD only connects on  the requirement" at the time of wheel slip).

Parketniki in turn may have a similar structure transmission crossovers. But mostly they are front-wheel drive for normal conditions drive the car.

 Crossover Audi Q7

Feature of the SUV is a conventional suspension, which can increase throughput. Certainly, it is more reliable, however, significantly reduces driving comfort.

Crossovers and parketniki tend to have independent suspension, front and rear. The only difference is that the suspension SUVs tuned for handling on the asphalt, and the suspension crossover configured on the balance of agility on the pavement with comfort on the gravel roads, but on a long manageability on the road it is still not good.

Even among the most distinctive features of the SUV and crossover from parketnika are wheels and geometrical cross-country ability. Wheel of an SUV must be large diameter (30 inches) high side. While the crossovers and parketniki can be installed low-profile rubber for movement on the asphalt.

Geometric same patency mainly determines the possibility of the vehicle to overcome various heavy obstacles. So patency of SUVs is associated with minimal overhangs the stern and the front of the machine, this increases the corners and fascias overcoming rises. And crossovers and pickups have limited permeability by a pretty large overhangs. Actually, the design of these machines tackles issues of appearance, and not indicators of patency of the car.

 SUV Nissan Qashqai

Representatives of the species

Having considered the distinctive features of crossovers, SUVs and SUVs for clarity, let's call them the main representatives.

Family SUV stands out such representatives as Land Rover Discovery, Jeep Wrangler, Range Rover, "Niva", UAZ all models, Chevrolet Niva, Mercedes-Benz ML / G-Class, VW Touareg, Nissan Patrol.

To crossovers include the Audi Q7, Cadillac SRX Porsche Cayenne and Lexus RX, Infinity EX, Jeep Grand.

Under parketnikami refers to models such as the VW Tiguan, Toyota RAV4, Nissan Qashqai (Murano, X-Trail), KIA Sportage,  Honda Pilot.

It is worth to mention standing at the intersection of classes. For example, we said that the crossovers fundamentally not have downshift, while the Range Rover Sport, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes M-Class, which are positioned as crossovers, reduction gearing have and combine the traits of the SUV and crossover features.

 SUV crossover Mercedes M-Class


In conclusion we would like to note that all the concepts SUVs, crossovers and SUVs in the modern world are very slippery. And, unfortunately, the manufacturers very often use calling SUV crossovers, which are sunk even in a small mud, and crossovers parketniki not even be able to master the basic dirt road. Therefore before purchase of a car, we advise you to study more about its characteristics.