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Pickup Dodge maneuverability and comfort

Luxurious in all aspects pickup Dodge RAM in the translation of the meaning of  the sheep", during his rather rich history changed for several generations. The car has come a long way from the rustic to the truck for the cowboys to a luxury car for urban handsome. Today Dodge is a pickup truck pure, powerful, тягловитый capable of the feat with regard to carrying capacity. It is worth noting that these vehicles are able to faithfully serve its owner for many years, without drawing in a difficult moment.

 Logo Dodge

All cars pickup  these are trucks of the frame type with mixed suspension, that is, the front suspension of Dodge pickup torsion, and as a back  used leaf spring. But in models of a later generation of front and rear suspension is made by spring. It should also be noted that the Dodge Ram pickup can be with different type of drive, namely, either with rear-wheel drive, either with full plug-wheel drive. With regard to capacity, you notice that the real possibility of the load of a pick up truck Dodge increase with each passing generation.

At the moment in the Russian market lovers full-size pickups can purchase Dodge RAM in three variations of – 1500, 2500 and 3500. However, soon after the updates range fans will be able to buy and Dodge RAM 4500 or 5500. Anyway, the brightest representative of pickups and the most popular both in the Russian market and world remains truck Dodge Ram 1500 4th generation, which has undergone restyling in 2012 and became a real bomb for the visitors of the motor show in new York. About it as the time it will go below.  

Appearance Dodge Ram 1500

Trucks Dodge RAM already with the third generation struck a spectacular appearance, which perfectly combine seemingly incongruous "style” and “brutality».

 New Dodge RAM 1500

The appearance of the fourth generation of these cars also inspired respect, but after restyling pickup in 2012, he became even more attractive and tempting. Here are a few changes that have dramatically changed the Dodge RAM:

In short, the entire exterior of the Dodge Ram pickup model range 2013 retains all the harmony of modern luxury.

Beauty Dodge Ram 1500

About the interior of the vehicle is worth mentioning separately. He really deserves special attention and simply impossible to look away, in principle, as from the truck.

 Beauty Dodge RAM 1500

Characteristics Dodge Ram 1500

Specifications restyling pickup really make it clear that this car was stronger, faster and more economical.

 Updated Dodge RAM 1500

Prices on Dodge Ram 1500

The redesigned Dodge pickup price of which to date has not yet been announced, unfortunately, officially on the territory of Russia until sold. However, proceeding from the prices for дорестайлиноговый pickup, and logical thoughts still try to understand, what is the price may be at a novelty.

 Dodge RAM 1500 rear view

Now, in America, Chrysler has announced the following rates on the Dodge Ram 1500: the price of base complete set Dodge Ram was approximately $22 200, and the cost of a pickup truck with four local shower $26 200. All were available in 5 variants of modifications of engines Dodge Ram. In Russia Dodge Ram 1500 with the engine 5.7 l and a cab cost about 2,5 - 3 million rubles.

The redesigned Dodge Ram, which comprises a huge number of modern technologies, offers the buyer in three types of body: compact two-door Regular Cab, extended a four-door Quad Cab and spacious Crew Cab. As the color scheme the following options are available: Black Gold, Copperhead, Maximum Steel Metallic, Prairi, Western Brown. And the cost between the current and updated Dodge Ram certainly be much different. In Russia, given all the changes undergone by car, the difference is likely to be around one million rubles, and the total sum will amount to no less than 3 million rubles.