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Pickups and SUVs 2013

For the beginning it is necessary to say that our local motorists are pickup trucks SUV only from a practical point of view, in America, for example, drivers like pick-UPS at all. However, our well worth seeing for pickups and SUVs 2013, which can serve not only for transportation of various cargoes, but also perfectly suited for everyday life, thanks to its обворожительному mind. Let's consider the characteristics of each of these in more detail.

Our response to the West

Perhaps the domestic pickup trucks can boast of only one more or less qualitative pickup 2013. This UAZ Pickup-based Patriot.  SUV long 5.2 meters has a capacity of 800 kg From patriot pickup inherited a four-wheel drive transmission with reduction gearing and the ability to connect the front axle and driving two types of engine:

At a cost of 500,000 rubles is the most inexpensive car of this class in our market.

 UAZ Pickup

Great Wall Wingle 5 is in Russia the most popular pickup in China. This is an updated version of the older model. The new pickup now has a stylish and modern design, interior design has not changed. The car has a unique suspension, which allows one not to feel the hole, and the four-wheel drive and reduction gearing progress can brighten up any trips. Types of engines:

Wingle as it was, and is the most affordable of the import, pickup on the Russian market. Its price ranges from about 650,000 rubles.

 Great Wall Wingle 5

Unsportsmanlike sport

SsangYong Actyon Sports (Korando Sports). It is interesting that the manufacturer has designated the prefix sport modification of the truck, although the sport truck little present. Perhaps the only spring rear shocks. But it наврятли is a plus, especially for Russia, where they like to ship more, especially on a freebie. The engine of this "sport" contains:

Become the owner of the truck SsangYong Actyon Sports in the basic set of Original you can for the cost of 850000 rubles. Отднако note that diesel pickups and SUVs полюзуются we are not in great demand due to the poor quality diesel fuel.

 SsangYong Actyon Sports

Best friend

Toyota Hilux will be the best friend any экстримала, hunter, fisherman. The company modernized its best selling car multipurpose and outfitted its advanced modern security system. Now the technical equipment of the model 2013 provides for the installation of side airbags and electronic stability control (ESC) in all versions, starting with the basic. When it comes pickup with two different power units:

The cost of a best friend for Russian buyers will be pretty decent and it begins from the 1125000 rubles.

 Toyota Hilux

The standard and quality

A new model of Volkswagen Amarok outwardly little different from its predecessor. Due to the change of the place of production of car it was decided to upgrade only the technical part. Finally, after so many years of production, it provided an automatic gearbox. Soft front suspension using газоопорных shock absorbers will hide most of the bumps and potholes in the road. Rear shock absorber standard spring. The vehicle may have the following types of engines:

In Russia the price for German pickup Volkswagen Amarok 2013 starts from 1150600 rubles.

 Volkswagen Amarok

Brutal innovation

Ford Ranger 2013 despite some brutality has a pretty attractive appearance. First of all it is characterized by the spar frame, front independent suspension,  different газоопорные absorption of increased diameter rod, and two rather powerful engine:

This machine is for those who can not imagine a trip anywhere without elementary comfort, therefore, the price it is proper and starts from 1130000 rubles.

 Ford Ranger

Real man

Nissan Navara in 2013 appeared before buyers with new interior. The car received a new selector modes of operation of a full drive, a new trim materials, as well as  chrome-plated decorative elements. Technical characteristics of an SUV, remains unchanged, and that they, as before, characterized Navara, as this man. The machine has:

Stylish, successful, know their worth the people - that contingent of customers Nissan Navara. Such a pickup 2013 model year from 1 300 000 rubles.

 Nissan Navara


As we can see 2013 year gave us a considerable number of new and improved pickup trucks SUVs. But, unfortunately, it so happened that Russian drivers often considered pickups as option "cheap SUV" and believe that the pickup does not have all the advantages of a full-fledged SUV. However, looking at cars in 2013 we can confidently say that although pickup and has some features, SUV features in it also there clearly are.