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Popular models Russian SUVs, crossovers and pickups

The popularity of the Russian "rogues"

Recently Russian motorists try to buy cars with the highest ground clearance and a large cross. In link  with such requests release crossovers and SUVs not only foreign brands, but also Russian. In many respects the  Russian car market like the U.S., where motorists also prefer crossovers, automatic transmission, gasoline engines.

It is no secret that Russian crossovers and SUVs are at home increased interest. Some of the motorists make their choice in favor of domestic automaker for Patriotic reasons, but the majority of Russians get  these cars because of their relative cheapness - all of the parts can be quickly and easily find on sale.  in Addition, the Russian SUVs are famous for their reliability.

What can domestic EEPROM in response to imported SUVs, pickup trucks and crossovers? Despite the fact that the main  leader  in this segment is foreign industry, the Soviet SUVs not far behind. The cost  and domestic comfort jeeps are responsible for its cheapness, simplicity and practicality.

Even in Soviet times, Russian jeeps often compared  with all-terrain vehicles. These "workhorses" patient, unpretentious and will go wherever just don't drive a foreign car. Such auto fans prefer hunting, fishing, recreation and representatives severe extreme professions.

 Russian SUVs

 SUV Russian production

Russian crossovers

Be the first to review submitted crossover Tagaz C190. Taganrog automobile plant cheered Russian motorists that have released a new  auto - all-wheel drive crossover Tagaz C190.

 Tagaz C190

&Nbsp; production model Taganrog plant began in 2013, the main advantage of  became affordable price - 700 000 rubles,  this is a record low price  for vehicles of this class. It is also noteworthy that the Russian auto is  the first model serial  manufacturer, automatic connection of a full drive.

 Car Tagaz C190

The new crossover from Lada, first shown in 2008, was named characteristic crossover - C-Cross. I would like to mention uncharacteristic  appearance – the latest in the market, modern and very attractive. About the appearance of C-Cross, you can say that it is a crossover, which  combines both European trend in the automotive industry (stamping on the profile, the acute angle of the sill line) and Eastern (soft outlines of the body, expressionless wheel arches and distinctive design optics).

 Lada C-Cross

Among all the advantages of this crossover is as follows:

 Lada C-Cross

Russian SUVs

Niva developed  in 1966 the Volga automobile plant - VAZ, which is one of the most successful brands  in Russia.

 Chevrolet NIVA

It is clear that for most consumers  one of the main factors when buying any product, including car, is  an objective balance between price and quality. On  the moment, the difference between the cost of the Chevrolet Niva and her closest foreign competitors is very great - Russian jeep maintains two priority. Depending on the configuration, the price of the base model Chevrolet Niva L will be approximately 449 000. The more advanced options of Chevrolet Niva  GLC (you can buy it for 547 000 rubles

 Chevrolet Niva

The main disadvantages of the car are:

One of the main popular SUVs in Russia is  UAZ Patriot, produced at the Ulyanovsk automobile plant since 2005.

 UAZ Patriot

By construction, the UAZ Patriot  follows the model Sibir", but is best  in terms of comfort. Thanks to the South Korean firm Dymos UAZ Patriot got a new transfer case, resulting in increased permeability and decreased characteristic noise, reminding us of the legendary Rover GAZ 69.

 UAZ Patriot

The biggest plus of UAZ Patriot - the price at which to buy it. To buy the basic equipment of this SUV is possible in an average of 710 thousand. He  feels great on the road and good enough  on the road with an asphalt coating. It is an important factor, as most SUVs have a serious  the problem with overcoming road track sections. This is usually  affects the quality of management.

 UAZ Patriot

Russian pickup - LADA 4x4 Pickup (VAZ-2329)

Russian pickups is LADA 4x4 Pickup. "The field" can be viewed from two sides. For some, it is a great Russian jeep that can go everywhere, which cannot be compared even foreign SUV, although imported machine several times more expensive for other same - outdated design. Lada 4x4 (as it is now called “field”), not only the small truck, but  the vehicle-terrain.

 LADA 4x4 Pickup (VAZ-2329)

If you write  the characteristics of Lada 4×4 Pickup,  compared to the base set  Lada 4x4, model VAZ-2329 added in length, and its wheelbase increased to 2700 mm Width and height, however, remains unchanged. The dimensions of the vehicle:

The most common variant of the engine under the hood of the pickup Lada 4x4 is a power plant with a volume of 1.7 liters. The engine produces power up to 80 horsepower and torque equal to 127 Nm. This indicator is not bad, but if you downshift, the car will move without pressing on the gas pedal. This function is  useful on difficult off-road, where you should reduce the probability of a jerk.

 LADA 4x4 Pickup

Today the price of VAZ-2329 starts from 387 000. This  the cost is not small, because for that money you can buy a new car, a relatively new modification, but for this class it is extremely low price.

Disadvantages occur such as:

 VAZ-2329 pickup

Thus the Russian car industry could compete with foreign producers. But every motorist makes their own choices, based on their tastes and preferences. In any case, our manufacturer has something to offer his countrymen!