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Popular on the Russian market of pickups from America

Recent years pickups from America are rapidly gaining Russian automotive market. Very popular among Russians these cars owe their excellent technical characteristics. Any car produced in the United States, is a byword for quality. The phrase "the American muscle» became a steady expression applied to products overseas automotive industry. Moreover owner receives a double benefit, buying American pickup ’ s powerful car + small van. Modern models of pickups look very presentable and aesthetically pleasing, so will suit not only the farmer, but respectable businessman or employee. Powerful car fortress originally from the US will not go unnoticed on the road!

Outstanding leaders of sales in Russia, magnificent trio pickups are models: Ford F-150, Dodge Ram 1500, Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Let's consider the characteristics of each of them.

Appearance Dodge Ram 1500 full of brutal masculinity and chrome inserts give the vehicle an attractive gloss. The latest model Dodge Ram 1500 presented in 2009, additionally equipped with a trunk in the floor, electric heated seats and steering, and spring multi-link rear suspension for sustainability.

 Beauty Dodge RAM

Modern range of power units Dodge RAM presents several types of engines:

Bring  such a car of America for $ 21 to 34 thousand dollars.

 Dodge Ram 1500

Ford F 150 – the legendary off-road car pickup from the famous F-series pickups, manufactured from 1948 until our days. Modern pickup Ford F-150 has three types of cabins: Regular cab (standard), door SuperCab (long) and SuperCrew(double with four doors).

Concern Ford produces F-150 in five kinds of models:

The maximum equipment, and accordingly the most expensive, embodies the original grille reminiscent of the block of metal, unusual design lining salon, sills made of stainless steel and 22-inch wheels on the wheel.

For F150 pickup has four engines, which are equipped with six-speed automatic gearbox with electronic control.

The average price per car Ford F 150 ranges from 20 to 25 thousand dollars depending on a complete set.

 Ford F 150

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 – full-size pickup produced by Chevrolet since 1999. Experts believe that this car has collected all the best that has been done over 95 years of existence of the enterprise. In 2012, Chevrolet introduced the updated version of the Silverado.

Car design gives harsh manhood. The body is functional and sharpened by the aerodynamics. In the cabin of the principal place is the vertical panel on the device management. All elements of the interior are located conveniently and logically. Beauty extremely ergonomic and functional. Cabin for the carriage of goods by two-thirds is made of high-strength steel, so the pickup truck can carry up to 575 pounds, not counting the weight of the passengers, and pull a trailer weighing up to 4400 pounds.

The modern model of Chevrolet Silverado 1500 has three types of engines:

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 can be purchased for 22-25 thousand dollars.

 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Japanese American origin

Now let's talk about another line of pickups that have Japanese roots, but are collected on the territory of the USA. Let's call the three most popular American Japanese, brought to Russia by motorists: Nissan Titan, Toyota Tundra, Honda Ridgeline.

Toyota Tundra – full-size pickup, Toyota produced since 1999. The latest model Tundra appeared in 2007 in different variations: 5 types of the body, 3 types of cargo platform 3 type of engine, 4 wheel base.

Pickup is available with the following types of bodies:

Engines Toyota Tundra are aggregated automatic gearbox with intelligence ECT-i and секвентальным mode:

The cost of the car Toyota Tundra hovering around 15 thousand dollars.

 Toyota Tundra

Honda Ridgeline – car produced since 2005, has a number of design features. The vehicle belongs to the rare class of SUT, which combines the functionality of the crossover and the pickup. Confident handling, unsurpassed strength and durability of the car, even when loaded the body, achieved by using a unique combination frame chassis, the carrier body and an independent suspension of all wheels.

On the market today presents only one version of the Honda Ridgeline V-neck, six-cylinder engine capacity of 3.5-liter 247 HP, which goes together with a 5-тиступенчатой automatic transmission.  Engine consumes fuel in the amount of 20 l in the city and 15 l beyond. Maximum speed is 180 km/H.

The car can cost ranges from 14 to 16 thousand.

 Honda Ridgeline

Nissan Titan – full-size pickup, issued since 2005, the Corporation Nissan. The model is available in two versions body: half 4-seater King Cab or "double’ Crew Cab for six. King Cab and Crew Cab. Titan features such as a spacious lounge, a factory, a protective coating of the body, compartment for things in the back and pulling force.

Nissan Titan have established one engine type - V-neck, 8-cylinder engine capacity of 5.6 liters and capacity of 305 HP and a Maximum torque of the engine is 522 Nm. It is worth noting that V-shaped "eight" enough "greedy". In the combined cycle engine uses 15.6 l per 100 km, but accelerates up to a hundred only in 9 seconds. Equipped with this engine 5тиступенчатой automatic transmission.

Buy Nissan Titan for about 17 thousand dollars.

 Nissan Titan

How to buy American pickup?

Official sales of American pickups in Russia, unfortunately, is not carried out. But quite easy to buy a supported pickup with low mileage of a specialized company that will take delivery of the car and registration of necessary documents.