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Price Renault Stepwaу perfect in its class for Russia

The new sandero stepway made his debut in Russia in 2011, and immediately became popular. The car is developed in close cooperation of Romanian and French masters. At that time could be hardly believed that such an Alliance will release a truly people's cars. But time passed, and today we are witnesses of a unique case when the  ancient project” after modifications became a great alternative to popular cars. Thousands of our people were busy believe in him, in his durability and reliability. Although many do not hesitate in his statements.

 Renault Sandero Stepway

Инерьер and exterior auto

Many Russian car owners believe that the best alternative product of the domestic auto industry – the renault sandero stepway: the price is low, it is reliable and practical. For its class  », looks machine gracefully and even задиристо. Labels "Stepway  original additions appearance in the form of chromium-plated outer mirrors and door handles, make it perfect. Even awkwardness rear of the body, as if hidden from the eye of the observer beautiful plastic body kit. Front and rear bumpers car have integrated them in protective pads, and longitudinal roof rails  and two fog lights  really make it more like an SUV. Moreover, the combination of car black plastic body kits over a 15-inch wheels with alloy wheels, apparently, also serves as a reminder of some of  the внедорожности" model.

As for the interior, immediately you notice a cheap plastic and that the adjustment of the steering wheel and seats leave much to be desired. However, you can appreciate the efforts of developers in the execution of the appearance of the cabin. All the details are perfect colors perfectly combined, and even plastic, painted chrome, fits into the overall interior of the cabin.

 Appearance Renault Sandero Stepway

Characteristics of national hatchback

Car skillfully pretend to be a crossover, it provides only front-wheel drive, however, the flotation impressive. In relation to the Sandero, clearance increased by 20 mm and is 175 mm This is useful especially when driving. By the way, the car is able to overcome common obstacles, passes them with ease.

Front suspension the car is equipped with lower wishbone with depreciation stand and coil springs. Rear suspension has a clear gain in the form of suspension on the longitudinal arm related fixed on the back of a beam. The unamortized the posts and screw spring added stabilizer bar.

Dimensions have the following appears: length 4024 mm, width 1753 mm, height of 1550 mm  the Trunk of a small, but it can always be increased at the expense of the salon from 320 up to 1200 liters. In this case, the number of passengers decreased to two passengers, including a driver. But in this car can be absolutely free to translate a small refrigerator. So no problem. Stepway to Russia offers two variants of engines and transmission:

 Характристики Renault Sandero Stepway

What is included?

By default, the sandero stepway 2012 equipped with ABS with electronic brake distribution, two airbags (driver and passenger), heated front seats, two Windows and air conditioning. As a Supplement manufacturers fulfilled the finish of the wheel and the lever of switching of speeds skin, and chairs are covered with a more expensive material, than in other versions.

Here not provided remote control door locks, and mirrors, want it or not, you have to configure manually, wheel can be adjusted only by the angle of inclination, and the front seats cannot be adjusted for both height, which also gives some discomfort. But not spin the tires, the back seat is equipped with a roller, a headrests, so security has worked out well.

The behavior of the car on the road

How characterize reviews Renault Sandero степвей on the road? Russians car fond of, but there are complaints about the visibility, maneuverability and dynamics.

Manufacturers do not have thought through the question with the side mirrors. They seem large, but the dead zone still not ruled out. Racks massive, because of them, you may not notice carelessly twisting down the car. Once you get used to, then, of course, the drawback will be not so significant.

Turn the steering wheel with two fingers while Parking even in the presence of the hydraulic amplifier will not work. Steering rake is quite long: turns over three revolutions. But the suspension energy-intensive, well eats irregularities.

During sharp turns not excluded drifts, the body of a little fills up, so not worth the risk, it is better to slow down and quietly enter into the turn.

Of course, as сведетельствуют reviews many of the owners, in the mud machine gets stuck, but in dry weather ride on rural roads. In the city you can ride and the drifts, enough to arm themselves with winter tyres and car travels almost everywhere. During high-speed driving several makes the movement of the Dodger, which Renault sandero stepway betrays type SUV.

 Loaded Renault Sandero Stepway

The cost of a hatchback

The sandero stepway reviews motorists largely positive. They are sure that the machine is worth the price of the manufacturer requests.

For the basic configuration with a mechanical gearbox Renault Stepway price starts at 453 000 rubles Version of the car with automatic transmission is available at a cost 510 000 rubles.

It is worth noting that in Russia the automobile became popular not only due to the reasonable price, but also the appearance and comfort of the (albeit minimal). In General we can say that the car was good. There is everything you need for safety and minimal comfort.