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Professional tuning Porsche Cayenne from the famous Atelier

Atelier tuning around the world a lot, but the real masters of tuning Porsche Cayenne quite difficult to find. All the complexity of this case is that changing the car, make it more convenient and stylish, while at the Porsche all these qualities are already present. We present to Your attention the most famous Atelier from all over the world, who carried out the tuning Porsche Cayenne models and made them even better.

 Second-generation Porsche Cayenne

Professional tuning HAMANN

German Studio HAMANN has great popularity, thanks to the tuning of many models of BMW. And just recently, the company decided to work on the Porsche Cayenne - tuning which failed completely. Thanks to the great work of specialists Porsche Cayenne turbo second generation was simply not know.

Here is a minimal list of parts that have been added to this model:

And it is not a complete list of all changes in the car Porsche Cayenne. Because many of the details specialists simply improved and brought to a new level. For example, the standard petrol motor in auto professionals crossed from 500 to 550 horsepower. Pay attention to the fact that due to the changes in the speed Porsche Cayenne has grown already up to 300 km/H. it should be noted that up to 100 km/h upgraded car accelerates in just some of 4.6 seconds.

Also for the best behavior of the car on the road, experts decided to reconfigure and suspension Porsche Cayenne. Tuners just made her lower by 35 millimetres. And by the way, it should be noted that due to the addition of all the wings and “body kits model even more than 120 millimeters in front and 160 millimeters behind. If you combine all these changes together, you get a completely new and original machine.

 Tuning Porsche Cayenne HAMANN

Tuning by TechArt MAGNUM

Special and it should say the deserved popularity in the tuning Porsche Cayenne received a German firm TechArt MAGNUM, which, in addition to external conversion auto, special attention paid to the change of interior. The firm  ensures that the Porsche Cayenne beauty is capable to satisfy requirements of any customer.

Finalization of the exterior Porsche Cayenne was the following changes:

Interior same Cayenne in turn became more athletic. Besides the fact that completely changed upholstery, rear seats were equipped with electric adjustment, moreover, between them there was a small refrigerator for drinks. Sportiness salon also gave little multimedia steering wheel, located under it switches gears and pedals of perforated polished aluminium.

 Tuning Porsche Cayenne from TechArt MAGNUM

Drastic changes from the company Merdad

A relatively young company Merdad has impressed everyone with the idea of turning crossover Porsche Cayenne in two-door coupe. Drastic changes relate to the front of the car, the replacement of the exposed rear bumpers, wheels are changed on the alloy larger appear aggressive side skirts and an aerodynamic body kit for Porsche Cayenne. Basic and very significant change in the model is a large complex revision of the motor. Its capacity is increased up to 750 horsepower, causing it allows to reduce time of acceleration tuning of Cayenne from zero to hundred in just 4.4 seconds.

In addition, the company Merdad also offers radically change and interior design Porsche Cayenne to taste of the customer. Orders for all revisions of this model have already accepted.

 Tuning Porsche Cayenne from Merdad

Options for tuning by TOPCAR

A well-known firm TOPCAR working with tuning since 2004, offers the owners of Porsche Cayenne innovative solutions for changes to auto. All kinds of tuning from this Studio will make the model more expressive and stylish. The company offers options for tuning for first-and second-generation machines.

Options for tuning of the first generation:

The first option was limited to only 50 instances Porsche Cayenne. This type of tuning  стилизовал auto under off-road coupe. The whole idea of tuning was that the car was close to the classical style of the company Porsche. It is worth noting that each model of this tuning is absolutely not like any other model. Each car is unique in its own way.

Tuning Vantage GTR provides models standard optics, but the most powerful energetics of the body. While this type of tuning is limited to only 25 cars Porsche Cayenne.

And here is the last option of tuning a little easier than the first two. But he has his own unique style that distinguishes Porsche from other cars. It is worth noting that the current project has no limits, as the previous two. In this form of tuning produce an unlimited number of cars.

 Tuning Porsche Cayenne by TOPCAR first generation Advantage GT

Tuning second-generation Porsche Cayenne has the following options:

In the first variant tuning based on the idea of the creation of a car in the style of sporty SUV. Almost all the elements of the body except the roof were changed to be more perfect details. There are only 50 unique car with this kind of tuning.

The second tuning represents a set consisting of front and rear bumpers. It also has expanders front and rear arches and sills, and hood. In this variant tuning Porsche Cayenne has aggressive appeal and a new, independent style, which is very different from all the previous options. A number of models of such change at the moment is not limited.

And here's the third tuning Porsche Cayenne is so unique and peculiar to his sports style, that just isn't even close analogues. In this version of the car has only two doors that gives his style even more unique. In addition, experts have added here oval optics from the coupe Porsche 911.

 Tuning Porsche Cayenne by TOPCAR second generation Vantage 2


Now you know what a huge variety of tuning exists for the vehicle model Porsche Cayenne. Getting to know all the fantastic ideas from the best masters of tuning, try to choose  for your model with a new and distinctive style. Don't be afraid to experiment, get new ideas of great professionals of tuning and make your Porsche Cayenne comfortable and original.

But for clarity, we suggest You watch the video with тюнингованным Кайеном second generation in color Lemon by TOPCAR: