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Range rover sport 2013

Finally, it happened: the Range Rover Sport 2013 and got to the domestic market! Not even worth describing how long the car were numerous fans of the Range Rover, as well as connoisseurs of high-quality hire.

In General, "the Range Rover Sport» issued quite a long time – about 8 years. Of course, the Director of the directions of prospective developments nick Rogers had to look for a way out, the life cycle of the series came to an end and only the new development, which became the range Rover sport, has become the flagship of the series.

The new vehicle is aimed, first of all, on the active, dynamic audience. Otherwise, why call a car "Sport»? Intercompany subordination to the summit: new car and shorter and easier, and below, and faster predecessor, and now also improved maneuverability.

First glance

It should be noted that the design of the car is really worth the word "Sport" in the title. Front roof Range Rover is now even stronger tilted back, the side Windows are located on the perfect driver and passenger height, now do not have to adapt to the car, he will adapt to you. If to speak about the bumper, then he really inspiring sizes up to the bumper and air ducts, lights same resemble the eyes of the leopard, which gives the car a quite formidable and at the same time expensive type. Looking at the back part of the car, you will notice that the designers have enough ideas here: large, stylish lights (by the way, with LEDs), cover on the bumper, strong stems exhaust pipes.

In short, the design of the car is really at the highest level: lines strictness, straightforwardness, menacing, and laid back roof, which, by the way, a little improves aerodynamics. All this undoubtedly able to identify the owner of the car.

 Range Rover Sport 2013

For paint manufacturer uses for 19 colors three colors roof choice – the buyer may prefer silver, black or gray roof. Disks are offered dimension from 19 to 21 inches, the driver selects from 9 different design models. The interior is also subject to a choice of 11 color performances, is characterized by the presence of inserts from aluminum and wood.

Now move on to the salon. He almost similar with a Range Rover, but still has some distinctive features. For a start the dimensions SUV: the Length of the range Rover sport 2013 is 4850 millimeters, width – 1983, height – 1780.

The front seat car not only provide a comfortable fit, but perfectly capture sitting in the fast corners, in addition, they are equipped with electric seat adjustment in the whole 14 directions, heated, and several types of massages.

 Front seats

In the second row with enviable can comfortably accommodate 3 passenger, here are designated with a margin on all sides.

 The second row seats

But the passengers of the third row to the building. Armchairs are installed here too low and were not very comfortable. In the best case on the last row will be put children.

 Third row seats

With regard to the dashboard, then depending on the financial possibilities of the buyer, you can purchase a car with a conventional instrument panel: two dial with color TV, or enjoy advanced tool with a graphical monitor.



Features Range Rover Sport

One of the main features of the Range Rover was to ensure maximum comfort, coziness and safety of passengers. Range Rover Sport features a whopping 10 airbags, he has several control systems, the system of identification crossing markings, blind areas. For entertainment and comfort of the passengers meet 2x, 3x and 4x zone climate control, full power accessories, door closers side doors, engine start button and Keyless access to the salon. Music in the car can be installed as modest by the standards of the premium, that is, MP3, CD, USB, Bluetooth, satellite TV and a DVD player so can be installed and multimedia system Meridian with 19ю speakers capacity of 825 W.

 Navigation system premium

The second important feature, about which it is impossible to say – this crossing. The vehicle can overcome any water obstacle to a depth of not more than 85 centimeters, with maximum clearance Range Rover Sport 2013 is 278 mm. And here is the reader's attention to the reasonable question: how to determine the depth, so as not to be trapped. To do this, engineers have provided the perfect solution – ultrasonic sensors, which are integrated in the lower part of the side mirrors. The water level relative to  the waterline" the driver can see on the Central monitor. All simply, clearly, and, moreover, no забродников, sticks and other nonsense. Have the system of water level one important nuance. The system is able to work at angles not exceeding 10 degrees, also the system is switched off if Wade with a speed exceeding 30 kilometres per hour over 30 seconds.

 Conquering Sands

Specifications Range Rover Sport

New Range Rover Sport 2013 really is much better than a Range Rover’. Up to 100 kilometers per hour difference from 0.1 to 0.3 seconds. Several types of engines of the car provide different characteristics:

But why? But because the new Range Rover Sport became lighter than its predecessor as much as 420 kilograms. Just imagine, this five adults! Main "culprits» such ease – the load-bearing components, which are now made of aluminium, drawn rack, cast and stamped сложноспрофилированные elements.

Transmission in the Range Rover Sport 2013 is the only one available. She represents a new гидротрансформаторный eight-step automatic ZF 8HP70.

 V8 Engine

And how in practice?

In practice, the model became cheaper by as much as 24 percent. Full test drive the car was still and so we have to settle for testing engineers on the ground in Гэйдоне. New Range Rover Sport 2013 showed that he is able to clearly follow the selected driver trajectory. The wheel was loaded with force feedback, which is undoubtedly the best: the driver must always feel the rotation angle of the vehicle.

Smoothness is much improved compared with the usual Range Rover. The body follows the relief of roadway with much more desire. Of course, the car is a little shaky, but only when he gets in the potholes. But no раскачек car back and forth, which is quite a big nuisance for the motorist.

Maneuvers on any surface are easy to cope with. Smart electronics recognizes coating, which goes, analyze that a range of different sensors. Thus, the driver is informed everything speed, stroke, roll, vibration loads, which in turn helps to avoid such unpleasant surprises, as rolls, flattening on the side, and etc.

In short, the new Range Rover Sport afford any track, any coating.

 On the turns

Let's talk about the Assembly

Welding in the new Range Rover Sport you in the afternoon with fire not сыщете, only high-quality riveting at the factory under amicable "HRC, p-sh-sh-sh", heard from everywhere. At first glance it seems that this decision engineers have borrowed from aviation, it is really so. A similar welding reliability, durability of connection, but the amount of energy consumed at gathering a body fell by 75 (!) percent. At first glance, the us this news did not care, but at closer scrutiny fact, you can come to the conclusion that price Range Rover Sport will decrease. Advantageous to the buyer, conveniently engineers.

Steel in the car. In power structure made of aluminum, AI-T60, which in itself is a high-strength material, there are four largest steel parts of the vehicle. And the placers in the various cage nuts and brackets even mention not want such details about 300.

Engineers used adhesive sealant which can be put on the mating part of the components to be riveting. Why? It seems this issue is now sounded all readers. All to protect components against wear (corrosion and mechanical). But that's all? Polymer adhesive sealant also increases the strength of the connection. Unfortunately, without welding in the car still do not succeed. In the new Range Rover Sport 2013 it is only used it in the front cups and stretchers, where the replace welding is not possible.

 Assembly Of The Range Rover Sport

The cost of fun

Traditionally the sales Range Rover Sport will start first in the US and the UK. In Russia, the start of sales of new-generation range Rover Sport is scheduled for the summer of 2013.

Of course, the cost of such beautiful, comfortable and simply stunning car can not be cheap. Price Range Rover Sport 2013 depends on the vehicle, and for Russian fans premium British she will be next.

A basic version with a petrol engine V6 will cost 2 999 900 rubles. 3 240 900 rubles will be to buy a diesel version of the SUV with трехлитровым TDV6. More powerful diesel will cost 3 499 900. And, finally, пятилитровый V8 petrol engine capacity of 510 HP, you can acquire for 4 480 900 rubles.