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Rear-wheel drive SUVs

The specificity of the rear-wheel drive SUVs

Rear-wheel drive SUVs are very popular in the States. Heavy road conditions in Russia there are much fewer but Americans have long had a love for the overall jeeps. The advantages are quite obvious:

The entire torque in these cars assumes rear axle. Because of this, most suffer the cross. Therefore, when buying carefully consider whether vehicle for the planned operating conditions. But in dignity, you can send that the turning radius on these machines is substantially less than the all-wheel-drive vehicles. And, of course, less wear on the front suspension. Also rear-wheel drive SUVs have increased acoustic comfort - noise and vibration in the front suspension lower.

 The specificity of the rear-wheel drive SUVs

In winter, these vehicles are often exposed to risks in the aspect of security. Like other rear wheel drive cars, SUVs prone to drifts, especially in the winter. However the suppression of the drift is much harder - dimensions and weight of the car is impressive.

A bit of history

To rear wheel drive SUVs breathe unevenly, as a rule, Americans. Therefore, in the line of almost any plant will be found at least one model of such a plan. In the past it was very common machine Ford Bronco is one of the brightest representatives of the family. The car began to roll off the production line in 1965. During all that time he lived five generations of the machine. "Bronco" is available in 3 and 5-door body styles. The engines were two - 5 and 6 liters. The car was presented in three complete sets of equipment.

 Ford Bronco

Another prominent instance of the old school is the Jeep Grand Wagoner. Essentially, it is the ancestor of the family SUV and the first "civilian" Jeep. It was the first American SUV in the same condition in which they were used to seeing - dimensional, comfortable, powerful, with independent front suspension and "automatic".

 Jeep Grand Wagoner

But, let's go back in our day. To get exclusively rear-wheel drive SUV on the Russian market - a must try, because most of them are brought to us from the States. But still have to profit.

American representatives of the class

Classic American zadneprivodnyj. In the late 90's massively spread in the Russian Federation, as was established by the Assembly in Elabuga. Was cheap, unpretentious and relatively reliable. Was equipped with a 2.3 liter engine paired with an automatic transmission or "mechanics". On the secondary market is very cheap - you can buy for 100 000 car on the go.

 Chevrolet Blaizer

Rare visitor on our roads. Huge SUV from Detroit draws attention, first of all, sizes. This machine can accommodate up to 8 passengers and is driven by a 7-liter diesel engine power 250 HP

Found only on the secondary market. Cheaper than 600,000 rubles unlikely to find.

 Ford Excrusion

Another iconic rear-wheel drive SUV from Detroit. Was done on the platform of the Ford Explorer and, by and large, is of itself a luxury version of the latter. All American traditions - great engine liters in 5 min, machine. Decent "Navigator" second generation can look 650-700 thousand rubles. If You caught up with the idea of buying the new "Lincoln" be kind to leave 4 million Russian currency.

 Lincoln Navigator

Rear-wheel drive SUV manufactured by the Japanese

Nothing like the usual Pajero fit under the American market. Americanization was held by all the canons - rear-wheel drive and automatic transmission with gasoline 3.5-liter engine is now available (There are also versions with plug-in all-wheel drive, as in the previous models, but the bullet exclusively rear-wheel drive instance). The price of the car on the secondary market from 150 to 750 thousand.

 Mitsubishi Montero

In Russia at desire it is possible to find the trace of rear-wheel drive version of this trusted and respected SUV. Typically, they are imported from America. Typically, this Pathfinder moves through a 2.5-litre turbo diesel 190 HP and automatic transmission. Price: more than a million rubles for a three-year frame, a great and reliable car.

 Nissan Pathfinder

Elder brothers "Pathfinder". The larger, more powerful engine (5.6 liter, 305 HP). Excellent level of equipment and comfort, and, consequently, price. In Russia on the secondary market such a device, exchanging 10 years, costs from 700 000 rubles in good condition. QX-56 pretty already familiar on our roads, but to meet the "Armada" can infrequently.

 Infinity QX-56

Other members of the class

One of the small number of cars that were sold in Russia officially and had rear wheel drive. The model for quite a long time in Russia since 2005. and managed to gain a foothold in the market. Advantages low price, frame construction, an acceptable level of equipment and assemblies. Equipped with a diesel in 2 liters or gasoline engine 2.3 l a choice of three transmission - 5-speed "mechanics" and two "automatic" on 5 and 6 assists respectively.

 SsangYong Kyron

Another "Korean". This time Russified and being in Taganrog. Licensed copy SsangYong Korando, or Kia Retona. It is based on old engines and transmissions from Korea, made under license from Mercedes. There are two body styles - 3 and 5 doors. Price new from 600 thousand

 Tagaz Tager

Rear-wheel drive SUV might be a good buy if You specify exactly what you want from the car. You need to understand that heavy off-road, these machines are contraindicated.If the main routes is the city and the route is paved, if you need a comfortable, roomy vehicle with high clearance, then why not? Just prepare yourself for the fact that, most likely, have to make the purchase on the secondary market.