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Reliable Chinese pickups: reviews and specifications

Cars of Chinese production for many years the vastness of our Motherland. Someone appeared recently, and someone has already become habitual and almost relatives. If your attention is directed towards the Chinese auto, and you need not anyone, namely pickup, you should detail study Chinese pickups: their characteristics, as well as feedback from experienced users.

Great Wall Wingle 3 – pickup for our roads, specifications model

 Great Wall Wingle 3

One of the most long-lived and reliable members of the family of the Great Wall Wingle, rolling around on our roads are already more than twelve years, continues to win new fans and users. Four-door five-seat handsome, with all-wheel drive and two variations engine: petrol, 2.2 liter capacity and 110 horses, and turbo from 2.8 liter of 95 horses under the hood.

Great Wall Wingle has 73 litres in volume of the tank, 5 metres long, 1.8 in width, and a height of 1.7 meters. Equipped with an independent front suspension torsion, and dependent spring back, weighing 1.8 tons, with ventilated front disc brakes and rear drum. Today in Russia the official delivery of yet, but the cost of basic equipment in the translation into the national currency is equal to around 490-520 thousand rubles.

The car is a nice interior, comfortable position behind the wheel, and the quality of the interior materials does not raise any claims. Worth to note, that despite the fact that the car is Chinese, and some can cause any doubts about the quality of the build and configuration, lifting the hood, you can discover a pleasant surprises – motor for wipers, power steering German.

The owners of the Great Wall Wingle it is worth remembering that a body of this car on corrosion must be checked at least twice a year, replacing the drive shaft is held every 27-30 thousand kilometers,  lifetime tie rod and ball joints – 25-30 thousand kilometers, and wheel bearings, gearbox oil and shock absorbers enough 16-20 thousand kilometers. You should also pay attention to the fact that the need for technical inspection of up to 50 thousand kilometers is equal to 7 thousands of kilometers, but then the frequency of maintenance is raised to 10 thousand kilometers.

The car is perfect for long trips. Read reviews from owners, almost all noted that in travelling long distances Great Wall Wingle 3 conducts himself with confidence and safely, and no matter how much he loaded.

A special advantage is convenience for the people related to construction – the spaciousness of the trunk can carry not only large items, but all sorts of long construction elements.

As noted by one of the owners of the car, exploiting him since 2008, except for minor defects not noticed anything negative, but the behavior on our roads, which are often not as good as we would like, that the Great Wall Wingle 3 excellent.

Most users of this car in their replies and comments strongly recommend Great Wall Wingle 3 for purchase, and it's probably the best advertising!

Tactical-technical characteristics of the Great Wall Sailor

Other representative of the Great Wall is a real seafarer, confident and aggressive, producers of which took into account all the shortcomings of previous models, and tried to put the Great Wall Sailor  maximum comfort, strength and power. How to read user reviews on it, it is sure to pay attention!

Pick-up in Chinese replenished with another one interesting model - Great Wall Sailor. The three-door pickup on five seats has rear-wheel drive, power 105 horsepower engine and 2.3 litre, not what may be, and constructed under license Toyota, with 4600 rpm.

Cargo platform of this car has such parameters: 1,48/1,47/0,44, respectively length, width and height. At the same time, the parameters of the whole vehicle are equal 5,135 metres in length, 1,69 in width, and a height of no less 1,705 meters.

Great Wall Sailor equipped engine 4 cylinder 8 valve with the compression ratio of 8.8, and can reach a maximum speed of 120 km/hour, that for such a large representative of the automotive industry a very good indicator. The Great Wall Sailor well suited A92 gasoline, and is capable to contain 64 liters.

The Great Wall Sailor installed independent torsion bar front suspension,  and dependent spring back. Constructors model also opted to install the front disk brakes and rear drum. In the end, gross vehicle weight equal to 2,335 tonnes and curb – 1,510.

It should be noted that the vehicle interior is a little beyond the usual framework of the common Chinese auto – manufacturers refused classic beige palette, and would prefer to make the beauty of the Great Wall Sailor gray that perceive as a lack of strictly prohibited.

Spacious lounge allows for long trips to feel comfortable and to avoid fatigue, and even that is too straight as office chairs seats will be uncomfortable, but they contribute to the unloading of the back and spine. As can feel comfortable and passengers in the back seat, despite the unusually raised floor.

In the cabin of the Great Wall Sailor can meet modern receiver, which comes with an output to the USB, and also possibility of use of the memory card. Three large buttons on the dashboard auto correspond to the three modes of transmission, so the choice, you can activate the full drive with gear reduction, just a four wheel drive and rear wheel drive.

Rearview mirror performs several roles, and the immediate addition, also shows the temperature inside a car outside, and has indicators for Parking assistance and open doors. By the way, if you use kung, the rear view mirror use is not possible.

The first and main bonus – a vehicle of this kind, with such a ratio of price and quality we should not seek – will not succeed anyway. Motorists say that along with insufficiently powerful electrical system, the vehicle is good, and most importantly justified specifications. Excellent patency деалет Great Wall Sailor best option for fishermen, hunters and lovers out into the wilderness.

Most users of this model note that for sufficiently large mileage need to change that significant or large-scale there, but the little things different tighten and tighten up.

In the total mass, the Great Wall Sailor has many recommendations from users-beginners and seasoned "seafarers ' ", because the Sailor in English – the sailor. By the way, and the cost of Sailor pleasant – from 430 thousand rubles, given that he was only one specification. 

Dadi Smoothing – another brainchild of the Chinese automotive industry

 Dadi Smoothing

If you are an ardent fan of exactly pickups, could not fail to notice Dadi Smoothing, the name of which sounds strange, himself he looks confident, and especially to the presentation in the red. The Chinese are persistently trying to realize the wishes of our compatriots, when really want to pickup, and money is very tight. You are not searching for comfort and important to you is the very essence of the car – transportation and transportation, then welcome - Dadi Smoothing. What is this car and as he is characterized.

Dadi Smoothing has an engine with analog 4Y Toyota, as usual for such models with cylinders and valves 4/8, the index of compression is equal to 8.8. The Dadi Smoothing  there are 102 horses under the hood, and the volume of its engine is 2.3 litres. Drive system back, or full with connected front. Behind the wheel of this car, you can accelerate up to a maximum of 120 km/hour, it weighs 2,285 tons, and the curb weight is his equal 1,460 tonnes. Length 5,035 meters, width 1,704, and the height is not up to the model, "just" 1,680. When these indicators, the clearance equal to 185, and turning circle of 12 meters.

The first impression when you enter the car – place less than desirable, but the need in managing pulling hands and feet. But the steering wheel is nice in circumference. Together with this, armrest left door enough travmoopasen – when driving in constant contact the left knee and the armrest is inevitable. Color design interior will satisfy not for everyone, greenish-yellow shades dominate in the car, but the variants of execution are different. Steering column also enough "capricious", she is either standing, looking you in the face, or immediately falls on the knees. 

The Assembly of the vehicle, despite its cost, decent, all the buttons, levers and handles working fine, not hanging.

Those who have been lucky enough to become the owner of Dadi Smoothing, note that the car is indispensable for farmers. A few sacks of potatoes will accommodate comfortable in the car body, he also good for the transportation of building materials. In rural areas, or strongly pronounced road saves a good ground clearance and power steering.

Also, reviews of motorists indicate good sound insulation of the car, quite soft suspension. Some complain Central locking, someone immediately flew, and some winter has not tripped. Also, many had to change or customize the seals.

But the opinion of all owners Dadi Smoothing in the total mass converges on one ’ car definitely has more pluses than minuses. Certainly, to expect from this means of transportation, durable plastic, the ideal of painting, luxurious comfort or special power is not worth it, but my money, but it is about 11-14 thousand dollars depending on a complete set, it is quite true.

Tianma Century – the new leader among Chinese pickups?

Further study of range of pickup trucks from China - "Flying horse" - so translates Chinese brand name Tianma. There are also other names for this brand – FengLing or Ekvido. Does the name itself, on what deserves attention this model, and how to feel for her  the wheel of those who have already purchased it ’ s study any more.

To develop the model, Tianma Century designers pre paid attention to the Isuzu D-MAX, that he was the prototype for her body. Providing a full drive with the ability to switch on the front, the designers were hidden under the hood 125 and 95 horsepower, equipping respectively engines with a displacement 2.4 and 2.8 liters. It is characteristic that the 2.4 litre petrol engine Mitsubishi, a 2.8 liter diesel Isuzu.

As stated in the specifications, the number of cylinders/valves equal 4/16, tank can hold up to 48 liters of fuel and accelerates this pickup up to 155 Il 140 km/hour, depending on the type of engine.

 Tianma Century

On the official website, manufacturers indicate that 2.4 liter engine consumes 13 liters of gasoline, the 2.8 litre 10 liters of diesel.

Vehicle parameters impressive: with the growth of 1,71 meters, its width is equal to 1.81 meter, and the length of 5.15 meters. Manufacturers are installed on the front independent suspension and spring back dependent, and disc/drum brakes. Tianma Century weighs 2.4 tons, and ground clearance equal to 200 millimeters.

Inside is simple, clean, and most importantly practical, but, despite this lack of technical equipment no. Glass and mirrors, a modern receiver, and even Central locking with remote control, air-conditioned.

One of the shortcomings непрактичнее color salon – pick-up car, economic, something mark or damage the upholstery fabric will not leave work, especially if you take Tianma Century for agricultural or construction purposes.

Special attention we will pay to exit auto – it successfully perform you will have to train. You or jump, or wipe with her leg thresholds, but one can adjust and get used to.

Special regrets after the acquisition Tianma Century no, but deficiencies are found. These include adequate air flow through the car – tightness deserves three. The same applies to Windows. In case of breakdown repair is a low cost, spare parts are available.

As pointed out by one of the owners, for country areas fits optimally. Complaints on the quality of management, behavior on the road, manageability stable, with a maximum speed of nothing beats goes well and confidently.

Most owners mention low toughness of the material body ’ bumper quickly made a crack from a collision with a lump of snow. It is worth Tianma Century 18 thousand dollars.

Admiral – four-wheel Chinese pickup

Loud and bright brand name Admiral arouses keen interest and the exterior creates the impression of a powerful and reliable car.  On how much it corresponds to the truth, and what they think and say motorists, who had been driving a pickup Admiral.

Buying such machines, motorists first want to get some money to a normal car. Nobody counts Suite finish, super-powerful engine, or the exclusive technologies, but at least repairs and transportation necessary condition.

Let's talk about it, what is distinctive about the Admiral, and as he is characterized. Having four-wheel drive, body "double-cab", Admiral stands out among other pickups rack steering and front suspension on a stretcher. a 2.3 liter engine and power of 103 horse gives the possibility To reach the speed of 140 kilometers per hour, which is a good sign for Chinese cars with this type of body. Another question – how does the car at maximum speed.

Length 5 meters, and the width of 1.8 meters, it has a high growth – 1,88, weighing almost two and a half tons, Admiral looks larger than their class brothers. He established an independent front suspension with two torsion triangular lever and stabilizer bar and rear leaf spring, with built-in telescopic shock absorbers.

The special delicacy he does not claim – well, right, pick up the same, but here's coarseness and brutality in the finishing materials him not to take. The same applies to comfort during landing, a pair of acrobatic exercises, and you in the cabin, the training required, because how else will not work – height does not allow.

Chrome on panels and handles short-lived, and псевдодеревянная finish around devices create the impression of a tastelessness. Undoubtedly, the car of this type get traffic impressive goods, life in the countryside, but in this case finish one would generally make as simple as possible.

Like most Chinese pickups, Admiral "sin" draughts and difficulties in the warm-up, the salon in the winter. If possible, immediately check the density of rubber seals and ventilation in the absence of cracks.

Do not look also inside the cabin any special technical devices and systems – it's not, but for this money you can easily donate, it's worth the Admiral about 17 thousand dollars.

And tell about it is different, but all agree on one thing – if you regularly practice under the hood, and immediately after the purchase of all tighten up and adjust – it is possible to go long and quietly.

If you take the auto factory audio system – enjoy music, most likely, you will not last long, because overpay when buying is better to separately purchase something worthwhile.

Material body has burrs, a particular strength is easily susceptible to scratches and fine is inspecting the cracks.

Avid hunters  and fishermen Admiral happy to say that this is the best option for their hobby. Judging by the read and heard reviews, buy Admiral is possible, it is worth the money.