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Renault Duster photos and review of the exterior and interior, disadvantages of the model 2015

The success story of Renault Duster

Looking at photos of Renault Duster, we can say that the design of the car can not be assessed as special and unique as it is made in the classic style of the entire line of branded cars Renault in Russia. The development of the car took place at exact the specifics of the European car market. Do not forget the developers and the characteristics of Russian roads. The task – the ratio of price and quality was completed in the shortest possible time, and, judging by the number of sales of the brand, quite successfully!  But the truth is, these results – it's a completely natural approach to quality of production from the company Renault. For the past several years, the company supplies the Russian market with only the highest quality, which means that in-demand models such as the Renault Logan, Renault Sandero.

Despite the fact that the Geneva Dacia Duster entered the sale in March 2012, for exactly six months later, he became one of the most popular and prodavaemyh in its segment for the month. And now the Duster (which translated from colloquial English means “boot”) is the third most honorable place in the list of the most popular selling SUV in Russia.

Renault Duster is quite well fit into the list of low-road vehicles, moving with Chevrolet Niva, Nissan Qashqai and Nissan Juke.

Photo Renault Duster previous generation:

 Renault Duster previous generation


The car is built on the platform "In", which is the basis for such brands as Renault Logan,Renault Sandero, Nissan Note, Nissan Almera, Lada Largus. The main advantage of this platform is that it is simple in itself. Underbody protected around the perimeter, and the gearbox, the engine of the SUV and the line through which the fuel is supplied – are securely protected from damage durable steel sheets. Considering the peculiarity of Russian roads, we can say that it can be very useful.

In addition, the Renault Duster has an almost unique maneuverability due to the relatively small weight of the model. But that's not all! Thanks to small weight of the model is much more economical consumption and increases the level terrain.

SUV Renault Duster is equipped with a comfortable suspension and high-quality transmission, allowing you to perfectly adapt to the conditions of Russian roads. Improved the gearbox shifts easily, the lever is not loose, so  does not cause inconvenience or discomfort to the driver.

The transmission is manufactured in strict accounting four-wheel drive versions of the SUV, which means that first gear is in this case decreasing. The ignition in the engine occurs almost instantaneously, while the machine moves very slowly, this is a huge plus for an SUV. It is this property of Renault Duster can move safely on the road or to start on a fairly steep ascent, if the car is loaded. On asphalt the car effortlessly will begin to move when shifting into second gear.

Not inferior and steering of the vehicle, the steering wheel smoothly «otlichaetsa" on the driver's movements, helping to keep the car in the most optimal trajectory.

Changes in appearance and interior of 2015

Externally, released in 2015, new Renault Duster is different grille, new headlights (complete with built-in, daytime running lights, roof lights, roof rails and bumpers. All these changes can be seen on the below photo Reno Duster.

 New Renault Duster

Furthermore, the amended and color models, Duster now has an exclusive color called "Hacks" to which are perfect chrome upgraded wheels. Also popular color "beige metallic", photo beige Renault Duster is presented below.

 Renault Duster colors "Beige metallic"

As for the interior of the new model Renault Duster – inside the seat has a sculpted platform that mimics your silhouette. Besides, there are new steering wheel, which houses the buttons for the cruise control and speed limiter. The vehicle owner will be pleased and new shiny dashboard with white backlight.

And thanks to the durable sealing and insulating materials in the engine compartment, the engine noise does not penetrate into the interior, providing silence and comfort.

The interior, like the previous models Renault – quite spacious and roomy, but has one small drawback. Tall passengers may experience some discomfort in the back seat, due to the high rise seat. As for the trunk – here and there only advantages. Its volume will satisfy the whole family, and simple fans to travel and to sleep in the car. All thanks to the fact that the rear seatbacks fold down when needed and allow to sit a few passengers lying down.

Photos Renault Duster - changes salon:

 Photo salon

Briefly about the proposed modificati

As for specifications, it is worth noting that all the SUV Renault Duster is equipped with reliable motor protection. On the Russian market presents two models. A front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive crossovers, in this case, the transmission may be mechanical and automatic.

Cons of the car according to owners

Unfortunately, each car can have disadvantages, not passed them by and this model of Renault.

Here are some of them identified after 6 months of operation of the car:

The outcome of the review

Overall, the car meets all the requirements to the SUV, and the ratio of quality and price, perhaps, can bring happiness to any driver. With proper maintenance crossover can last you a long, loyal years. Renault Duster is worthy of maneuvering, which is very important for an SUV.

The downside is kind of rude in design but, in spite of this, this design has long been a kind of "business card" models of Renault. In addition, if desired, the car can be repainted or decorate, such as airbrushing. So, if you see photos Renault Duster with airbrushing, you can see how to change the image of the car in General.

 Renault Duster with the airbrush

Summarizing, we can say that if You are looking for inexpensive, but most importantly - practical SUV, we probably Renault Duster is exactly what you need. Tens and hundreds of thousands of consumers have already opted for the Renault Duster, now the choice is yours.