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Renault Duster: price and specifications of the car

Marked on the modern market for Renault Duster price is fully justified by its reliability, quality and excellent technical characteristics. This compact crossover is very hardy. It is great to drive on a winding urban roads, slopes, rough terrain. To purchase this car in Moscow, it is enough to visit auto center.

Car review

The Reno Duster is quite unusual, stylish and attractive appearance. Distinguishes this model flashy grille and the original dimensions of the arches for the wheels. Very tastefully done and the car. In comparison with the ancestor of the Duster – Logan, the interior seems to be very solid and presentable.

Buy Renault Duster is possible only for the excellent geometric cross body, which  will be useful on the road. The elements of the exterior and the silhouette in General emphasize the off-road nature of the crossover and its versatility. Auxiliary chrome elements and a massive grille create a really special look of the car.

In General, the exterior of the Renault Duster can be described as:

 Renault Duster

When Renault Duster in Moscow many motorists especially noted for its comfortable and convertible saloon. The interior of the car is made of materials of dark tones, which is very practical and convenient. The fabric seat has a high wear resistance. Particularly striking elegant simplicity finish the front console and dashboard.

Each member of a panel placed in a separate compartment, so the driver will be easy to navigate among a variety of devices. Conveniently located button that performs the engine start. Pleasantly surprised by the softness of the backlight, as the driver will not be tired and too much strain. Comfortable leather seats equipped with side support.

The salon also features:

 Beauty Renault Duster

Main technical specifications of Renault Duster able to impress and please any motorist. This model has a high ground clearance of 210 mm, And the angles of entry and exit is equal to 30 and 35 degrees, respectively. These options allow you to conclude decent off-road qualities of European car.

As installed on Renault Duster price, and its dimensions are comparable with cars C-class. The length of the machine is 4.31 m, and the width - 1,82 m Because of this, sitting behind the wheel the driver will feel confident when riding, even through the narrow streets. High ground clearance will play a major role when traveling on roads with poor coverage or the easy road.

 The dashboard Renault Duster

To some extent marked on the "gasoline» Renault Duster price depends on what is installed on it transmission – mechanical or machine. What line of models with automatic crossover on the market in a larger range. This is because gasoline engine requires quick reactions when switching mechanical gearshift, not like that many.

Today, Renault Duster diesel price is very affordable. Compared to gasoline "brother" diesel motor fuel consumption is less than half. This allows the SUV to be not only environmentally friendly but also economical. The power of modern diesel engine meets devanathan horse power (four-wheel drive version).

Picking and rates

Today to buy Renault Duster in Moscow it is possible without any problems. The car has a high commercial success, largely due to the availability of inexpensive versions. As is often seen in low-end models, the economy has affected the Duster, but in my eyes it absolutely is not thrown. Dear picking this version looks no worse than the basic version is more expensive competitors.

 Renault Duster: appearance

Usually expensive picking Duster offers:

Renault Duster: picking and rates which define it as a people's car, has a lot of fans. This is not surprising. This model is a true workhorse, different revving engine and reliable transmission. It is possible and on a journey to ride every day to work.

Summary of specifications and pricing on new cars

A summary table of the prices of used Renault Duster

*Rates are presented solely for informational purposes. Rates used are taken from the site Avito

As can be seen from the table, attractive for purchase is any Renault Duster new – the price of the car is satisfactory for customers of different levels. To buy a car for the price, the most attractive for you, it is better to visit different auto centers and compare prices. Sometimes salons available numerous additional services for more convenient shopping. In any case, the choice is yours.