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Renault Duster - review exterior and interior

Photo renault duster in its way it is unique. After all, this vehicle is the cheapest crossover in the price range Renault, which continues to lure direct buyers. Although it is worth noting the fact that competition can fold exclusively Chinese cars.


In the new year, the company producing this car in anticipation of their fans completely updated SUV Duster in. As for the new model of this car, there is nothing conspicuous in her have not changed. You can verify this by looking at pictures of Renault Duster.

As for 2015, all of the cars crossovers receive in the year of the update. This is especially true of Renault Duster, after all, absolutely all its previous models were amenable to criticism for its appearance. It is worth saying that updates the car for the new year just a minimal amount. One can hardly say that it is new.

Design changes

After the previously written many really began to wonder what exactly has changed in the car. Most changes succumbed to the interior of the car. It quite a bit has changed function and direct optics design that lies ahead.

Also the grille has taken a bit of a new look due to the new chrome-plated elements.

Much improved lights, which are located at the rear. And has not improved a bit, and quite a lot. In all previous years of the Renault Duster was produced from tasteless and old rear lights, and this year they took the form of a new, solid headlights. Also took a new look dashboard in this car.

Consider the salon photo on Renault Duster:


The most difficult to say right now, have you changed the ergonomics in the cabin of the car. After all, no journalist had still not sat behind the wheel of this car. The only thing that can be seen to the naked eye, that the company Renault, as always, trying to make the car more economical option. They do it only for the purpose for that is because their car was more preferred in the market for a potential buyer.

It is worth noting that such a policy Renault can lead to the fact that the models become old, and the crossover will simply cease to attract the attention of potential buyers.

Let's examine in more detail the interior of the car. In principle, the producers had every opportunity to produce this beauty in the most diverse and extravagant. But the interior is much savings, both monetary and intellectual. As for free space, then its pretty much. The main drawback of this salon is the plastic trim of the cabin.

I would like to pay more detailed attention to the vehicle's storage compartment. For some, it will seem very small. Its capacity 475 litres, but if you lay the back seat of a car, the place will grow up to 1,636 litres. But you should know that this function is allowed for those vehicles that have front-wheel drive. Equally important to know that if the car will be all-wheel drive, trunk space is significantly less. In case prosloennyh back backs 408 litres and 1570 in the event unfolded backs. Look at the trunk in the photo Reno Duster:


The view outside

As for the car from the outside, the design is not original enough. But in its immediate form he has quite the preferred view. Manufacturers have work appearance quite accurately. And most importantly carefully and attentively. Most importantly, the vehicle is in the town will not make special work. Though the car is a crossover, but it has sufficient size to drive in urban environments. As for his size, he is very compact. Its length is only 4 meters and 315 millimeters. Width is 1 meter and 822 mm. Width is 1 meter and 625 mm. The weight of the Renault Duster is a minimum of 1280 pounds. Also, depending on the equipment of the car and picking the maximum weight can reach up to 1450 pounds.

Technical characteristics

The first thing I would like to mention: view photo Renault duster as possible on the official website of Reno, and the Internet. With regard to technical performance, another feature is that this car involves the use of three different engines.

To learn more about the model Reno Duster, and read consumer reviews you can in this article. And to learn about the Chinese SUVs and crossovers here.

The main engine is an engine that runs exclusively on gasoline. Its capacity is 1.6 liters, and power is 102 horsepower. In the event that this engine will be present at the car with all-wheel drive, the transmission would certainly be mechanical with six steps. With such characteristics, the car will be able to accelerate to one hundred km/h in 12 seconds. As for possible fuel consumption is 7.6 litres.

 The structure inside

The second type of motor is the volume of 2.0 liters. The engine is a four cylinder. It has a capacity of 135 horsepower. In the case if the car will be manual transmission, it is possible to accelerate to one hundred km/h it will be able for 10.5 seconds. But the consumption of the engine will amount to 7.5 liters. In the event that this engine will be present at the car with front-wheel drive, it is possible to accelerate to one hundred km/h it will be much longer. The acceleration time will be of 11.2 seconds and a fuel consumption of 8.2 liters. But if the version with automatic transmission, the car will accelerate to one hundred km/h in 11.7 seconds and have a fuel consumption in the form of 8.7 liters.

The power of it, as you know, very little, and is about 90 horsepower. This type of car is only the use of a manual gearbox with 6 steps. And here's to a hundred km/h and it accelerates in a 15.6 seconds, and fuel consumption is 5.3 liters. Fuel consumption is one of the most significant positive qualities in this model car.

Watch photo reno duster on the official website in the Internet. Here is a photo of beige Renault duster:

 Beige Renault

All photos Renault duster is available at the official website of this brand.


Today you can only believe the words of the journalists on this car. Renault Duster is a very good machine, but like any other, has a large number of observations and deficiencies. Follow all the updates of the number of cars.