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Renault duster - reviews exceed expectations

The first of its kind compact crossover Renault Duster

 Renault Duster - the first compact crossover

Renault car Duster feedback received during his short existence of a variety presented in sales in the European market from 2010, he managed to get widespread in different countries. In Russia car appeared after 2 years, the hype was really bright, the queues to purchase engaged for several years and this is not surprising, because the model combines the budgetary cost and high quality. Auto unique features and innovations that the manufacturer has realized in different assemblies SUV. Interestingly even the model name – Duster, that in translation from English sounds like "anther", i.e. vehicle for dusty roads. Description of the common capabilities of the specific characteristics of multi-machine system – this is an interesting and useful information that will help you form your opinion on this model. After reading about Renault Duster diesel reviews, you can understand that this is really a great car, perfectly suitable for our roads and streets.

Look Reno Дастера

After the first acquaintance Duster creates the impression of an SUV with all the attendant mass-dimensional characteristics:

Model continued the line of Logan-Sandero, based on the B0 platform Logan, but with a longer wheelbase 40 mm Five-door внежорожник Renault Duster in size enters the segment and has dimensions of the similarity with the car Nissan Qashqai, significantly superior in this regard, Chevrolet Niva.

 Beauty Renault Duster

High body and wide wheel arches – this is the whole Reno Дастер. It outlines combined the elegance and smooth lines, which look great in the cities, with the desire to escape to the open roads and show all that he is able, thanks to their robust and functional design. The exterior of the vehicle without losing their reliability and presentability, which is very emphasize the chrome grille and headlights with dual optics.

Wide color gamma of bodies from the manufacturer ’ s what hue to choose better?

 The color scheme Renault Duster

Selection of exterior colors is also very important, as it can depend on such factors, of which many are not even aware, for example, fuel consumption levels. But this is not all – psychologists have long proved that the color is very much may affect the condition and mood of the person, and the machine we use almost daily, so choosing the color of the body for the Reno Дастера, should be guided not only taste, but also information about each of the favorite colors.

Further presents all color ruler from the manufacturer, among which you can choose any variant for Дастера also includes the official name and the color code. You can choose from металликов and неметалликов, both variations have many colors.

Surprisingly, it can be noted that according to statistics from the list of these flowers for Renault Дастер, it is safest to "toreador Red", although the color red and is itself aggressive, but it will be great to attract attention as other drivers and pedestrians. The speed of the car is such a color value is true, the easiest way. The worst in this respect will be the color "pearl", as its speed visually determine motorists and pedestrians hardest of all.

If such statistics does not cause a great deal of trust, the color still need to pick the right at least due to fuel consumption. It is proved that the dark cars consume much more fuel than the light, especially in the warmer months, because a dark color strongly attracts the sun's rays and the car would have to spend a lot of resources on air conditioning.

Technical features and security Renault Duster

 Technical data Renault Duster

Renault Duster proved to be very practical, functional and safe car. A high level of security conditioned by the presence of unique and patented technologies that make the system of aid and emergency braking as robust as possible. System ABS strengthened in this model, there are side air bags to protect the head and body. Thus, the car is very suitable for family use and will make the trip or on holiday comfortable and safe.

Maintenance costs can be considered moderate, with all the reliability and fuel efficient engines in combination with four-wheel-drive quality characteristics. Interior very spacious and can comfortably accommodate five people. In different types of assembling can be found trunk up to 475 litres, which will be very capacious, and if we fold the rear seat, then we'll get to 1636 litres of storage space. But that's not all - if you fold the front passenger seat backrest, it is possible to form the space, which is suitable for the carriage of items to 2.65 m length.

Quite difficult to describe clearly specifications for Renault Дастер, as many countries parameters can vary significantly. Therefore, if you need to learn all the details about the technical side of the model, should decide what kind of Assembly are interested in, and already by this parameter to search information. For example, Russian Assembly unlike in Europe, offers petrol engines with a volume of 2 liters, and after reading about Renault Duster diesel reviews has other than gasoline type, you can see in which countries assembling model with any other interesting options.

Renault Duster diesel machine - the most economical crossover

Renault Duster confidently occupies the top positions in ratings of sales. This is not surprising, because having excellent characteristics, and this car is quite affordable to ordinary buyers. Renault Duster is presented on the market in two versions: gasoline with 102 h.p. engine displacement of 1.6 liters and diesel with a 1.5-liter engine capacity 90 PS And it is the latter version is the most interesting for the driver. Diesel engine mated to the ICIE deserves a separate story.

The first thing that surprises when reading the technical characteristics of the diesel version of Renault Duster is a small engine capacity. 90 “mooing” in four wheel drive, raise a smile and bewilderment. But all doubts are at the moment of start. Moving our specialists will recommend the second gear! No, You are not mistaken, really since the second! The fact is that the first transmission used Renault Duster as low. And start happening with the second transmission – and the long-travel clutch pedal makes this process simple and predictable. Acceleration of the car jet is not called, but untwisted the engine speed up to 2000, you can feel confident at the traffic lights.

The most important “skate” diesel Renault Duster, is economy. When moving within the city limits, the diesel engine is enough to 7 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. And on the road, on the 6th transfer, you can invest and 5. Such indicators are unique, and leave other crossovers far behind. And if we add to these and low price of a car, we get the cheapest “SUV”.

Here are reviews, Renault duster machine from the official forum site of the manufacturer of the vehicle:

"Great car. Happy as an elephant! Of the advantages of a large and comfortable interior, fully furnished with all necessary. Flow through the city ’ s just a fairy tale. Also surprised cross-car. The staff were small shoals in the Assembly, but it is really convenient. In General, at his own price – the most of it and even more!" "Good crossover for their money. Take it and not even hesitate! A very small consumption of fuel plus good cross! my height is 192 and weight of 110 kg of all very convenient. And there's a lot of benefits!"

"My assessment Дастеру - excellent, please plant manufacturer quickly produce new cars, because waited order for a long time. From there I want to mention the inconvenient location of the rear стклоподъемников."

Additions that make driving Дастера even more enjoyable and varied

Individual preferences of every motorist is different, so the company Reno provides its clients with a wide array of possibilities in terms of packages picking hire ('authentique, Expression, Privilege and Luxe Privilege) and additional options. So, you can buy a Renault Duster, which will be equipped with air conditioning, music and уадиосистемой (have all configurations in addition to the basic), different devices and features for folding rear seat backs.

The vehicle may have rear электроподъемники and much more. In respect of the salon – you can choose for the covering of the skin or fabric. In addition, do not forget that the additional features of a car you can add almost indefinitely with a wide choice of interesting and budget gadgets.

Conclusions after a test drive of the car (the main advantages and disadvantages)

Main advantages:

The main disadvantages:

General conclusion: the model is the right choice for anyone who loves budget, but beautiful cars, which have all the necessary criteria of safety and reliability. Will appeal to those seeking a car with light traffic and high ground clearance. A variety of crash tests (despite the budgetary cost, when a car of the same category shows the worst results due to bad parts, Дастер stayed on top!) and test drives show a significant preponderance of advantages over disadvantages that adds car one more star in the eyes of motorists. Also eloquently about renault duster owner reviews. And huge sales volumes and a queue to buy a car that does not diminish from the moment of its appearance in the sale is a fact that speaks for itself. As already mentioned, the company Renault in terms of this model, found a completely new niches, but soon you can expect, and the return stroke of rival manufacturers. About the suitability of the vehicle for the maintenance is still not too much is known, because of their car owners he lived another too short for this.