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Robust frame SUVs

Nowadays almost every fan of off-road interested in different SUVs, which are now gaining immense popularity. It is not by chance, because this kind of cars let ride on virtually any surface and have more capacity. There are different types of such SUVs, and one of the most famous become the body and frame SUVs. Now try to understand the past and in all their merits, and answer the question what is the most reliable SUV.

 The design of the frame SUV


The title immediately makes it clear that they have a frame that will be fixed all the elements of the chassis and the body itself. Now note, why these off-road vehicles have so much popularity, and what are their strengths and useful functions.

 Frame SUV

 Frame SUVs have a very great comfort due to noise reduction and various vibration when driving, that allows to feel the tremendous convenience of the driver and passengers. It is not by chance, because these vehicles frame is independent from the body, thereby less all the vibrations and sounds will go on this body. Another advantage of these SUV is the increased resource chassis, compared with the body either. For the repair of these vehicles are very convenient, as the design of this frame pretty simple. This will much facilitate access to all elements of the chassis for the necessary repairs.

One of the big advantages of such SUV is a uniform distribution of the load on the body and the frame. This has tremendous implications on driving. It is worth noting that the resource of such cars is much higher at frequent driving. That way cannot be said about the body SUVs, which have the same resource will be much lower. Due to its structure, frame SUVs much easier to manage and control the ride. They will also have good resistance to errors on the road and good performance obstacles.

Do not forget that the these SUVs often set тяговитые engines that help even in extreme conditions produce significant resource. Because these engines will be more to come under heavy duty drive and will experience much less of a burden. They will have a lot of power and security.

What are the disadvantages of such cars and for whom they created?

 Mitsubishi Pajero - frame SUV with its advantages and disadvantages

Besides all the advantages, you need to transfer more and cons of these cars. First, they will have much more weight when compared with the body either. Secondly, for large high fuel consumption, which will lead to higher costs. And the main disadvantage of   it's the price for these vehicles. Now you can see that they are the most expensive cars on the market. But as these cars are professional, then the price, you don't pay much attention. After all, if such a vehicle (tiger) really need it for professional purposes, all these minuses immediately disappear.

On this basis, these cars do not usually people buy to drive around the city or even for travel. They are usually becomes very narrow circle of people, for any professional goals. Usually, such SUVs buy hunters or fishermen, because they really are useful for the profession and to help recoup the money spent. Such vehicles are often acquire for different entertainment lovers of extreme and adrenaline and professional dzhippery. It is for this circle of people such SUVs will be really useful and helpful cars.

What pickups and SUVs?

Now begins to appear more and more models pickup trucks SUVs. There is a question: why these pickups and SUVs? In fact, this machine is not for everyday use. These cars are different from the usual jeep large size and open the trunk. Usually these cars use for professional purposes, such as construction. And in fact may be due to the large trunk carry a lot of big materials. It is really convenient for work, than to hire a large truck or spoil materials such jeep.

 Frame pickup SUV Dodge

Such SUVs are often used to transport large items, or some furniture. At once it becomes clear that, for a typical daily drive these cars are not suitable. They can be used only for work, professional purposes and for relocation. But if the profession is not binding, it is better not to buy such a car just to drive around the city.

 SUV pickup with motorcycle


However, now you can often see that such a machine was bought not only for work. How else can you use pickups and SUVs? In fact, these machines are very convenient for active leisure, and for fans to go out of town on a nature. Very convenient to carry on these vehicles, small boats, motorcycles or any other transport to use it outside the city.

 And now, when such machines began to gradually introduce into everyday life, new models of pickup trucks SUVs, which are not designed for operation. Their position is for everyday riding and for any leisure activity. So they started to gain popularity not only in professional spheres, but also in everyday life.

 the Best jeep - off-road vehicles Mercedes

The company Mercedes for many years holds great popularity, releasing excellent models of cars. Every Mercedes SUV has a wonderful design, ultimate comfort and safety. In any SUV models Mercedes will always is comfortable and spacious. Beauty should be made from the highest quality material. A new air suspension will provide each passenger with immense comfort and convenience.

 Mercedes jeep ML 350


Cars SUVs Mercedes became one of the first owners of continuous system of stabilization of the body in crosswind. Also, many of the features models allow the company to raise the level of security to a new level. It provides peace of mind each of the drivers of these cars.

 it is also important to note that in the new models of the Mercedes is a handy device that provides safe and easy Parking. Active assistance system and a specialized camera to help the car easy to maneuver in to Park safely and as quickly as possible under all conditions.

Off-road vehicles Mercedes, undoubtedly, suitable for any large family, because they will have up to seven seats, and comfortable, big trunk. This will allow any family to travel outside the city and take as many things as you want. Because these семиместные SUVs will have a big trunk and convenient interior, which will help to realize the dream of many families frequent extra trips.

 Mercedes jeep Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG


One of the most popular is considered to be Mercedes jeep Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG. It is not by chance, because this model has many advantages and useful new features. It was presented for the first time in 2011 in the Los Angeles auto show. And since then, this model has already gained great popularity. Now, the car can accelerate to 100 km/h in about 5 seconds. This is a remarkable result, which, no doubt, and has attracted the attention of many people. Do not forget about the remarkable Assembly and the beautiful design of this car.

Which SUV is currently the most reliable?

 The most reliable off - road car Honda CR-V

Many people have a question: what is the best SUV? Specialists conducted a variety of experiments to give a precise answer to this question and to determine the most reliable in the world SUV. The winner of this battle was a car from Honda company — Honda CR-V. All calculations were carried out by experienced specialists, who have set a precise goal of   find the most reliable SUV all over the world. They spent all calculations under the special index of reliability, which always take into account the frequency of a vehicle breakdown, the full cost of repairs and all spare parts.