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Specifications Jeep Vrangler

Jeep Vrangler occupies a special position in the car market of Russia: rare to find a car, which does not just perform its main function, but also allows to maintain the image of the owner, even in advanced age.

A bit of history

SUV Jeep Wrangler for a long time was not available simple buyers. Initially, the model is sold under the name CJ: the company Wyllis during the Second World war created terrain vehicle on request by the U.S. air force.

Only in 1986 at the Geneva motor show premiered modified for civilian needs a car labeled YJ. Shortly after the presentation of the model weaknesses have been identified: outdated conventional suspension and transfer the CPT made uncomfortable ride and reduced handling in General.

The updated version of the Wrangler, indexed as TJ, appeared in 1996: "highlight" became a lever-spring suspension, adaptive system of shifting Command-Tec allowed to use the full drive right during the drive.

Already in 2002 Jeep has started the production of the model Wrangler Rubicon, which was designed to conquer the most challenging roads. 4 years later the car again was finalized, Jeep Wrangler model year 2007 was the most successful in the history of the company and in 2013 got a restyled version of Unlimited Rubicon 5D.

 Vrangler Jeep front view

Exterior and interior

Speaking about the appearance Vrangler Jeep, not to mention that he took over the design of your "grandparent» Jeep CJ: round headlamps, vertical grille, powerful frame with removable tent leatherette, frame design – the exterior of the best American traditions. Linear design is easy: to remove the tent require no more than 15 minutes, with a cellophane window awning fastened with zipper, and can also be removed.

Some features of the exterior of the car:

As for the interior amazes with its beauty asketichnost'yu: no fanciful elements – practicality above all. Discreet design complemented by leather armchairs bright colors, and the spokes of the steering wheel rim vozduhoduvov - chrome finish.

Interior features:

 Vrangler Jeep interior

Geometry of a body

Like most modern SUVs, the Jeep Wrangler has a powerful clearance, good capacity and impressive weight.

Dimensions of the vehicle:

Ground clearance SUV equal to 22.8 cm in front of and 20.7 – in the back. The value of front overhang equals 80,4 cm, window – 1 m Such indicators allow the vehicle to easily overcome obstacles half a meter depth.

If we talk about the parameters of the capacity of the Jeep Wrangler 2013 reviews indicate some shortcomings: for example, the Luggage compartment is equal to 500 l, but put in it can only large travel bag, backpack or unused cellophane window. It is worth noting that when the rear seats folded volume will increase up to 934,5 HP

 Vrangler Jeep side view

Technical characteristics

Vrangel Jeep today available with one of two types of engines – petrol 199 power plant V6 3,6 litre and diesel and a 2.8-liter engine with 200 HP (European version).

The main characteristics of the models are presented in the table below:


The absolute majority of the holders of SUV Wrangler Rubicon argue that driving requires a lot of effort, but he is able to cope with any obstacles thanks to an extended set of off-road funds. Among the main features of note is the "start" salon with the passage of uneven areas shaking in the cabin is felt even when driving on bugristomu asphalt.

Excellent patency ensured only when driving straight, because the car is rear-wheel drive and front axle – optional, i.e. it can connect, but without a significant differential. In addition, controlling model Vrangler, you should always remember about disabling all possible locks before the start of the manoeuvre, otherwise, the most simple movement will have a tremendous burden on the transmission.

However, the car has a lot of positive features:

 Vrangler Jeep manageability

Cases and prices

One of the main advantages of the car Jeep Vrangler – the price is in the range of 1.6 to 2 million rubles for the 2013 model year. According to its availability machine is unique in this class and is considered one of the most democratic SUV in the world. Standard features include:

The buyer will also be offered several options:

Owner reviews

As already noted, many car owners have appreciated the optimal combination of cost, design and road qualities:

«Extravagant, aggressive, powerful, yet fuel consumption small! Patency completely from rubber depends. Family car, of course, is not called, but the journeys outside the city, hunting-fishing he has no equal: in such places made, which many did not dream!  - Oleg, 26 years old.

The earned Jeep Vrangler the discomfort when driving:

«Honestly, always dreamed of Vranglere, but the purchase occurred spontaneously: for the 2007 model year engine 2.4 and owned 31000 asked inexpensive, and I did not miss this opportunity. What can I say: at first it was scary, it was the feeling that I'm sitting in a comfortable chair with legs springs. Then I got used to it. Auto convenient, but I can not mention that the salon all the time, shaking on any bumps, well and head lights are not particularly bright, had to replace" Ilya, 32 years.

Summarizing, we can say that when their relatively small shortcomings, Wrangler has excellent characteristics and an attractive price, and spare parts to it are not at all expensive. The passable, recognizable, economical, moderately high-speed – an excellent choice for lovers of powerful cars!