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Specifications Mitsubishi SUVs

Fashion on the parquet SUVs without frame construction is actively developing from 2007-2008, and soon on these cars there was a demand for people who do not leave the confines of the city. But in urban conditions of the large machine to be weird and manufacturers offered compact and sub-compact crossovers especially for the residents of megapolises.

It is to fill this niche company Mitsubishi has released crossover ASX. For the first time the concept of the model appeared in 2007 under the name Concept-cX. Already at that time, the model looked like a serial, but the financial and economic crisis changed plans, and the production model made its debut in 2010 in Geneva called the ASX. The Japanese of course wizard splurge and invent the big names, and short ASX stands for Active Sport X-over – SUV for the active drive, but still worth mentioning that the  Mitsubishi asx specifications don't really give and without that small competitors compete with him.

 Mitsubishi SUVs 2013 front view

Geometric indicators of the car

As a true citizen ASX has a very compact size:

After cosmetic updates, which took place in 2013, the main dimensions were not changed. Luggage compartment a little less – 384 l (1219 l with folded rear seats) and the fuel tank was reduced to 60 liters. In addition, there were changed the front and rear bumper, there are more chromium, and changed the geometry of the grille.

Changes in technical terms: reconfigure the shock absorbers replaced sleeve-silent blocks and levers introduced with high rigidity. The mechanism of the handbrake is now integrated into the brake caliper one of the rear wheels. Changes in the suspension were made due to the customers satisfaction. Mitsubishi puts a big bet on our market and before upgrading your model in Russia came engineers brand for communication with the owners and focus group.

In the car changed the shape of the washers select the mode of transmission was modernized navigation system – now it supports SD memory cards.

Despite its small size, the ASX is built on a normal adult platform that has passed many tests and put on Lancer last generation, and now are not available Outlander XL.

 Mitsubishi SUVs 2013 rear view

Engines and transmission

Model to the Russian market, as before the update, and after supplied with three petrol units:

 Mitsubishi SUVs 2013 engine

A system of full drive

In the case of the ASX is one of the key features of a full drive – the ability to switch modes. Even larger, more costly crossovers not give the owner a possibility of choice of the drive, everything runs electronics. But ASX compact is not at the discretion of the owner can enable the following modes:

Picking ASX

Pick up the shipment of the ASX will not be difficult for a variety of budgets, the price range of models is from 699 000 rubles to 1 249 900 rub. In this price range to fit 12 different configurations of the model.

 Mitsubishi ASHES 2013 beauty

Model with the base engine 1.6 litre front-wheel drive and a manual transmission for sale in three versions:

Standard version with the engine 1.8 liters in General equipped likewise on the rise, like a younger version of the 1.6 l engine, but everyone has variable:

 Mitsubishi SUVs 2013 options

Complete with a 2-liter engine is equipped only with the CVT and connecting all-wheel drive. Just sold a 4 versions of this configuration, the first three (979 990 to 1 099 990 R) staffed exactly like the version with the 1.8 l engine, but there is another version, with the most complete optional set:


Not surprisingly, ASX very popular among home buyers, according to the technical characteristics clearance Mitsubishi SUVs is 198 mm, that of the compact crossover is just outstanding result. Of the direct competitors can be identified unless the Skoda Yeti and Opel Mocha, but neither the one nor the other can compete off-road abilities with him and not have such an impressive clearance. ASX well sold not only in our country but also in Europe. Seeing this situation, the allies Alliance of Peugeot and Citroen even made on the basis of the ASX their crossovers: Peugeot 4008 and the Citroen C4 AirCross.