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Specifications Opel Frontera

Alliances between automotive companies often lead to the emergence of new and high-tech models, over which beat the minds of engineers from different countries. But twenty years ago went for a simpler way and just took a successful model from the same manufacturer and sold under the trademark of another. In that way and appeared Opel Frontera. GM which includes Opel in its time bought almost a control package of the Japanese manufacturer Isuzu, which was very curious model Isuzu Rodeo. And Opel, which appeared in 1991 at the exhibition in Geneva, was perelicovannym Rodeo. Of own developments on Frontera were only German engines.

The first generation of the car from 1991 to 1998

In its original form Opel Frontera is available in two versions, with three and five-door body, their overall dimensions:

1. The Opel Frontera technical characteristics of the five-door version (Estate) with the following:

 Opel Frontera first generation 5dv.

2. three-door version (Sport):

 Opel Frontera first generation 3 et.

Originally power units of Opel Frontera were three of only three:

All three versions have been installed with the same manual transmission 5 steps. In 1995, the car has undergone modernization, which resulted in the spare wheel turned on the tailgate, and the suspension has acquired springs instead ressorov. In addition, the new diesel engine:

But in the same year, disappeared from the list engines petrol unit volume of 2.2 liters and capacity of 136 PS

 Opel Frontera first generation of beauty

The second generation from 1998 to 2003

With the change of generations have changed significantly and specifications Opel Frontera, beginning with the size and ending with powertrains.

Overall value of the new Frontera:

1. five-door version (Estate):

Dlinobraznaya version was a couple of inches shorter, on a couple of inches wider and below with increased 10 mm ground clearance. The wheelbase has declined substantially – 6 see Fuel tank lost 5 liters, and track both front and rear became wider by 60 mm Plus car has become much easier.

 Opel Frontera second generation 5dv.

2. three-door version (Sport):

Korotkoobraznaya version is also undergone substantial changes its length opposite – rose, and all of the increase took wheelbase car, which increased by 13 see Buck dropped to 15 liters, and the car was easier to more than 100 kg In analogy with the «older" version of the increased track width - 60 mm

 Opel Frontera second generation 3 et.

Also, great attention was paid and power units. In addition, the existing motors were added 3:

Feature pack 1998 was also the fact that the car could be not only all-wheel-drive, but monoprivodnym, with the rear wheels in conjunction with any engine. Moreover, apart from the mechanical gearbox finally I could get the machine with the four steps in conjunction with any actuator and the power unit.

 Opel Frontera second generation of beauty

The prices in the secondary market

Due to the fact that the model Opel Frontera was discontinued in 2003, new car is not there. The model was withdrawn due to lack of her demand, because of obsolescence. But in our country on the secondary market, you can still buy Opel Frontera both in the first and second generation.

Average prices for model years 1991-1998 find at $ 209 thousand. Average prices on the model 1998-2003 year range from 370 460 thousand rubles.


Opel Frontera born on the principle of "do no harm" their Japanese Isuzu, was quite an interesting model. For conquest of off-road he had all the makings: torsion bar suspension front continuous girder bridge behind, a number of step-down gear and rear mounted on the frame side members. But all the efforts in the conquest of the roads were nullified by weak engines. With the motor 3.2 liter machine behaved in a most adequate where the end of the road or on the track. Management was not the most articulate, and equipment not the richest. With the big share of probability it is possible to tell, what exactly absence of serious engines, and led the model, it lasted for only 12 years, that road standards, very little.