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Specifications Opel Moka

For a long time after the appearance of the players in the class of a sub-compact crossovers representatives of Opel silent, but fuels the interest of the rumors of a new model. And here's the first audience in Detroit was shown a new Buick Encore, which preceded the emergence of a new crossover from Opel. And a little later in Geneva in 2012 was presented to the serial sample of car Opel Mokka.

Mocha, as his "relatives" concern was built on the basis of a hatchback Corsa, exceeding it in size, as one of the main rivals – Nissan Juke. And now more learn from Opel Moka specifications - photos of which You can see below.

 Opel Moka

Geometric indicators of the car

Crossover from Opel has a very deceptive forms, which are perfectly hide his small dimensions:

Dimensions Opel has exactly the same dimensions Skoda Yeti, but from the standpoint of the Czech crossover looks larger. Due to the great potential of the platform, Moka longer than its donor Corsa 28 see, it says about the great versatility of used "base". But the main thing that Opel bigger "beetle» 145 mm, after all, it sees the main competitor.

Also note the features of Opel Moka technical specifications: clearance model typical "кроссоверная» - high, which is not surprising in 190 mm ground clearance, by the standards of a city that is a lot of and slightly more than that of Nisan beetle (180 mm). Trunk little Opel's not a huge class: 533 liter, which is twice more than the "beetle». And if you fold the rear seat backrest – you can take away 1372 "liters", the outfit. The only caveat of this trunk is малоразмерное spare wheel. 

 Опль Moka dashboard

A separate commendable and suspension кросоовера. Constructed again she had the opportunity to adapt to a change in the road surface, due to this reaction on the steering wheel transparent in all conditions. By the way, at the helm of the present variable force depending on the speed and road conditions.  Even in the basic version the bottom of the vehicle has a powerful protective elements, warning the car damage from road debris.  

Engines and transmission

The "baby" Opel solid set of power units, which differs in Russia and abroad:

 Opel Moka checkpoint

A system of full drive

Full drive at the MOCA has a simple, yet highly efficient scheme: front axle with differential, propeller shaft, control unit, multi-plate clutch and the plug rear axle. Control unit collects information from numerous sensors and continuously evaluates the position of the wheel, traction, and many other parameters on which the driver does not even suspect. The pluggable electronics Fourwheel drive without the owner – classical solution for urban crossover.

By default, on asphalt Moka front-wheel, but when you change the pavement and slipping drive wheel torque can be transported to the rear axle up to 50%. Electronic coupler connects the rear-wheel-drive gently and delicately, improving behavior of cars on the road. All wheel drive transmission weighs 65 kg

Not to mention the huge brake discs with a diameter of front – 300 mm and 268 mm rear). Software Моки are equipped with advanced, which includes a system of ascent and descent from the mountain, and underride system.

 Opel Moka the seat adjustment system

Picking and rates

By modern standards, Opel Moka small price difference and just a 3-configuration - from 729 000 970 000 R, but it cost only basic versions, which can be increased many available options:

 Opel engine Moka


Opel Mocca – another fighter in the sub-compact segment SUVs. The model is interesting, but appeared on the market later than the majority of key players and needed to win the  place under the sun". The Opel Mocha specifications and price are very competitive, especially with a diesel engine and this is confirmed by statistics of sales in Europe, but in Russia Mocha while not in high demand.