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Specifications Suzuki sx4 2013

Five years ago – in 2006, car enthusiasts and connoisseurs machines could for the first time to assess the suzuki sx4: technical characteristics, appearance and functionality of this hatchback, which has experienced a rebirth recently – in 2013. The Japanese company Suzuki has long established itself as a Creator of high-quality vehicles. And a car full name : Sport 4x4 Crossover Seasons – this is another product of the Japanese genius, which awakens a desire to look at it closer not only outside but inside. So what is this masterpiece, which, after its market introduction, formed a long queue?

 Suzuki SX4 2013

What's on the outside?

It should immediately be noted that the new Suzuki SХ4 increased in size in comparison with the previous generation of B-class immediately jumped into higher C-class. The car now has a length of 4300 mm, width 1765 mm, wheelbase 2600 mm, and the height of the body 1575 mm Luggage compartment is designed for  430 litres of cargo, with the addition of the rear seats of its cargo capacity increases practically  up to 1000 HP

Separately it is necessary to say about the fact that in the catalog with the description of automobiles, parts – suzuki sx4 specifications: the clearance of the specified as much as 180 mm Clear that such a high clearance will allow:

New Japanese crossover is equipped with tires 205/60 R16 on легосплавных or steel rims 16 size, as well as tires 205/55 R17 on 17 light-alloy disks of radius.

Not only increased body dimensions positive impact on the appearance of the body, but the extra brightness Suzuki SХ4 could give and palette offers a choice of colors: Cosmic Black Pearl Metallic (black pearl), Bright Red (bright red), Galactic Gray Metallic grey, Grey Pearl Metallic (dark gray), Kashmir Blue Pearl Metallic (light blue), Silky Silver Metallic (silver), Cool White Pearl Metallic (white mother of pearl), Superior white, Crystal Metallic Lime (dark green) and Sunlight Copper Pearl Metallic (orange).

 Trunk volume Suzuki SX4 2013

What's inside?

Specifications suzuki sx4 2013 change compared with the old model. But not so much that they didn't have in common. The new model also has a platform Suzuki Swift and engine Liana and the following main specifications:

In addition, suzuki sx4 2013  have a diesel 1.6-liter engine capacity 118 HP mated to a 6-тиступенчатой manual transmission or the automatic gearbox — a variator CVT. However, in Russia car with such characteristics officially delivered will not be.

 Engine Suzuki SX4 2013

About the Assembly

As the basic equipment of the new suzuki sx4 has all the attributes of a modern car, it has everything you need for comfort and security:

 Loaded Suzuki SX4 2013


All the advantages of suzuki sx4 develop in a convenient, functional car, which is not afraid of problems with the road – due to the high road to represent the space nor complicated turns and abrupt braking. Ideal for city trips and for rough terrain.

Suzuki SX4 fully corresponds to its name, where  the "S" stands for sports, which is directly connected with the way of life, "X" - the sign of the cross-concept, and "4" indicates the 4 seasons of the year, because people leading an active way of life on the road all year round.