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Specifications Toyota RAV4

Today, every third car in the flow of any city it is a crossover, the most versatile machine for our time, combining the management of passenger cars and off-road (partly) the ability of the SUV. But first crossover appeared almost 20 years ago, in Japan. At that time it was an experimental car, you can tell soil sample. It was called then, as now – Toyota RAV4, abbreviation Rеcreation Aсtive Vеhicle 4 stands for the four-wheel drive vehicle for active holidays.

The Rav4 was married four-wheel drive and independent suspension of all wheels with a monocoque body. Thanks to that, the car remained excellent controllability and a good level of comfort, in addition attended as well and sports note that helped to overcome the lack of roads and to be very nimble on the highway.

The first generation of the car from 1994 to 2000

The first Rav4 was released in 1994, was a three-door короткообразная version with the original sport design, reminiscent of off-road coupe. Dimensions auto:

 Toyota RAV4 2013 front view

The car was very popular, especially among the young, but for family values, he was not practical, and in 1995 got extended model with five doors, its dimensions:

As seen on digital data has increased the length Rav4, 41 cm, half of them (21 cm) has gone wheelbase and added space on the back row. The second half of lengthening left the Luggage compartment, which has grown more than in 2 times.

On both versions of the first generation was installed just one engine:

RAV4 in the first generation could be as all-wheel-drive and front-wheel. But моноприводная version is pretty much in demand, even taking into account of lower prices. Machine to drive on all wheels had a scheme of full drive (DC) with a torque distribution in proportion 50 : 50 between ведещими axes.

 Toyota RAV4 2013 side view

The second generation of the car from 2000 to 2005

In the spring of 2000 we began selling updated Rav4. The head of Toyota have already understood that a new type of compact SUVs is very valuable in terms of sales volume and tried to strengthen all the qualities of the previous models. In the first place was redesigned exterior of the machine, now she had more individual and masculine look. The interior of the vehicle on almost unchanged dimensions has been enlarged and improved quality finishing.

Overall value model with three doors:

Overall value model with five doors:

The new Toyota RAV4 specifications show that the crossover again became larger, younger version increased by 14.5 inches, and the older version 13 cm. Width have remained virtually unchanged.

 Toyota RAV4 2013 beauty

Engine range of the new machine has been substantially expanded, instead of one unit was three:

Petrol units could be completed as mechanics and machine with the first-generation machine diesel was only mechanics. In 2004, there was held a light restyling were modified form of both bumper and grille, but most important was the emergence of a new powerful engine:

 Toyota RAV4 2013 руль

The third generation of the car from 2005 to 2009

New RAV4 sample 2005, was built on a completely new platform and by and large had with the previous model, nothing to do. Appearance of the beginner become more of status and details of the interior have become much richer. Due to the new platform in the past is gone the three-door version, and body once again increased in size:

As the result of increase of the dimensions, it became brighter in the cabin, separate the back row was allocated 55 mm from the total gain.

In addition, the front panel auto acquired оптитронной branded illuminated engine began to wind up without a key, tape recorder learned to read mp3 format and display received Russification. Engineers Toyota thoroughly worked through the issue of security and RAV4 even in the basic version received 7 airbags.

 Toyota RAV4 2103 panel

Revisions were and power units:

All versions of the car of the third generation could be as four-wheel-drive, and a front, in addition to versions with engines of 2.4 and 3.5 had a drive on all 4 wheels default.

Starting with the third-generation RAV4 lost permanent all-wheel drive, now he has a pluggable system, i.e rear axle is engaged when the front wheels are slipping under the strict supervision of electronics. But the driver have the opportunity to use a 4 wheel at its discretion, for this it was necessary to press a key force the inclusion of a full drive. But because of the delicate visco coupling the whole system is subject to increased wear when driving on asphalt, with four-wheel drive. To avoid damage, the clutch was introduced temperature sensor that to achieve high temperature turned off the rear-wheel drive. Also the rear wheels off of achieving a speed of 40 km/H.

 Toyota RAV4 2013 speedometer

The fourth generation of the car from 2009 to 2012

The new generation RAV4 was built on the same platform, and essentially differed other design and more rich optional set, appeared dual-zone climate control, 17-e alloy wheells, CD changer for 6 disks and third row seats.

Now toyota rav4 had the following specifications:

Besides appeared extended version – Long, which was significantly larger than the usual modification:

But the appearance of the novelties was met cool among potential buyers already next year, in 2010 was held deep restyling appearance. The image of the car was completely redesigned, particularly in the front, resulting in silhouette became more dynamic and aggressive image.  the external changes has not affected the Long version.

 Toyota RAV4 2013 transmission

Fourth-generation RAV4 lost almost all power units – on the domestic market there were only the two engines:

Overseas, the US still installed:

But not without its novelties:

All the cars of the fourth generation installed a new 6-speed manual gearbox and infinitely variable Multi Drive-S. extended version still worked in tandem with already archaic four-step machine. Full drive can be enjoyed on any version, in addition to the basic 2-liter engine.

 Toyota RAV4 2013 spare wheel

Generation of 2013

At the end of 2013 at an exhibition in Los Angeles was a new generation RAV4. In the basis of the beginner is already a proven platform from a previous version Long. The design of the new generation underwent dramatic changes, inheriting a new corporate style, set still avensis sedan in late 2011.

Toyota Rav4 2013 technical specifications become:

The car was a bit higher, because even 7 mm sometimes separate from touch with the road obstacle. Trunk volume Toyota Rav 4 is now smaller, but still comparable to the Luggage compartment of a sedan of D-class.

 Toyota RAV4 2013 Luggage compartment

Power units 2013 have only three options:

The new generation will get more standardized elements between the models sold in different countries. Now the most powerful engine РАВА4 is a 2.5-liter engine, both in Russia and in the USA.

 Toyota RAV4 2013 engine

Picking and rates

The new model began to be sold in Russia, 23 February 2013, the eight models in the price range from 998 000 to 1 543 000 R:


Despite the dramatic aggravation of the competition in the segment, a pioneer of the world crossovers are not aware of their positions numerous competitors in most of the countries ranked in the TOP 3 best-selling SUVs. Specifications Toyota RAV4 in conjunction with the Japanese reliability don't let us doubt the commercial success of the model 2013 and in Russia.