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Specifications Toyota tundra diesel

In the framework of the Chicago auto show in 2013 views motorists was presented updated pickup Toyota Tundra. Despite the fact that the roots of the car are in  Japan, correct to call him an American, because the purpose of creation is to conquer the North American market, in connection with what he is exclusively in the United States at the factory Toyota in San Antonio. The management of the company has opted to make tremendous changes in the updated version, making it look like his popular in America competitor Ford f-150. If the appearance of the Japanese-American pickup is exceptionally light snap-in, the interior has changed completely.

 Toyota Tundra 2013 front view

The exterior of the car

Updated Toyota Tundra diesel 2013 was awarded the new compact headlights with preinstalled led stripes running lights, chrome-plated radiator grille, bigger on the hood were powerful ribs and a large slot in the air intake, bumper adopted modern form, fog lights have become much smaller. If you look at Toyota, on the side, just visible modified wheel arches, and front part of the car has acquired a new marker lamps, the rear side of the pickup had gained in-depth выштамповкой bottom and likeness of the spoiler at the top. In addition, the rear bumper was composed of three parts, which are easier and cheaper in the event of repairs after an accident.

New Toyota Tundra pickup was not without accessories and additional equipments, by the exterior. This is expressed in the following: step for convenience when climbing in the back of a pickup truck, trailer hitch, side running boards, different fastening of cargo fixing, nozzles exhaust pipes, motor protection and the individual elements of the suspension, hood deflector and the side mirrors, the protection of the loading platform.

In principle, the overall impression of the Tundra is very pleasant, her appearance became easier and stoutness of its predecessor.

 Toyota Tundra 2013 side view

Interior of the car

If the updated appearance you can still find old Toyota pickup diesel, internal furnish of salon has changed dramatically. A pleasant change are waiting for fans of the vehicle in the form of high-quality finishing materials and enhanced ergonomics of the driver's seat. In the interior there is a spirit of large SUVs, such as the Toyota Land cruiser 200 and Land cruiser Prado. Accent insert on the front panel, high-quality and pleasant to the touch plastic, genuine leather interior - all this is now available in an updated Tundra 2013.

Looking into the salon, you will see a massive panel with large dials and center console switches and buttons, which combine perfectly with the General dimensions of the pickup. The console contains a screen multimedia system, below is a block, climate control (2 zone). Large multifunction steering wheel and gear lever has the ability telescopic adjustment.

The driver's seat and front passenger seat regulated electric drive, they are designed for large people, so Toyota tundra 2013 diesel is not easy to manage for thin drivers, who must hold the steering wheel to fly out of the chair at steep turns. Judging by American standards, the most comfortable seats, but, anyway, do not have lateral support, hips and back. The side of the front seats a wide armrest.

 Toyota Tundra 2013 передниий number

The second row of seats is not less comfortable, where can be easily fit three passengers. Convenience is achieved thanks to the back, which is located at the optimal angle, due to the long cushion seat, due to the large distance from the knee to the backrest of the first row and the small height of the tunnel on the floor. It is worth to note that the task seats fold and allow transporting cargo that does not fit in the cargo platform truck with area of 3 sq.m

 Toyota Tundra 2013 second row seats

Geometrical parameters of the car

Updated pickup Toyota Tundra dimensions, which are impressive even the producers, has long 5800 mm, width 2030 mm and a height of 3700 mm, wheelbase is 3700 mm, and ground clearance 265 mm

Cargo compartment is as surprising as the trunk of a Toyota pickup has a length of 1999 mm, width 1651 mm, the width between the wheel arches is equal to 1270 mm, and the height of 565 mm

Restyled make commissioned the production of wheels on легкоспланых disks 275/55 R20. As an additional option at the pick-up you can put the tires 275/45 R22 installed on large light-alloy disks of the same radius.

 Toyota Tundra 2013 rear view


Car specifications

Toyota Tundra – technical characteristics of the car, also underwent a number of changes. Front suspension Tundra independent and runs on a double wishbone with special stabilizers for lateral stability. Rear suspension is a dependent with leaf springs. How to say the producers, running part of the car completely modernized. Ultimately, the pick-up was very comfortable for driving on rough roads on which he demonstrates improved manageability and stability stable at high speeds on асфальтированному highway. With regard to the braking system, on all wheels are installed disc brakes, steering has Gur. In addition Toyota Tundra presents for the FWD and AWD variants.

As power units for Toyota Tundra offers three petrol engines with the function of programming the exhaust system  variable geometry intake valves.

Unfortunately, it is worth noting that Toyota Tundra diesel was not provided by the manufacturer this year.  However, the President of the Japanese automobile production, it was stated that Toyota designers are hard at work  4,5-liter diesel engine, which would significantly save  fuel for pickups. Other available  Toyota Tundra diesel specifications President still not reported, and if to call things by their proper names, in present time the production of diesel Toyota Tundra is likely to be delayed again for an indefinite period.

 Toyota Tundra 2013 engine

Bundling and price of the car

For updated pickup provides five kits, namely: SR, SR-5, Limited, Platinum and limited version of 1794 Edition. In Russia it is supposed, that will bring smartly packaged Limited and Toyota tundra – the characteristics of this configuration will have the following, it will:

Probably each have a question, how much is a Toyota Tundra 2013. Sales to the truck starts in America tentatively in September 2013. For all who want to buy a redesigned pickup in the U.S. Toyota tundra diesel price starts from $ 31,000. 

 Toyota Tundra 2013 equipment


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