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Specifications Volvo XC70

The first generation Volvo XC70

Released in 2002 crossover XC70 was built on the basis of the second generation Volvo V70 station wagon. From the last new model is distinguished not only by the availability of a full drive, but the exterior, where designers have focused primarily on off-road character of the car. So, was increased to 210 mm ground clearance, modified bumper, extended wheel arches, and around the perimeter of the body appeared black plastic lining, providing protection from possible mechanical effects.

 Volvo XC70 restyling 2011

Volvo XC70 first generation had the following dimensions: in length of the vehicle reached the 4730 mm, with a wheelbase of 2760 mm, width – 1860 mm, height – 1560 mm Curb weight was 1714 kg

Range of power units of the first generation Volvo XC consisted of the following engines:

The manufacturer also provided two types of пятиступенчатых all-wheel drive transmissions: manual, installed in pairs exclusively with a petrol engine and a automatic that was the main one for diesel and optional for gasoline modification crossover.

Basic equipment crossover included: heated front seats, восьмипозиционное driver's seat, power side mirrors, dual-zone climate control, power side mirrors, heated, stereo system with six speakers, and more.

In 2005 was made to redesign the Swedish crossover. The changes touched the front bumper, the rear lights, center console and electronic systems of the vehicle (in particular, there was a system of informing the driver of the presence of transport in the dead zone).

Currently the average price Volvo XC70 of the first generation varies from 420 to 590 thousand roubles.

 Volvo XC70 restyling 2011. dashboard

The second generation Volvo XC70

At the Geneva motor show 2007, the Swedish automaker has presented the next generation of its crossover. Design of the car was significantly reworked: fully updated front bumper, in which there are large air intakes, upgraded radiator grille, installed modern headlights.

Volvo XC70 second generation increased in almost all respects: the wheelbase has increased to 2820 mm, length – 4840 mm, height – up to 1600 mm are Just some of the Volvo XC70 specifications, clearance and width in particular, remained unchanged. Curb weight increased to 30 kg and was 1744 kg

Crossover got two new power units:

Five-stage four-wheel drive powertrain gave place to new six:, both automatic and manual, can be installed on vehicles with both types of engines.

Basic features of the car included a 16-inch alloy wheels, roof Luggage rack, driver seat memory settings, dual-zone automatic climate control, audio system with six speakers, controls which are taken on the steering wheel, and much more.

The cost of the car 2007-2011 issue at the moment is from 860 to 1,530 thousand rubles.

 Volvo XC70 restyling 2011. options

Redesign 2011

Swedish designers had рейсталинг crossover XC70 in 2011. Externally, the changes touched the head optics, side mirror, on which are placed the led doubles turn signals and grille. Beauty became more modern, and used for its decoration materials – more expensive. Volvo XC70 began to equip a new multimedia system Sensus system Pedestrian Detection to avoid hitting a pedestrian, adaptive cruise control and other high-tech systems. Besides, the car is supplied with designer wheels and made changes to the extended range of colours body elements. As an option, customers are invited to  pneumatic suspension type with variable ground clearance, and also the function of anti-skid.

Changed somewhat and dimensions of crossover: the wheelbase has increased up to 2815 mm, width – to 1861 mm, height – to 1604 mm at The same time, the decreased a little – to 4,838 mm long as curb weight – to 1734 mm

The updated line of power units included:

Value of the car is from 1 million 70 thousand to 1 million 730 thousand roubles.

 Volvo XC70 restyling 2011. speedometer

It should be noted that the car XC70 – good engineering solution in which the premium segment is not only comfortable, but also functional. Many car owners appreciate it for comfort and safety while driving. While the release of the next generation of Volvo XC70, by the way, is scheduled for 2014.