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Sporty and stylish Nismo Nissan Juke 2013

Virtually every major automotive company today has in the structure some of the special units, one of which, as a rule, the sports Department. The purpose of these offices is to develop and produce "charged» modification of the most popular models. Is not an exception in this regard and the Japanese nissan, which has such a brand as nismo. In the framework of this Department have been carefully designed, created and presented to the public notorious nissan juke.

Directly after the presentation of models from nismo many have a question: why juke? You see, nissan there are a number of cars, which is much more associated with sports. But the marketing Department of the concern ulterior motive operates:

 Nismo Nissan Juke 2013 front view

An interesting appearance and renovated interior

What changed in the standard juke? First of all, innovations appeared outside:

It should be noted that worked designers of the division's glory, because the new "outfit" how not fit well juke. True, presented to the buyer nissan in black, white or silver. Variations in the colour scheme no.

Spectacular were the changes of the salon:

 Nismo Nissan Juke 2013 rear view

With the interior, it's all good, but remained nismo nissan juke 2013 disadvantages his usual fellow

If we talk about the size of the Luggage compartment, it is worth noting that small trunk, the same as the usual nissan juke. Volume – a total of 207 liters. Can be folded the seats that will increase the volume to 786 liters.

It is also worth noting that the model is equipped with a powerful computer filling. So, the screen multimedia system displays the image, fixed rear camera, and, of course, the map navigation system. Below мультимедийки is the display, which broadcasts or parameters, which reflect the work of the climate-control, or the settings of the machine, for example, normal, sport, eco. The climate in the program of the eco in rare cases includes air conditioning compressor, due to which a car, if I may say so, it is quite lifeless. All this is done to reduce fuel consumption of the machine (the average car takes about 6-7 liters).

Technical parameters Juke Nismo

Starting a conversation about engines, it should be noted that here the choice is completely absent: the model is equipped with only one unit in volume of 1.6 liters and an output of 200 PS This engine turbocharged and capacity exceeds the standard «джуковский" slider to 10 horses. Combined motor or with a manual transmission, or CVT. But in this context the buyer has a certain limitations. So, the variable-speed drive is installed only on four-wheel drive version and mechanics is available only in conjunction with front-wheel drive.

 Nismo Nissan Juke 2013 engine

In respect of variable-speed drive is noted for its good work variator: in sport mode simulates even braking by using engine, which is achieved thanks to the increased speed with "перегазовкой" when strong slowdown. A псевдоручной mode, equipped with seven pre-programmed steps. However, the owners juke nismo notice that this regime is not applied in nature, but rather requires a check-the-box, since it is not used even in the most twisted streamers. Moreover, gearbox "down" and "up" yourself if the set limits are reached momentum. Most importantly, traction turbo does not require that the arrow tachometer constantly загонялась up, which does not have to listen to a monotone howls, which is so characteristic of vehicles equipped with the CVT.

But juke equipped with a manual gearbox, is the fastest compared with other similar models: acceleration up to a hundred takes only 7,8 seconds. Although dispersal dynamics of the vehicle is clearly not the main advantage: if up to 140 km/hour speed is typed, more or less confident, that after this point the rate of acceleration is considerably reduced.

But, due to their size, juke fabulous behaves in the corners, literally eating one bend of the road after another, slightly squealing their wide tires and causing rather smile with his powerful exhaust. However, perhaps most of all fans of fast driving will appreciate the ability to completely disable the stability system with just one click.

Suspension from juke from nismo intensified, which is also reflected in springs and shock absorbers and stabilizers lateral stability. The changes were only benefit: now, despite previous clearance, car got rid of the strongest banks in turns, without losing its convenience. Here there is only one caveat:

 Nismo Nissan Juke 2013 dashboard

Particularly prone to the juke such in the case, when the mode is turned sport, because the steering wheel is filled with force, and the responses are much sharper and sharper. Unfortunately, we have to establish the fact that even in sports mode, there is a certain emptiness steering, because of what cornering forces is accompanied by a certain degree of fear and insecurity. But all the other controls are performed on "excellent": & transmission, and the brake system, and the grip on the mechanics work accurately, promptly and without a hint of possible shortcomings.

Features all-wheel drive version

For the Russian conditions Fourwheel drive the juke nismo has some constructive specifics:

So the roads are not all cities of our country's taste полноприводному juke. Otherwise, however, this version has only pluses:

 Nismo Nissan Juke 2013 front seats

How much is he worth?

Reportedly producers, will be produced annually 2500 juke nismo, of which in domestic market will come to 500 cars.

Pleasantly surprised at nissan juke nismo price:

It turns out that the so-called "the charged version of" will cost a total of 118 thousand more than the usual "джука». And this overpayment justifies itself.

Summarizing, we can say that the creators of the juke from nismo tried to glory, if we talk about the vehicle speed and quality of the drive. The car is great for mountain roads, and for the usual roads in the city. In General, juke nismo – a car for everyone: for those who like a quiet ride and for those who do not repent from their rapid and extreme driving. This nissan combines not only emotional, but versatility, and balance.